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  1. thank you for the experienced and helpful insight! ill try one of these if i don’t find them after i try to this one last time😄
  2. hello, this is my first time posting here, my English is rather poor so sorry if i make any mistakes one of my commissioner and i were talking and became friends so i added them to my private groupchat with my other close friends then, they had a conflict with one of the people there in private and left and blocked/unfriended me, then deleted their account, and i haven’t heard from them since, and i can’t message them they seemed like a really private person (gave me the impression that they have social anxiety) and i don’t think they would appreciate me posting about them in public and asking them to show up what should i do? it’s been a month or so. their drawings are already half way done and the rest are awaiting their approval i will soon try messaging them everywhere including their personal email, or ask someone who kept contact to do it for me,(im not sure there is), but what if they still won’t reply? what if this bothers them? thanks in advance!
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