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  1. Wait. Didn't you say that they had you pay as friends and family? So they would not have been charged a fee. But you were out a fee from the refund? This doesn't feel right to me.
  2. I am going to echo everyone else with just how awestruck I am at how this artist reacted. Not even a modicum of professional behavior, just devolution into a full blown temper tantrum of telling you to shut up over and over.
  3. I don't do SL but as someone who also works with making textures for 3D models, having someone who can't seem to understand how difficult it can be to make things line up is frustrating. Sometimes moving a spot one pixel over makes it become all stretched and warped, sometimes a stripe is going over a seam in the texture, and sometimes the different sections of textures have different pixel dimensions so it can be impossible to make it flawless. Even if a customer doesn't understand exactly why something is hard to do or just flat out impossible, they need to trust that the professional they hired knows what they are talking about when they say it is not something they can do.
  4. They just kept talking as if they were entitled to a third commission. Acting as if it was impossible to just pay for 2 and not get a third. What goes on in their head?
  5. I disagree with any comments saying they should have only gotten a partial refund. The artist made the mistake in not making the art look like the character, the artist made the mistake of not showing WIP to confirm details before proceeding, the artist was the one who ended up creating something that wasn't what was ordered. The customer shouldn't have to pay anything for a piece of art that has so many mistakes it isn't even their character anymore. As for the quality issue, It might just be the artist being a little uncertain on how to do details on a more cartoony piece. It is hard to compare art drawn in different styles, even if it is drawn by the same artist. The more I look at the images the more I can't decide whether or not I see a quality difference. Seems every time I look I change my mind again.
  6. Oof, yeah, that is a worrisome addition.
  7. Not only that, but the fur on the bridge of the nose looks wrinkled. There's not even a joint there to create wrinkles.
  8. Seeing the back makes me dread what it looks like from the front. It does not look like a suit you would normally get for that price.
  9. I am really confused by what "offered a bit of a refund" means. Is that an offer of a partial refund for the wait while still finishing the piece or is it only a partial refund with nothing else? And how much is "a bit"? 20%? 50%? 10%?
  10. So many red flags throughout this entire transaction. But you handled it very well, you have a good grasp of how this sort of business works despite not having gotten much art. I applaud you.
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