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  1. Waybackmachine is a good one if I remember correctly. If you have the link to it, it has the various versions of it even if it was deleted. Screenshots are good for a permanent reference too.
  2. Ah, thank you for the clarification, Rikki. Yes, I was thinking they were a seller, not a buyer.
  3. To Saltminer: If you paid through paypal, you'll have to file a dispute (that is if it is within the 180 days/approximate 6 months) and escalate it to a claim before the duration for the dispute expires (7-10 days? I always forget there...) If you start a dispute, escalate it to a claim or it will auto-close. If you close a dispute (or let it expire), you can't dispute it again.
  4. I've used Kofi and it did list them as "gifts" for those transactions, which made disputes/claims harder to achieve, but it doesn't make it impossible. To OP: You can give it a shot since you're still within that window, but better make sure to have all your evidence handy if you intend to pursue this.
  5. If it's listed as a 'donation', you may or may not be able to get your money back. You could try since you're still within that window, but I think the rules are a bit different due to gifts.
  6. Do you have a way to get your money back (if it already pulled)? If so, I would send one more message at approximately the 4 month mark to let them know that you would be requesting a refund (or chargeback if that option is available through the means you paid through) at the 5 month mark due to the lack of contact provided by the business. Until the 4 month mark, I would hold off for a bit to see if they respond. After that point, I would initiate the contact one last time to let them know of the situation and your intentions due to the lack of communication on their part.
  7. While I don't receive commissions personally, if Paypal converts it to standard currencies, maybe you should add in a line that says "Please convert to (insert your preferred currency) before sending."?
  8. If needed, would it be an idea to have an updated reference (if ref-sheet of a character) so that you can say that the artwork was made by someone you trust? I'm having to go through something like that with artists that I've had some sour experiences with. The artists were good, and the artwork provides the details, but I feel the art-style would make me think of the bad moments too much, but that is just me and my two-cents-worth.
  9. No problem. Didn't see the tag-updates, but saw that and figured it might be useful/relevant for this beware.
  10. From the link Bourbon dropped, it looks like they're trying to transfer to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/darlingdoeling. as per their journal here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9786193/
  11. It depends on the rules for your bank, but sometimes banks have the same window as paypal (180 days from transaction). It wouldn't hurt to look into it.
  12. Filing a dispute/escalating to a claim in paypal (if you used that for payment) is usually your last line of communication, but if you could not get through to the artist before this point, you might need to resort to doing this. If you do go through this, make sure you do not close the dispute (or let it auto-close without escalation) if you don't get what you paid for. Once a dispute is closed, you cannot reopen it and a claim cannot be filed. Also disputes will auto-close within a certain number of days (one week to ten days if my memory serves me right? could be mistaken here). Make sure you have exhausted all means you know of, but if time is running short on that protection window, then you may need to resort in the dispute/claim process.
  13. As of this time and if https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9738898/ is to be believed, Nika has 45 commissions (including collabs) that are awaiting completion. Of those 45, 28 are not even started if I'm reading that journal right (21 being listed as (%0) and 7 having no progress % listed). Of those that have a progress amount: 11 are below %50 So in total, 39 out of 45 (or approximately 87%) of Nika's total commissions are not yet out of the lineart phase. If you all want me to break it down further from what I can see, most of these are YCH's that aren't even out of the 'presketching' phase.
  14. BBCode doesn't seem to like me here, so I'll drop links to the images, let me know if they work here. This is how an email-notice for an invoice looks to the recipient. https://i.imgur.com/SUYCHPU.png Here's what they would see on their paypal dashboard page https://i.imgur.com/zHO8BQg.png If they go to their activity-page, they will see this: https://i.imgur.com/4tA2uKg.png After they find their invoice, this is what they should see: https://i.imgur.com/UxdjeLK.png And lastly, this will be be in the pop-up page for paying for the invoice: (note, it may be in a small-window that does not fit everything in it like this) https://i.imgur.com/A5YVFAf.png
  15. Ah, okay. Sorry for the confusion on that. And to be honest, if they do a "Send payment" there is a chance they may accidentally use "Friends and Family", which is unwise on multiple parts (could harm the artist if the artist receives too many payments like that, prevents disputes/claims if a situation arises within the normal 180 day window, ect.). If you need to, simply mentioning about the preventing of disputes and claims might deter some people from trying to use the "Send Payment" and might encourage them to request an invoice.
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