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  1. The comments were from people also calling her out on the practices she had done.
  2. You can still get the refund. I doubt she's going homeless over this.
  3. Im about to right now. It closes on the 1st of Feb and they haven't responded to me since I asked them to try again
  4. So I’m not too sure if this goes under a Beware or a Caution but here this goes. In the middle of July 2020, I won an auction for a ych piece and had waited for Nika to contact me. Since i did not receive any messages or comment saying I won, I went and sent them a message which they did not reply to for approximately another month. It was definitely a red flag. We add each other on discord and begin to discuss the commission there, references, payment, etc. So I sent the payment on September 17, 2020 and within the span of about 4 months, I only hear from them once more time in October,
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