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  1. Again, literally /all/ of that couldve been avoided if she sent a WIP, which is completely on her. Lots of people ive commissioned change the character into their style. If she had an issue with it, she could have said so. we couldve talked about it during a WIP. I also already brought this up in an earlier comment. I honestly wouldnt have even cared as much about this part if she still made it match my character. If you went to a restaurant and ordered a sandwich, but they brought you a salad, it wouldnt be fair if they still made you pay for it, right? Why would it be fair for me to only receive a partial refund if its not right? Im not keeping the drawing, so im not getting anything free out of it
  2. Also an update: She finally sent me a refund. I commented on her VK post (the one in the beware with the cat) and her wall. I really wanted to avoid having to call her out on her own walls, but several other means of communication throughout the months went ignored, and this was the only way she got to reply to me.. As of now, these comments have been deleted. Even the comment above mine, which was just informing others that she was being active on another site
  3. what terms? there were no terms. the only thing agreed upon was that i paid them for a commission. its not about getting a higher quality, it about getting it to even match the character im not keeping the art she drew because it doesnt even look like my character, theres no free art here
  4. I'm not talking about /style/ difference, im mostly pointing out the detail in the lineart, more notably seen in the chest fluff where it's just plain lines, whereas the others look more sketchy. It's more detailed in the examples, whereas mine was more simple and felt more rushed. As for my ref, since then I have updated my refs to be more clear. But all of those couldve been avoided had she just sent me a WIP beforehand. I was working on my cleaner ref at the time, so I was working with what I had since she needed the money for something important and I wanted to help out. Yes, I would prefer a full refund at this point, because it does not look like my character, and she is deliberately ignoring me for months while opening commissions elsewhere. Also my bad on the nsfw thing! I have other tumblr posts it can be replaced with, i mostly just saw it as artistic nudity and forgot
  5. TL;DR: I commissioned an icon. It had a couple things that were wrong and it wasnt up to par to her examples. After agreeing to redo it, she hasn't responded to any of my messages. She has been online posting that she is open for more commissions, but has yet to reply to me over several months. ---------------------------- Detailed version: Back in Feburary 15th, I commissioned NekoArt for an icon after she had posted opening for commissions to pay for some things. ($35 in USD) A few days later, she sent me the commission, but there were a couple things wrong (long eyelashes, no horns, ears going down instead of to the side). She never sent me a WIP so I never had the chance to correct them. They replied saying they'll fix it, and this was the last I heard of her (Feb 25th). Later I also realized the quality didn't match those of her other icon examples 2 months go by and I haven't heard anything, so I sent a new note on April. No reply, then one in August and one in October. None of them were opened. I emailed their paypal email back in August. I messaged her through telegram, which says she was last online in September. She has posted on another website just last month that she is opened for commissions (this was translated in chrome, so its a little rough). She has also posted a couple of times on her Tumblr in June, confirming she has been online.
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