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  1. Ah, yes, that makes sense. Apologies for the inconvenience. Will organize everything and submit it after I have a bit more time to reflect.
  2. Hello all, I had originally thought to write this off as a lesson to choose artists more carefully, especially when dealing with Patreon, but I was hoping to get some feedback to see if it was worth submitting a formal beware or not, considering the artist's latest response to me. At time of writing this, they have a total of 9 patrons. I was one of the first three, I believe. Not donating at the highest tier, but enough to receive a monthly sketch per their tier rewards. Here is their TOS: In April, I messaged them regarding missing March, and this was their response: They paused their Patreon for a few months after that, and when it resumed, I had missed a couple months there as well (Covid, work from home, etc.). I finally decided to cancel, as they were simply taking the money and not providing anything in return, so I sent them a message on Patreon to explain: It's the "I have respect and follow my own deadlines" part that bothers me, honestly. And while outside the scope and rules of the site, their stated reasoning for having the Patreon in the first place is pretty polar opposite from their admonishment that "Art is a luxury". Just looking for feedback on whether this warrants a beware for being poor customer service (no communication, not providing purchased rewards), or if this is just a case of caveat emptor and pay attention to the TOS. Appreciate y'alls time and consideration.
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