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  1. I only noticed this area because there was a visible 'line' in the fur that won't go away with brushing. I feel that there's not much more I can say about the issues with the suit, and I want to thank everyone so much, especially the AB team, and the community for there love, and support. It has been a hard few months for me, and I couldn't have made it without you. I will never forget your kindness. I have made a final statement regarding everything that happened, and if you want you can read that. It's a pretty long statement, about just over a page on word. I express my than
  2. I've uploaded these images by request. My camera sucks and doesn't really show you what I see. The honeycombing underneath can be seen and there seems to be a 'lump' of fur missing, and some of the fur looks like it's been 'shaved' too short. It's the best way I can describe it. The size is about the size of the area is about the size of a giant peanut. (can think of anything else to describe the size)
  3. I've sent another complaint regarding my suit. The fur is starting to fall out. T_T
  4. This is how the suit looks now. It's better. That's all I can say. A lot of people have been making lovely comments about how I acted well at the convention, and worked really hard to make people smile even though my suit wasn't ideal. The love and support I've gotten in the community these past few weeks has been humbling. I love you all. I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions from the photos. Camaro.
  5. Until something is done to protect people who pay for fursuits, this will always happen. There is too much power in the hands of the suit makers and this just opens the way up to scammers. Paying over 3000$ upfront for something and having a no-refund policy slammed in your face is disgusting. I get that this person didn't nessaserily have a no-refund policy, but you never really got a refund anyway. This is why from now on I'll be paying the whole amount at once through goods and services, and if progress isn't made within the PayPal deadline for a refund, I'll be making a claim.
  6. So, I asked for the care instructions and "how-to" put the suit on information (for my specific suit) from Lemonbrat 2 weeks ago, the email finally arrived last night. The care instructions seem pretty generic, maybe even copied and pasted from some website online I don't know, it says nothing specifically about short, minky fur. It's not really an issue. I've asked for the material colours and the source, I said for repair reasons, but... I may have had other ideas in mind like comissioning a new suit from someone else using the same colours. I felt if I told them that, they wo
  7. I'm sorry but it was explained at the time that the first image was a reference for the suit (it was actually a fursuit reference comission) and disney image was a refrence for colour only. The other two were simply extra images. I explained that from the start. Anything I asked for (lemonbrat calls them last minute changes) were items I asked for back in December 2018 on the order form. The only change I requested was the eye colour, I asked them to fix the head and tail because they were wrong. That's all. It's really interesting that all the Lemonbrat staff are badmouthin
  8. I want all the seems fixed, especially on the back and rear of the head, I'd also like the patchwork under the arm to be fixed. The tail is way too thick, but they won't fix it. I feel like this hasn't been resolved or won't ever be resolved. They just want to fix the zipper and tail placement and mail it, they're not interested in fixing anything else. I would rather have a full refund, and no suit, or a 50% refund with the suit. The suit is in terrible shape, and I feel it's gonna fall apart really quickly as well.
  9. They're only fixing the tail, and the zipper. There not fixing the seems at the rear of the head, or any of the other issues. Image:
  10. Actually I feel like it's gone backwards. They didn't tell me what they were fixing they just said they were fixing something, and then shipping it. I have no idea whats happening. >.< Kinda feel like there gonna shove it down my throat regardless of whether its fixed.
  11. Update: 2nd August 2018. Lemonbrat have said they are going to make "fixes" to my suit, and have demanded me to confirm my shipping address. I have requested them to review the repairs with me before shipping, but I feel they're gonna do these "fixes" in the shadows (if they fix it at all) and send it to me regardless. Like, "Here's you suit, frak off, no refund for you" I just feel like I've been really horribly treated by lemonbrat in this whole exchange and they've gotten really venomous with me since this thread was posted. Everytime I get an email from them it puts
  12. I will provide lemonbrat's email response here. Apologies for the length of this post in advance. I am sorry that I used profinaty in my response to them, but it was out of complete shock at the suit, not in anger. I was not wishing any harm upon them whatsoever. They'd only sent me images of the paws, tail and head. I had been polite and patient with them up until this point. And the new head they sent me a close up side-shot. So I really couldn't see it all that well and it looked great from what I could see of it. Here is there email, and my response. *** Lemonb
  13. Hi, there I just wanted to say as this is important, the post that lemonbrat made about me saying the head was awesome was in reference to attached images of the NEW head, the images in the email repsonse were of the old head, and this has been taken out of context. A lot of the things they have said in there response are untrue, and they've also 'picked and chosen' parts of my emails and tried to twist the context. They have sent me a nasty email this morning, probably in response to this thread. I will be posting the full email with response as it points out also the inaccuracies in
  14. Completed suit, 3600$+ A premium suit from a premium maker, this is unacceptable!
  15. Situation: I ordered a custom suit from Lemonbrat in late 2018. With the understanding that the suit would be paid off 3 months prior to July, as I needed to suit to be finished and shipped in time for Eurofurence (leaving 12 August 2019). The terms of service changed somewhere in Febuary or March when I actually paid off the suit. Initial Deposit: https://images2.imgbox.com/3f/d1/LIZAfgSE_o.jpg Final Payment: https://images2.imgbox.com/89/8c/s9pQ3s2C_o.png Assurances on Finish Time: https://images2.imgbox.com/2a/50/9gHwLCC3_o.png They changed the refund polic
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