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  1. I felt the need to re-clarify some things from Lenny, Those of which can be viewed in the IMGUR link provided in the original AB post that I made. 1 - Yes, I blocked Lenny but only AFTER a full refund had been provided as I no longer wished to work with them, The re-commissioning happened via Lenny spotting an advertisement I had posted on FA which then resulted in them noting me apologizing and asking if it was ok to re-commission me, Due to the time of year (nearly Christmas) I accepted and unblocked them on discord in order to communicate with them easier. A second uncomfortable work e
  2. Yeah, everyting was smooth sailing up to the point where I started providing WIP's of the work. I tend to give people a second chance as I'm aware that sometimes certain IRL situations can effect how you compose yourself and due to it being so close to Christmas I just figured it may have been stress and wanted to try provide an enjoyable experience Unfortunately since all this happened I have found out that at least two other second life texture artists have had similar issues with this individual. Yeah, I was too forgiving and I can see that now but I was raised to give people
  3. - Dec 5th: I was approached by Lenny about a secondlife texture commission, All went well and the commission was accepted, parts were discussed and I sent off an invoice. - Dec 6th: Invoice was paid. I also provided an estimated deadline of Dec 15th - Dec 13th: I found parts that I thought would suit the character better and provided links for the commissioner to view in order to make a decision, The commissioner decided on the new part I suggested and I started work on it swiftly afterwards. Lenny started to make me uncomfortable asking about me texturing NSFW p
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