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  1. Alkraas

    Shipment gets lost

    I sometimes print and laminate badges or normal art and shipt them to my clients. I ship with priority, tracking and signature. It only happened once but what should I do if the shipment gets lost or it never arrives? Last time it happened, I refunded my client the shipping costs, was that a good solution? If not, what else should I do? Note: I'm a digital artist, all clients recieve a digital copy, shipping is just an add on, if they want it.
  2. I don't think you'd need a permit for that. You are not going to use that exact photo anyway, you'll just reference it and paint something based on that yourself, the photo of that location is only used as a guide. I think it'd be different if you would use that exact photo for soemthing commercial, like a poster or something.
  3. Alkraas


    On the 18th of October, 2018 I commissioned morvin for a flat colored icon/headshot, gave them my character and paid on the same day. On the 3rd of November, I asked for an update and then contacted morvin again on the 5th to give a redirect link to my character. Please note that my original question for an upate went kind of ignored by them. On the 3rd of December, I asked for another update and got a traditional sketch WIP on the same day which I promptly approved. On the 29th of December I asked for another update, voicing my displeasure about the long wait time and minimal communication, which was responded to on the same day, telling me to wait as they (assumingly) had quite a queue on their hands. On the 10th January, I gave them a deadline of 2 weeks to deliver the art, again voicing my displeasure and distrust in them. They responded on the 14th with their own deadline and asked me to wait until the 25th which I agreed to. On the 27th, I told them that the 25th had passed and I gave them a quite lenghty message, asking them to refund me until the end of the week. I recieved my refund in a quietly manner on the same day (27th January). I'm posting this caution/beware as it was kinda stressful dealing with them, though I wish the best for them to better their customer communication and queue management for the future~
  4. Alkraas

    Platforms For Accepting Tips?

    I don't really like Patreon, I prefer to give one-time tips than to use a subscription when I like someobody's works. However, when I'm the client, I rather give a tip per Paypal.
  5. Alkraas

    The amazing disappearing artist

    As the others said, stop throwing money at them, especially since they don't do anything in the first place. Have you tried to contact them via other mehtods? If it was over email, perhaps try to get a hold of them on social media and vice versa. If you can't, I'd send an ultimatum to them and wait, and possibly do a chargeback if they end up not doing anything after that.
  6. Oh my yikes. Thank you so much for the beware. The amount of guilt tripping and aggressive behavior is appaling. I hope you can somehow get your money back. I don't think this suit maker knows what a commission or work is, since they act so pooprly and don't believe they owe you anything. Very worrysome. I hope they can improve on doing much smaller projects for less people in the future.
  7. Alkraas

    Make up art

    I'd call it a loss as well, since you did accept the piece as was and it was a long time ago as well. Next time, I'd suggest to just ask for changes, cancel the commission if you're dissapointed and to just ask for a partial refund.
  8. I sold a ref sheet commission once and they said they couldn't pay me via credit card. Once they sent me the payment in their currency (I sell in Euro and they had USD) it magically went through.
  9. @Mortymaxwell Thank you kindly. I just sent them a thought out deadline for the refund, I hope they'll take it seriously. 😕
  10. They asked for a deadline until the 25th which I agreed to but has since passed without any update from them. I'm honestly at a loss on what to do 😕 I don't want to harass them for the artwork either...
  11. Alkraas

    Beware: Werewolf-kun

    That is very unfortunate. They said they had to redo the badge due to poor lamination but isn't delamination a thing? Also pretty suspicious that you never saw te badge beforehand or that they never thought of contacting you on their own regarding their troubles 😕
  12. Alkraas

    Site Issues Masterpost

    Got it! Thank you 🙂
  13. Alkraas

    Site Issues Masterpost

    Copy-pasted text gets pasted with obscure borders which appears even after posting. It's visible on all themes, barely on the Magnum one but upon closer inspection, it's visible.
  14. Alkraas

    Kyle Coyote / clarebear_draws1349

    1.) Link to person's website or art page: • Furry Amino | Instagram | Twitter 2.) Approximate time period of when you did business with this person: • 7th December, 2018 - 23rd January, 2019 3.) Details: • I commissioned a Phone Case from Clare and as a return customer, I am definitely just as eased as the last time I went to them for a commission! Clare ordered a clean phone case off the internet for the exact model of my phone. Sadly, on the 19th, Clare found out that the case got lost when delivering. They acted quick and were kind enough to replace the case by ordering a new one. Jump to the 8th of January, the case arrived and they started to draw my character for the case. Clare was extremely kind and was open to critique, happy to change stuff and they were okay with my, admittedly, pickiness. On the 16th, the artwork was finished and it looks absolutely incredible 💙 Clare quickly shipped of the custom phone case on the 17th, with I believe express shipping because I received the case on the 23rd. I'm incredibly proud to have received this phone case and would always recommend Clare if you want a case of your own!
  15. Alkraas

    Thread Request

    Please create a thread for Kyle Coyote / clarebear_draws1349 (They have two different names on different social media 💙)