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  1. unfortunately it is true, but I'm not going to go after the $2 from the original price. I was naive back when I first paid and take the fee as a lesson learned really. More so to not let things go so long past the original promised date.
  2. This has been resolved. Woke up to the refund (minus paypal fee) in my paypal account
  3. As of yet I am still awaiting the refund despite the artist having sold many adopts between their reply that they would refund me and my posting this. (1 AB and they have had a few would be enough to cover the refund)
  4. An update to this, after I sent the note asking for the refund April 11th at 20:17 artist noted back just under 12 hours later agreeing to do the refund. Sent them a reminder of my paypal address and now awaiting on their reply to let me know they've sent me the refund.
  5. I won a Your Horse Here auction from the artist back on April 29th 2020 artist asked me to send them a note and I did with my email to get invoiced They never sent me the reply saying they had sent the invoice and I noticed it 5 days later when I logged in for another invoice. They had sent the invoice over as a Friends and Family request and I unfortunately was new at commissioning back then and did not know better then agree to that option. they never responded to my note when I found the invoice and let them know I paid it. I sent them another note in
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