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  1. I think they may be made to order, but it says on their shop that orders are made and dispatched within 2-3 weeks. I don't think mine have even been made - seller is giving me no updates, and other people are still getting their stuff.
  2. As the title says, I ordered some resin claws, clearly made with a mould because they're all the same size and shape. I've been doing my best to be patient and understanding, but I'm starting to feel I'm being taken advantage of? Because other people are getting their orders, but meanwhile my questions about progress on my claws were ignored for ages. After downright saying I was nervous I wasn't going to get my order, I was told "I haven't had a working phone for 5 days" despite me having an unanswered question from well before that time frame. I'm very concerned something isn't right here, but I'm worried I'm being unreasonable. What do you all think? //sorry for awkward wording, I'm dyslexic.
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