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  1. Absolutely not. If I want a refund from someone because I don't like how they conduct business or their attitude, I'm entitled to a full refund if work has not begun.
  2. Just letting everyone know this has been resolved as of now with a full refund.
  3. They've posted a lot of unnecessary information about their upbringing on Twitter regarding the situation as well as continuing the mention the anxiety. I grew up in poverty and an abusive home too and I'm always extremely aware of my finances, how much money I have, where it came from, and where it's going. They've also been oversharing their mental health problems with me over Discord, which I told them really wasn't relevant to the transaction issues. They've told me it's not really a "blackout" as much as it is suppressing emotions surrounding things they do that is "bad" and/or "embarrassing", which to me speaks volumes and tells me that it was intentional and they knew it was wrong but proceeded forth with both transactions anyways.
  4. I sent Celestina an update to add to the post later, but I have gotten $195/400 so far. Unfortunately I have no idea if the trade had to do with the same PoofyLion design or a different one but I've had people imply to me that they've been involved in other shady deals. I don't like the mental health excuse myself because I have pretty extreme anxiety and severe depression and I never pull stuff like this or use it as an excuse in regards to business transactions.
  5. The other person was very invested in the character and I don't think they'd want a refund for her, the original owner also got involved at one point and was extremely upset as well by this entire situation. The whole thing shouldn't have happened.
  6. I had expressed interest in a character Beauregardent had in their TH and had offered to trade for it. Eventually they told me over Discord they'd be willing to sell her to me for what they paid. They promised they'd hold her for a few days while I got the funds together, and on the 1st I paid $300, and the remaining $100 on the 6th. Unfortunately I don't have the messages to our original conversation, but I do have the DMs concerning payment and paypal screenshots. Today, August 21, I was informed by someone on TH that they'd also bought the same character from the same person. (I'm DeadGalaxy) When I showed them the logs of the sale, we've come to the conclusion this was done intentionally and was no mistake because while I had sent my first payment first, they had paid Beauregardent only a couple of days later. From the other buyer: I have never had a situation like this concerning character trades/sales and it is upsetting, both for the amount paid and the trust breached. I DM'd Beauregardent at the start of this info being sent to me but at this point I still haven't gotten a response from Beauregardent on resolving the situation. Edit: $195/$400 has been refunded. Edit2: The adoptable has been refunded.
  7. I dunno if you're confused but I'm not defending Lemonbrat or part of their group, I was just saying that suit reads way more as feline than what Camaro received. I wasn't necessarily saying it's more accurate of a big cat either, just that it's clearly feline while Camaro's head is obviously a rodent head, and the tail is much thinner and more accurately represents a feline tail than the one Camaro got.
  8. These are the parts that stick out to me, because they clearly CAN create a big cat suit that reads as feline.
  9. The issue only "cropped up recently" because that's when the suit actually was being made and they began receiving photos. Their concern about the wrong head base being used should have absolutely been taken seriously. Ignoring the other issues, that is not the correct species whatsoever and doesn't look anything like a feline. They brought this issue up and were brushed aside and told it'd look like a cat when furred (which it doesn't).
  10. The profile still looks like a rodent head, this is truly appalling. And the thing is that the suits on their site are decent, you'd expect so much higher quality than what this commissioner received. I can't get over how badly attached the tail is.
  11. Thank you for the explanation! I don't see how/why they would have chosen this style of fur instead of just shaving down faux fur like most suits. It looks appalling.
  12. This is pretty bad quality. Is that even faux fur? It looks like minky fabric which I....don't think I've seen a suit made with before. It looks so wrinkly, they didnt even attempt to make the zipper discrete, the tail looks slapped on, the whole thing is so low quality for the price tag paid, they should have the experience to know better. Have they sent photos of the finished head from the front? I'd be curious to see how that came out with them pushing a rodent base.
  13. First, the no refund policy absolutely doesn't hold up and them trying to enforce that is ridiculous. Secondly, that is clearly a rodent head. I can't believe they were actually doubling down that the rodent head would magically look like a cat head once furred. I don't see that working at all, the muzzle and cheeks are the wrong shape and the ears are very round. There's a reason foam bases are used and it's because they affect what the final shape looks like. Just a really weird beware As for the tail, curved tails like that are often made so they don't drag on the ground, most fursuits have curved tails like that regardless of the character unless they're floor draggers. It keeps them from getting dirty.
  14. Bourbon

    Beware: Fytch

    I mentioned this on the other beware for her, but her excuse doesn't make any sense as she's essentially shifting blame to Paypal. Paypal NEVER initiates chargebacks, period. They don't handle chargebacks and have no means of initiating them, they can only handle disputes through their system. Paypal would also have no means of knowing the account isn't hers or that her father was deceased. This sounds like someone who was using a credit card that wasn't hers and being caught by whoever is in charge of it.
  15. Bourbon

    Beware: Fytch

    Paypal does not do chargebacks whatsoever, they only handle disputes within their own system. They're using Paypal as a scapegoat. They filed the chargeback themselves through their bank or credit card carrier (which Paypal told you when referencing the financial institution). They're operating a scam.
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