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  1. I think this is pointless, honestly. The artist might be lying, but who cares? You really think they're going to be like "Oh no, you caught me, guess I have to pay attention to you now!" Unlikely. Maybe they have an issue with their service somehow (could be the ISP's problem, could be computer user error) or maybe they just don't want to deal with telegram as often and made up an excuse to let people know they won't be on tg as often. The next step in any of these situations is email. That's why I say just pretend to believe the artist (or really don't even form an opinion on the lack of tg use) and go right to another form of communication that has been provided. Skip the drama. There's no point, it just makes the called out person move to the defensive and makes them less likely to want to work with you.
  2. Take this with a grain of salt. If it were me I'd ask for the full refund in the ultimatum (or at least I wouldn't specify what type of refund, just "I would like a refund") and then I wouldn't fight them on it if they came back with a reasonable partial refund offer. The totally proper way to do it would be to figure out what a sketch costs and deduct that from your full commission price though, and ask for the resulting dollar amount returned.
  3. Use their paypal email to email them asking for an estimated time of completion for your stickers. Assuming they're not lying about telegram being blocked, they still have an email address and therefore a way to communicate with you. If they don't contact you back within 7 days from asking for an ETA, I'd just go ahead and send them an ultimatum about either the stickers or a refund by X date.
  4. I know you said you changed your practices because of this person, but just in case, I'd advise you to watermark all your WIPs heavily, as tons of clients will do things like this with unwatermarked incomplete art.
  5. Then I don't really see the problem. You've done your due diligence as an artist and merchant. If they don't want the badge, then consider the shipping a convenience fee. (And by "refund" I was referring to the extra price of the physical badge, not the whole thing, of course. Apologies if I implied otherwise.)
  6. @Alkraas Make sure when you contact them you tell them that the deadline is the 21st, and that if they don't pick it up before then you will not be resending it. Also tell them you won't issue a refund if they refuse to pick it up. Of course, only state that if you really don't want to refund them (I personally wouldn't, butt hen again I don't sell things). At the very least, if you have not stated a deadline, the customer may think the issue is not time-sensitive.
  7. I am supposed to get a daily digest for the following categories: - Artist Bewares - Client Bewares - Bewares (the root category) I've watched them all anonymously. I get daily emails for the forums I watch with no issues, and the last time I tried to troubleshoot this I got the beware emails if I had them set to instantaneous. But I'm not getting the daily ones. Is anyone else not getting emails for bewares? Or are you getting emails? I dunno I just want some feedback please. ;-;
  8. The internet is full of misinformed people. Some of these misinformed people write guides and offer advice. As freelance artists, they effectively run their own business, and thus have the ability to run it however they like, even if that is based on misinformation. As a commissioner/consumer, you are always free to choose to do business with people who are not misinformed.
  9. @Celestina Many forums have a rant/vent thread in off-site discussion. Would it be admissible to have such a thread to contain all posts with vents/rants in in the general chat forum?
  10. Did you give a date you expected the refund by? If so and they passed it, just post the beware now. If you didn't give a date and you still have maybe a LITTLE hope they'll still give the refund or art, you can write them another email. Otherwise, just post the beware now.
  11. Might be worth a beware or a caution if you feel up to it. This seems highly situational and without the messages and the gallery it's really hard to tell if anyone is really in the wrong here (don't post those things in this forum, either. Just post them with the beware or caution, if you choose to submit one)
  12. I'd recommend an ultimatum where you request them to send what they have, not bother with the art or the feet if they haven't been started yet, and possibly a small refund since you don't want those things made. That will get you what exists as soon as possible while simultaneously making it much harder for your friend to delay shipping the suit.
  13. Location releases are required when you receive money in some way that would have not been possible without that location. They are also required when the location is the focus of something that will be publicly released (e.g. public access television, news, movies, etc). Location releases are regularly skirted around and not sought after though. I am not a lawyer but I think in your case you should technically seek one (because of the intended after-product involving money) HOWEVER since it is only for personal use and you are not a professional photographer - nobody will care. Owners want to be paid mostly based on the fact that their location is being used for profit, and secondarily if the location is being used to advance some agenda so they can at least have forewarning (and the ability to refuse). While the artist is technically making money off the location, you, who took the picture, are not, and it's being used for personal use only, so I'd say you're fine. Source: 12 year old degree in digital video production, so my facts may be outdated.
  14. Why not write your own beware? Multiple bewares have more weight.
  15. I'm in upstate NY and it's an expected cold for this time of year. I bought a house 2 years ago and this winter is actually not as bad as last winter, since I redid some of the insulation since last winter lol. But I'm still cold. It's 27f right now, but yesterday was a high of 15 and the day before it was like -8 for a long time haha
  16. Yeah, definitely stop tipping. What has she even done to warrant more tips? Otherwise, sounds like you may be hitting ultimatum territory.
  19. I am just. appalled. I mean. I have so many things I could say. But I guess I just want this down for the record: Just because it's common place, doesn't make it right. And that's in reference to the ridiculously long wait times/queues for fursuits and fursuit makers being unable to manage money correctly. It's commonplace. But is is not right. Of course she brought up other excuses, but that one in particular I wanted to comment on. Thank you for writing this beware.
  20. @Alex Wright @Alkraas Highlight all the text and hold ctrl while right clicking. That is the extra context menu. =]
  21. @Alkraas it sounds like they're paying a price for the slot... Perhaps the artist doesn't open for slots very often or is under such heavy demand that slots are taken within seconds/minutes. I'm with the others... I'd never participate in it personally but if the artist is such high demand that clients are willing to pay that, good for them.
  22. Sounds good! Just remember if you don't actually get the files by the date you originally stated (31 Jan), to continue through with the partial refund inquiry. But try to assume the best of the artist! Good luck!
  23. Yes, that looks good. Also yes, you should email that to the artist. @Moogle
  24. Alright awesome. So write the ultimatum quoting this, and ask for those things or a partial refund. Toss out a number for the refund (aim higher than you actually want). See if the artist will deliver what is due, refund you, or haggle on the refund.
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