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  1. Great success! The art has been finished - and, the results are, in fact, excellent! As promised, I am updating the beware to state this fact. As far as I am concerned, my issue is now resolved. Nika has requested that the beware be removed, but it is my understanding that’s not how this whole thing works - so I will leave action up to the moderators or at least get it downgraded to a caution as a sign of good will.
  2. I imagine it would be, although someone better at PayPal law and TOS would be better suited to confirm that. I would imagine that PayPal wouldn’t know otherwise, as she did the calculation outside of PayPal and simply invoiced $212, which as far as PayPal would know is the cost of commission without fees. I have commissioned many many artists on FA since I have joined and to date she is the only person I have *ever* seen charge that, however. I have always made it a habit to tip the artists to cover the fees myself without prompt (often because many undercharge as well), but she was
  3. Yeah - I would have to be honest and say that being blocked at this point is hardly a punishment. Truthfully, I may not notice much of a difference... As can be imagined, the week that passed saying the piece would be done has come and gone, and with all of the other submissions being posted I was definitely not “next”, as was promised early January. I’d be much less annoyed at that if a timeframe wasn’t given, and broken - and of course, no update why. With the situation as it is, I haven’t asked because I don’t want to harass and give ammunition at the point the commission is so cl
  4. As update to the situation: Rumblings have no doubt moved things a little bit, and progress on my piece was made! However, Nika is now aware of the beware, as she has confronted me directly. I enjoy the progress on the piece, and it seems as if she is still going to finish it, which I greatly appreciate ~ I will keep everyone appraised of the situation. I am hopeful for a happy conclusion!
  5. Can I just say, however, how awful it feels watching all these reminders get blitzed for about two weeks while you beg for an update. I have lived that hell a few times now, and when you are months out of a commission the *last* thing I enjoy seeing is practically begging for more more commissions, with such a huge workload. It *is* spam and it’s how she’s trapped this huge client list - myself included.
  6. Unfortunately, although not unexpectedly, no. She is going in to a “remission period”, where she stops posting on all platforms and vanishes for up to two months at a time. I can only speculate that this is when the money runs out - this is now the third time I have seen this pattern since the beginning. Keep in mind, when she is active she posts upwards of 10+ reminders a day about YCH’s or commission openings, before vanishing again. I have attached a screenshot of her last submission time... golly gee it was the 13th!
  7. I did not know this, and sincerely thank you for the heads up! I certainly won’t make that mistake again. I thought it was strange at the time, but I didn’t question it - having dealt with many other artists since and reflecting back, that was definitely a warning sign.
  8. I remember reading that journal and noticing that as well! I am very sorry to hear that it appears to be "more of the same". I am still going to try and get her to complete my art, if can! Although, if my Beware goes live I doubt she will be happy with me. She got the money that she needed, apparently - because now she hasn't been active on FA since, and has not responded to my messages at all.
  9. Original agreement: Tropical YCH, 2 versions; one SFW and one NSFW version. AB an auction at $200; Paid $212 total for a 6% fee to cover PayPal fees as dictated by the artist. YCH was paid for on July 19, 2020. Please see screencap for PayPal payment, along with confirmation in chat. My experience with NikaInfinity began July 17, 2020, when I purchased a YCH from her on FurAffinity. Everything seemed to proceed smoothly at first, with great communication and helping to pick out references. I asked for an invoice as one had not been tendered until the 19th, at which point I had immedi
  10. Okay, thank you! I will work on my own post tonight - I made an account because of this situation, so I would like to do it right! Thank you!
  11. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this - but I am "happy" to say that you are not alone. If the moderators would like me to, I would be more than happy to go through and share my entire experience with Nika. My own commission (also under ToastyPoodle) has been out since July 17, 2020. It sits at a measly 30%, and only because I have hounded to get it that far. I gave her the benefit of the doubt so I am beyond the time that I can dispute this with Paypal - which means I am out $212 for my YCH. She seems to run a pattern where she vanishes for 2 months, re-appears to sucke
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