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  1. It was about $100, I don't really wanna do any kind of claim, I really just want the art and then never commission them again, lol. I feel like if I threatened, i'd just get bullied into the ground by her friends and commissioners.
  2. So I've been waiting on this commission since July 7th 2018, she offered a refund to those a year later, however, the refund wouldn't be anytime soon. Originally, she had promised she was going to start working on it almost immediately and then she took on, I guess, way too many commissions from other people and bit off more than she could chew essentially. I also noticed she forgot to put my commission on her trello as well, so I had told her, and I got put at the bottom of the list.. with like 20+ people ahead of me. As a person, I know how it is to struggle with bills, so I just said I'd rather have the art, but honestly I feel like I'm never going to get a refund or a commission. I'm not a very confrontational person, does anyone have any advice on what to do?
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