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  1. I personally am speechless at this. The image you received looks like a definite rush job. The linework is incredibly messy; the lines look moreso like a cleaned up sketch as opposed to actual linework as is present in their examples. The coloring too, is haphazardly done, very obvious on the tail. The attitude of the artist is appaling as well, especially the blatant guilt tripping over apparently prioritizing you over other clients. I'm sorry you had to experience that. If the artist will ever see this, I'd like to offer genuine advice: If you decide to charge an additional complexity fee (especially then), be sure to double or triple check the design while drawing; this way you most likely won't miss any markings. Actually send out WIPs and make sure the client can review what they're getting, if this client had the chance to see a WIP, they would've definitely pointed out flaws just in time. Don't delete files before the client has approved anything. Not to mention how incredibly unprofessional this was, it also makes things ten times harder for the client and especially you. Among other things, general improving on professionalism will help a lot. As stated above, the guilt tripping as well as prioritizing clients over others leaves a very sour taste behind. Not to mention that you kept an additional fee without actually doing the work intended for said fee and then blaming that carelessness onto the client; I found that incredibly scummy, personally.
  2. Hi! Sorry I've been really busy these last days! After a couple of days they finally responded and said that everything looked fine!
  3. Update: Messaged them, they said markings should be changed (eventhough they accepted them in a WIP prior before I went to finish them). Anyway, I changed the makings and they saw the updated images and again decided to ghost me. At this point I'm getting rather frustrated considering the back and forth waiting and that they kinda slow down my progress and queue. I don't know what to do with this client 😕
  4. Thanks! I will wait until tomorrow, and if they don't respond, I'll send them a message!
  5. I finished an order for a client some days ago on Twitter. They saw the finished images as indicated by the blue check. I asked them if they wanted changes, read, no response. Some time later, I asked how they wanted to recieve the high res files, read, no response. I'm worried that something may be wrong or they don't like it, but I can't know this if they don't respond. Should I upload the images to sta.sh and just give them the links if they ultimately dont respond? I'm unsure what to do here...
  6. For me this is frustrating too. May I ask, did they have a price sheet? It's pretty odd that you'd have to state a budget/how much you're willing to pay, as that is just an invitation for trouble in itself, from my POV. Personally I'd just ask how much the piece/item would be, and if they insist on asking for a budget / what you'd be willing to pay, I would say that I don't know and would rather been told a flat price. If they keep on going, I'd say that their procedure is making me uncomfortable and that I would cancel it here. PS, that's just how I personally would deal with it, because guessing with prices can always turn out sour and you're basically walking on eggshells in trying not to offend the artist and to guess a "right" price. Clients don't know what a good price is for each individual artist. Too stressful to me.
  7. Since the seller tricked/guilt tripped you into paying via friends and family, maybe Paypal will give you a chance. I hope this can be resolved somehow, I wish you good luck!
  8. Since you messed up your address, the base should, in theory, be sent back to the sender since nobody would be able to pick it up. Sadly it's far too late to file a chargeback, but I would try to call Paypal regardless, to ask what you could do in that situation, just to exhaust possible options!
  9. @alecrimcarmim, it may be wise to ask for IDs, as I've heard many makers ask for them as well. They mainly look for age and full name, the name must be the same on Paypal or they will refund the money and blacklist the client. I heard from another that if they know they're dealing with a minor, they even call the parents to make sure the purchase is legitimate. I'm not a maker and I don't ask for IDs for art and I only heard of how other makers deal with these things, but I agree with Celestina that there's a huge possibility that you've dealt with a minor, considering how awfully they behaved. Hopefully this can be laid to rest now!
  10. Thank you for the support on our beware post. It surely has been stressful.. We're an overseas brand just beginning and we try our best to stand our ground with other makers and to learn with our mistakes and get better. When this kind of situation happens it saddens us since we spend a lot of time and energy to keep things rolling and that kind of stuff rob us of of the credibility and work ethics we work so hard to prove everythday not only with our clients but with our followers too.

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank again ❤️

    1. Alkraas


      No worries! As an artist that sells commissions and had some awful encounters myself, Ireally understand how these things can affect someone! Hopefully you can soon move on from this mess, I wish you and your team nothing but the best! ❤️

  11. Man, what a mess. Just because they gave you a description and a moodboard doesn't mean they own the character OP's brand produced, nothing was even remotely paid for. Then to go on on and spread harassment and inviting others to join in on it, just to sell the design for pennies after...what? I can imagine that this is was a stressful endeavor. Good on you for not backing down. [also probably off topic (apologies in advance, feel free to remove this if necessary), but to me it's also a red flag how they keep going on about "their" moodboard when they just slapped random pictures together, which most likely aren't theirs to begin with. It just strikes me as a red flag]
  12. Wow this is horrible. I couldn't even imagine being scammed out of such a huge and time consuming project. Maybe you can re-use what you have as YCHs? Really sorry this happened to you 😕
  13. Wow okay, I'm going to agree with OP that the character looks nothing like in the reference. Style is one thing, but to make a character slim instead of chubby, making the character have tiny horns and hands instead of huge, making the arms not muscular and more is not style change, it's just ignoring important key aspects of a character. I'd be upset too and unhappy about the art too, even more so that they doxxed your private email. If anything, they should've given you half the money back. Atleast that's how I see it, personally.
  14. Holy heck. Exploding on you like this to a point where you can't even read or understand what they're talking about was so unnecessary, you merely asked for progress and they pulled unrelated nonsense into their...tantrum(?). I'm super sorry this happened to you, you didn't deserve this treatment one bit 😕
  15. Ultimatively, when you sell a character you give up all the rights to the character. It's essentially like buying a tomato from Walmart. Walmart cannot take the tomato back or punish you when you decide to sell the tomato. When you sell a character, you'll have to be ready to accept that the customer can do whatever they want with the character, which means even reselling it. A TOS probably won't do anything since a TOS means Terms of Service. Adoptables are not a service, Adopts are an item or a product. A service is an action you perform for someone else like a haircut or a commission. The customer may also refuse to accept the refund and won't give the character back.
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