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  • Caution: Pepapen / Posepedia

    • Who: Pepapen, Posepedia
      Where: https://www.deviantart.com/pepapen
      When: 08/03/2019
      What: Other (Explain Below)


    Back in August of 2019, My partner Lainebrary and I purchased this set of adoptables for their ABs; $125 each. The transaction went incredibly smoothly, and Pepapen was very quick and professional to deliver files; even going so far as creating additional files for us when asked for separate .pngs for the fullbodies / portraits. 950831451_dA-Pepapen1.thumb.png.ea5fe214a6dc7b890e3b54ca5ebaf5c6.png

    April 3rd, 2021; I was browsing Pinterest and I came across an art piece that feels oddly similar to my character, Blessing; and when I overlaid them, it became incredibly clear that this wasn’t just a reference, there was a direct trace.


    I spent the next hour and a half, in tears, tearing through the internet with image searches to try to find which image came first; the adoptable, or this bust piece I found on Pinterest. Spoiler; it was the portrait I’d found, which pre-dates these two adoptables by two years. You can find it here, time-stamped December 26, 2017; two years before the adoptables were created. https://monappy.jp/picture_places/view/22490

    I reached out to Pepapen immediately seeking recourse. The emails are as follows;






    In the emails, my demands to fix the problem where as follows;

    • A public post on your art and social media accounts admitting that you traced. With this, I would like to see you come clean on every piece that was traced or 'heavily referenced'. Track down the people who paid you for these works or adopts, and offer them a full refund or a redraw.
    • Reach out to the artists whose works you've stolen.
    • A full refund on these designs.

    Within a day, all of my demands were met.

    Edited by Celestina
    removed proxy

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    • Administrator

    After much discussion with our staff we've ultimately decided to accept this as a Caution post.  However, given that the artist has left this is only being approved as a "paper trail" of sorts in case they resurface.

    If anyone reading has a new incident to report: submit a new post.

    If anyone is coming to report on a new username, please contact a mod.  Be sure to include concrete proof they are the same person.

    Proof is:

    • Same email.
    • Same art in current and old galleries.
    • Same irl name.

    Proof is not:

    • Similar style.
    • "Types the same".
    • Hearsay.
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