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  1. I guess what I'm wary of is, since Crypto is such a varying market, that there's an issue with the conversion. I suppose it would, in the end, be protected via PayPal, but the worry is still there.
  2. Is it possible the person you got the character from can also try contacting the artist to cement the fact that you are the new owner? (If you haven't done that already, of course!) Maybe that would help get the ball rolling in your favor. Best of luck to you!!
  3. Hello! New here, thought this would be a good place to ask. With NFTs and Crypto starting to leak into the art community, especially with PayPal allowing the currencies to be on their platform, I decided that I wanted to add the following line to my Terms of Service; "I do not accept Crypto Currencies and I do not endorse NFTs." How do you feel about seeing something like this? Do you think I'm being a bit too jumpy without giving Crypto a chance, even with Paypal supposedly converting it to established currencies?
  4. It's definitely a case by case basis, for me. In the case of my most recent issue, wherein an adoptable I purchased was traced, I'm definitely looking to get the character redesigned completely and will be abandoning the art, as it wasn't original in the first place. Others though, if I paid for it and it doesn't hurt me to look at, or upset me, then I'll keep it up on their profile, so long as it's still relevant.
  5. Back in August of 2019, My partner Lainebrary and I purchased this set of adoptables for their ABs; $125 each. The transaction went incredibly smoothly, and Pepapen was very quick and professional to deliver files; even going so far as creating additional files for us when asked for separate .pngs for the fullbodies / portraits. April 3rd, 2021; I was browsing Pinterest and I came across an art piece that feels oddly similar to my character, Blessing; and when I overlaid them, it became incredibly clear that this wasn’t just a reference, there was a direct trace. I spent the n
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