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  1. I broke off price negotiations with Ryunwoofie one time because she wanted to charge me for not having color refs of a black and white zebra character. Now I'm glad it didn't go through.
  2. As of today, Hi-Ku has repaid me in full for the commission.
  3. The stuff that she recently posted for Dec-Feb has been 2/3 personal art or commissions from other platforms like VK. It's pretty inexplicable how she's been doing all this business and yet couldn't provide updates to people on FA.
  4. The purpose is to strip complaints and criticism from her FA page because her business model is to rope in new customers that have not seen the warnings she's already cleared out of her shouts.
  5. The time limit has elapsed already. I'm not all that concerned about it, just interested in not seeing the cycle repeat itself yet again.
  6. Cave venditor.

  7. Summary: Paid artist Hi-Ku for a $50 sketch commission on 22DEC2019. After over a year she has supplied exactly one update asking to change the sketch type and has ceased communicating on FA. Her Twitter, Deviantart, and Tumblr have all been deleted. On 22DEC2019, this transaction took place where I paid Hi-Ku for a sketch commission of a character I had previously purchased from her: Here is the PayPal record of the original payment: The next dialogue between us was on 27FEB2020, when she apologized for the delay and asked to change the sketch type due to burnout: Since then I have received no answers to requests for updates on FA or Twitter. She has ceased posting on both her FA and VK accounts, and has deleted her DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. She seems determined to disappear entirely. Her 'to-do' list has remained unchanged since she updated it after our communication in February 2020:
  8. I would be very interested in knowing the original content of the comments that she removed from her 'Need help' journal.
  9. I had a similar situation with her. The six-month point for acommission was approaching so I filed for a refund with PayPal. She finally responded to that and was very angry about it. Things broke down to the point that I no longer wanted to speak to her. I let her keep the money (I didn't think it was worth potentially making someone homeless over, as she claims). So despite getting money from me for doing nothing and even recycling the YCH I'd claimed, she posted a 'blacklist' on her TOS calling me out by name that I had to get taken down by the FA admins. I seriously doubt that a TOS where the artist tries to forbid chargebacks under any circumstance is valid, especially when journals on FA can be edited at will. PayPal certainly doesn't agree with the idea. She seems to have no idea how running a business works and has a strong sense of entitlement.
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