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  1. Paypal has a 180 day window. If you file a dispute, the dispute has a 20 day window. You have 180 days from the time you paid the invoice to file a dispute or claim. If at any point you file a dispute, only then does the window become 20 days. When the dispute is closed (or escalated to a claim and that claim is resolved), the transaction is completely over and there's nothing you can do, regardless of what day you opened the claim originally. So since the head has taken such a short time to be completed, I would wait nearly the full 180 days before even thinking about a claim, to give the maker some time to fix this. Regarding your concerns, yes, many times a maker "fixing" something is tearing apart most or all of it and starting over. But usually it is easier to use the old base instead of making a new one. 180 days is approximately 6 months. You have plenty of time unless you paid the invoice nearly 6 months ago.
  2. NO DO NOT DO THAT So if I'm understanding you correctly, they already sent you the fursuit head? Where are you at in the paypal claim window? How long has this commission been ongoing? You have 180 days from the date you paid the invoice to file a claim. If they've said they are willing to repair it (at no cost), then they're likely willing to repair it. If you'd rather have a refund, you need to tell the maker that. I'm having a hard time following why you think this maker is out to scam you. It seems you've already decided that's what's happening, despite them appearing to work with you on this. From what you've given here, the maker hasn't been difficult to deal with and is attending to your concerns. Yes, the lack of quality in your head is troubling, but there are so many reasons why that can happen that has absolutely nothing to do with you (or a potential scamming). I think you might be confused as to how paypal claims and disputes work. A dispute only gives the seller 20 days to address your concerns. 20 days for fursuit things is not enough time to get anything good quality. And this is setting aside the time needed for shipping back and forth. If you escalate your dispute to a claim, the money in their paypal account gets frozen and it effectively forces them to stop business to only focus on you. This is something you should only do as A LAST RESORT. With art, there's a chance you'll get your piece in these circumstances. But you've ordered material, custom-made goods. There's a much higher chance that you will not receive anything back and just get refunded, forever blacklisted from that maker and possibly badmouthed to other makers. I understand you're worried, and that is fine. If you want your fursuit head fixed, give the maker the benefit of the doubt here that they are willing and able to do it. If you don't think the maker can actually fix it, and/or you just don't want the head anymore, give them a chance to work with you. Don't be a jerk by freezing their funds and potentially halting their business. Especially over something where (again, if I am reading this situation correctly), the maker actually seems very willing to work with you. Now, if you are close to the 180 day window closing, that's slightly different. But from what I am reading of your posts, you are not near the end of that 180 day window, so you have plenty of time to solve this amicably without paypal getting involved.
  3. I'm with Celistina, unless you have decided you'd prefer the refund over the head. If you open a dispute, it will be closed in 20 days. Let's assume the maker wouldn't just send you what they have and try to redo it anyway. 20 days is going to be extremely rushed.... again. There's no telling if they will be willing (or even able) to make the correction in that timeframe. Talk tot he maker about correcting/redoing the head, and if the situation doesn't seem good, ask for a refund. The maker may be willing to work with you. Maybe you could compromise and get a partial refund and recieve the head as-is. Or they could tear it down and give you the base. Who knows. I'm not sure how paypal would rule on somethign that's delivered but not up to quality, but if the difference is as obvious as you say it is, they'd probably rule in your favor. At this point, it's really all about how much you trust this maker to make the situation right.
  4. Sorry for the doublepost, I just want to reiterate that what you did / are doing is absolutely a bad move. - You're rewarding them for being a pushy jerk - You're validating that your broken wrist isn't a big deal and you can still draw anyway (meaning they believe you WERE lying, and you've proven it to them now, regardless of the facts) - Despite [possibly] blacklisting this person from future commissions, word travels. Other people may hear about this and push you to move them up in the queue too. Or get bitter you won't do the same for them. - You're ACTIVELY HURTING YOURSELF FOR THIS JERK (you don't just GET OVER your injury) - Let's be real, someone this pushy has a 90% chance of also demanding a bunch of "corrections" or just being super difficult to deal with in general - Regardless of what you do, they're probably going to come up with an excuse to lambast you. Weren't fast enough, lied, blacklisted you "for no reason", etc. You lose either way regarding this person's word of mouth, so why make this harder on yourself and reward this person? Don't fall into the sunken cost fallacy. This person should absolutely NOT be rewarded. Tell them they're not getting the art and if they don't want to give you the payment info, it's a donation to you for your medical bills. Don't roll over. You're only setting yourself up for failure with future pushy clients.
  5. @theodor You realize you just rewarded this person for being a jerk, right? In the future, it might be better if you make invoices for everyone and add a character name or FA/art site username to the invoice details. That way it's still not really PII and it's easier to find in the future. It's going to be a recurring problem, because doing art in batches is normal.
  6. They can't make a beware about you. At least not on this site. You did nothing wrong.
  7. If the adopt is 100% finished and you just need the file? 5 days max. Just ask for a refund.
  8. @pikpik No. Forum topics must remain anonymous. But you schould screenshot it and include it in the beware if you submit one.
  9. A situation where you should probably post a beware on them?
  10. @Lemonbrat This is... Insane. If you were uncomfortable making the suit without a DTD, you should've cancelled the commission. Several things needed to be reworked because they were done incorrectly in the first place. The head was CLEARLY A MOUSE. This character is a cat. The first tail was way too thick for a cat. You have made tons of cat fursuits. None of their tails look like that first one you provided. The final product has atrocious sewing. Forget the wrinkles. Look at the seams. The tail attachment IS messed up. Those are the marks of someone who didn't know what they were doing and tried to over-correct when they should've just started over. I've made those same mistakes. You do make good suits. You make tons of feline suits even. This suit is nothing like those previous suits, and even if the customer isn't blameless, this suit is absolutely not worth what OP paid. Someone(s) on your team messed up, and you should have had some sort of oversight to prevent giving photos of this "finalized" suit. Even if the commissioner was a total [newbie], this fursuit should've never seen the light of day in this condition. I can't believe you're doubling down on it. It is absolutely nothing like the quality you usually offer.
  11. Your positive experience does not negate Camaro's negative experience. If Lemonbrat thoguht the time line provided at the time of commission was too rushed, or that they would be unable to provide a quality product to camaro for any reason, then the onus is on lemonbrat to cancel the commission. Lemonbrat clearly did not think that at any time and proceeded with the fursuit, delivering something that, regardless of the customer service issues, is extremely below the quality normally output from lemonbrat. This caution/beware is well deserved, and I hope lemonbrat steps up and makes this right by camaro.
  12. That finalized suit is absolutely unacceptable. First timers can do better than that. W O W. This is ignoring everything else about the interaction. I would want a refund. Ridiculous. I am so angry for you. Also, I just wanted to speak out that unasked for "enhancements" as compensation without prior warning are also unappreciated. I got some gunk on the inside of a fursuit head of mine, sent it back to the maker in hopes they could clean it out / fix it, and instead they thought they'd be nice and completely redo the head.... the outside of the head... The looks and expression all changed. So much wasted effort. I didn't like it after that and I sold it afterwards. So I feel you on how these nice efforts just make things worse.
  13. If it were me, I'd probably just ask for a refund in the form of an ultimatum a la "refund within X amount of time or I post a beware on AB." But if you still think it's remotely possible you'll get the art, I'd send a note/email along the lines of "Hey, I just wanted to know if you could give me any more specific detail about how much longer this commission may take? I realize your TOS said it could be a long time, but I was not expecting it to be over 2 years. If you could give me a time frame for how much longer, that would really help ease my mind. Alternatively, maybe we could work out a refund instead if you're no longer interested in my commission?" or something similar.
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