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  1. I'd honestly advise to give out sketch edit WIPs anyway, especially if it's a species change or stuff has to be added to the base (example: hairstyles, wings, accessories, etc.) just to be on the safer side. It allows the customer to ask for changes before any serious work has been done which can save you a lot of time later and accidents like this one can be avoided easily.
  2. I agree with @theodor When I cancel, I give my clients a full refund. If my clients cancel, they get back money for work not done. I usually refund in percentage steps, e.g. Lineart finished -> 90% refund, Coloring/shading finished -> 50% refund, Art is almost finished -> 10% refund.
  3. Ohhh! Didn't know that! Fancy!
  4. I noticed that links in the beware descriptions aren't actually clickable links, meaning you'd have to copy and paste them into your URL bar manually to visit websites. Which can be a bit iffy when someone pastes multiple links to multiple accounts into their beware ^^; I also noticed that there's no "comments" link on the preview of bewares. Like, when you click the number of comments on previews, it would take you to the first comment left, on the bottom of the article~ Just some tiny things I noticed!
  5. Yikes. I really looked up to them, oh well. The TOS alone is very frightening and super unfair to customers with the "Kill fee", them only being able to starts after 12-17 *months* and the already mentioned "a**hole clause". Absolutely no.
  6. Seems the images for the emails are broken and display a 404 error, on my end at least!
  7. Update! (if anyone is interested xD) I reminded my client today again and they chose to laminate it themselves and allow me to keep the shipping costs. They're way too busy with college to deal with USPS for now.
  8. @Mortymaxwell Yeah, that was actually one of my concerns ^^;; I'll ask the customer what they prefer if they fail to pick up the badge. If they rather want to print it themselves, I refund the shipping costs. Thank you so much btw, that honestly means a lot 😄
  9. @Bornes I see, thank you! I was just very worried and didn't know what to do, haha ^^; Oh yeah, the only thing I charge extra is the shipping price, nothing else. Thank you to @Mortymaxwell as well!
  10. @Bornes They're aware of the deadline as I have reminded them and mentioned the 21st today again! The artwork was sent per email as a digital copy, as I'm a digital artist. So they technically do have recieved the main artwork. Making the artwork a badge and shipping it is just an extra service and shipping prices are paid on top of the base price. I personally wouldn't want to refund them, as again, they technically do have the artwork as a digital copy. I'm unsue about refunding the shipping costs (in case they want to print it themselves), because as you said, the fault is on them 😕
  11. @Mortymaxwell Thank you! I will try my best. If it comes to shipping it again or them making a badge out of it themselves, I don't mind at all. I just hope it gets resolved somehow ^^;
  12. @Mortymaxwell 1) Yes, they did reply to me. I reminded them today again and they said they'd try to get the badge. 2) They're not on vacation, though they told me they're fairly busy with college, but they can schedule a re-delivery with USPS via phone or via a filled out form on their website. Age is unknown but they did mention their dad in a voicemail. 3) Yes, a tracking number was given to the customer. I also entered the tracking number into Paypal's system under "add tracking information" on the same day I shipped the badge off. Paypal has the tracking number attached to the payment.
  13. Googling his Twitter handle, it seems you're far from alone in this. Perhaps if you can prove to PayPal that they indeed received the artworks, PayPal will let the claims end in your favor?
  14. Hello! I'm a digital artist from Germany and offer an additional service where I print the artwork out, laminate it and then ship the artwork to customers. They receive a digital copy and a physical one, so to speak. However. I'm facing an incident where a customer should have their badge delivered by USPS, yet wasn't home. I always ship with tracking and signature. USPS left a note to either let the customer pick the badge up at their office or that they could schedule a re-delivery. This note was left on the 7th of March. On the 21st, USPS will ship the badge back to me. What do I do with a customer who doesn't pick up/receives their badge? I have made them aware of this incident but nothing got resolved as of yet. I have no idea what to do...
  15. Excuse me but what? Literally ANYONE can file a charge back on PayPal, doesn't matter what country they're from. The option to charge back is not US exclusive. I've sold around 200 commissions as of now and 95% were customers from the US. I only got chargebacked once. This is some backwards logic...
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