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  • Beware: Fluxy

    • Who: Fluxy
      Where: https://t.me/FluxyLittlePaw
      When: 05/09/2023
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Message added by James,

    We read the video OP offered and are satisfied with the proof supplied to us.  Given that private information is on this video, we will not be posting it publicly.


    Also, this user, FluxyPaws is not FluxPaw the fursuiter on twitter.  They are two separate individuals.


    We agreed on a hand drawn, physical paper based drawing that would be shipped to me in the USA. I was shown several examples of his art. I liked what I saw, but he could not really price me appropriately. He said he would do it for 25 euro, but shipping would be to the USA, so I offered a very generous 70 Euros for the drawing plus shipping. He invoiced me, and still said in the invoice that he felt that was "too much".  I am generous with artists, and don't mind paying well for an art style I like and enjoy. I was prepared to pay even more if the shipping was going to be higher than anticipated, although I didn't state that.

    We went back and forth on paper sizes, and style, and all the normal things you'd expect.  Then, he invoices and I paid.  He then said he would get started.  Here is the timeline of conversation:

    May 2 2023: First contact, asked if they had examples of bunnies or anything like that. I got several examples of work in general done. No bunnies, but examples of his style both digital and physical paper. We go back and forth on things for the next few days.

    May 9 2023: I get invoiced for 70 Euro, which included shipping. He says he will start drawing.

    May 21 2023: No updates. I ask, and he gives first excuse: "I work on it like a little on the time. Yeah on weekends I have plenty of time. But I give at least an hour a day for it so it is not rushed."  I was understanding.  He specifically said he would try to finish it June 10th because "afterwards I wont have time".

    May 30 2023: He contacts me saying hes not forgotten about me, and will finish anothers commission, then will work on mine.

    June 1 2023: He then says hes going to start my commission, after a few questions prior. This somewhat confused me, but I didnt say anything. He said he had already been doing it, but whatever I suppose?  In addition to this, he shared a conversation with someone else that commissioned him that refused to pay him because someone got into their account.  Why he would share this with me is unknown.

    June 4 2023: He messages me asking if I would advertise the artwork if I liked it.  I said sure.  I just wanted the art at this point.

    June 5 2023: He asked me some more questions specific to the type of paper used. We sort that out.

    July 14 2023: I ask him for a project update. I'm ignored.

    July 15 2023: I ask again.  I get an excuse that he's working too much, hes too busy, hes not forgotten, etc etc. He offers to refund me on Aug 10th.  At this point, I didn't care for a refund, I just wanted the art, so I said I would wait.  I'm pretty patient and I understand life happens.

    Sept 8 2023: I ask for update.  I'm ignored.  He viewed my message that day.

    Sep 18 2023: I askm again.  I also express dismay that his name says hes open for commissions, but he's just ignoring me.  I'm ignored again, but again he viewed my message that day.

    Sep 28 2023: I asked for a refund.  He viewed this message same day, and as usual ignored me.

    Oct 1 2023: I officially put in for a paypal dispute against him, and am posting here.  I told him I was doing so. He deleted the conversation, and I was blocked from telegram a few minutes after I told him that.  I unfortunately did not capture the point of me telling him this in a screenshot and since he deleted it, I can no longer reach him.

    Proof of payment (redacted real names and real info):


    Relevant info/correspondence.  Note that I have a video of the entire conversation from beginning to end I can share with a moderator, but cannot post here due to private/real life information.

    Agreement of payment/price:


    Other correspondence to support (Tried to get the dates in as best I could)






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