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  1. Chibi The Floof On Furry Amino | On Twitter Commissioned: Digital Art Piece Paid on: 24th September, 2019 | Art received on: 24th September 2019 Description: I saw Chibi's Fall YCH and ordered a slot after asking some questions regarding their business etiquette. We discussed character information and everything they needed to know to get started. They also treated my nervosity about payment seriously and offered their PayPal.me link so the money would go to them and not to someone else by accident. They were happily editing the premade sketch so it looked like a bear until I was satisfied. They work really quickly and I got the commission on the same day per email. I absolutely adore the artwork and I would love to work with Chibi again, as they truly show passion in their work.
  2. @rikki Oh I was told my protection would run out then? Weird. Anyway!!! @Scourge It was my decision for it to be downgraded. I said "hey, if you don't mind, could we downgrade it to a sketch and I get permission to color it myself?" /Paraphrased Artist agreed and I got a full body sketch that I colored myself. It was my choice that she would keep the money since it was for a surgery. No need for a beware from my pov! Edit! Reason for the downgrade was because I was nervous the completion would go beyond the protection window, it was my decision~
  3. Long Overdue update, but they finished to commission (albeit a downgrade to a sketch) on the day that my protection would've run out.
  4. Friendships happen over time, many artists are rather nervous about friendships because most of us get/got used as a free art bank. I'd advise to just keep commenting and talking to artists and maybe sometime, they'll open up. I find Amino great, because the app features public chatrooms.
  5. I have been exploring with my art lately and have been drawing some NSFW art and will (hopefully) be doing NSFW commissions soon. Which brings me to this topic: Minors. Obviously, nobody really wants minors to commission you for NSFW art, and since I'm a newbie, I'd like to ask on how you can avoid having minors contacting you for a commission. Of course, I know about the ID check stuff, but really, I don't want to have private information shared with me, especially not something like an ID card (god no), even if, minors could easily grab an ID card from the parent's purse anyway. If you're an NSFW artists, what do you do to make sure the client is actually 18+ years old?
  6. Geez man... What an incompetent merchant. Spends money not earned, lies in your face and has the gull to say "don't rely on me for a source of income". Thank you for standing your ground and knowing your protections and for warning others. Hopefully, you can find a competent maker for your stuff~
  7. Sorry that happened to you. I'd advise to either take full upfront, 50% upfront - 50% after or payment after a sketch. Doing payment after the art is basically finished leads to many risks such as these.
  8. As an artist, I would never think of doing this, while yes, the art is basically ours, the character, which still belongs to someone else, is depicted in it. I would not feel comfortable even thinking of offering prints like these, unless the customer specifically asks for it to be done. I dunno, it rubs me the wrong way.
  9. I still have about 4 months until the Paypal window closes. I'm thinking of asking them about progress next month and set an ultimatum a month or two before the window closes. If that fails, I'll ask Paypal for help.
  10. Edit: I know it's only been about 2 Months or so, but they keep piling up work and already accepted a bunch of people on the original emergency comm post in addition to their health problems (no shame on them, they obviously can't help that). That's why I'm a bit worried.
  11. I commissioned an artist on Twitter in the beginning of April and yet havent heard back from them. I do follow them though and they are constantly posting about their health and money problems. The commission itself was an emergency commission as well and they are still taking... I guess you could call it emergency commissions since then. Their posts on Twitter said that they'll work on already taken commissions (where I fit in) from Monday to Tuesday and doing new commissions in stream from Wednesday to Friday, from what I understood. I'm just kinda worried I will not see the commission done before the paypal deadline, since they mention their health a lot. And I'm also worried that I will not see a refund either since they have money problems as well and taking even more work throughout the week. I feel bad filing a dispute anyway (if I had to in the future), since I feel really bad about them. I'm not sure what to do if the deadline does come close and I don't get the commission by then...
  12. Zelestin's phone number is visible on the Paypal screenshot~ Other than that, I'm very sorry this happened to you, OP. Sadly, you're far from able to dispute the payment via Paypal, since it's been much longer than 6 months. Here's to hope you somehow get a refund.
  13. They seem to have blacklisted you by blocking you therefore making you "unable to commission [them] in the future" as by their TOS. I wouldn't take it personal if I were you.
  14. I've given tips this way for artists inside the EU. For artists outside the EU, I prefer to use Ko-Fi, because Paypal charges me, the sender, extra for sending per Friends and Family to people who do not reside in the EU. Sending tips per Friends and Family is fine! You do not expect anything in return and it counts as a donation/gift!
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