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  1. I'm frankly surprised she only has as few bewares as she has. She's been quite unprofessional for awhile with a queue that's very long in the tooth. I've been following her for a couple of years with hopes that she'd dig herself out, but it doesn't seem she's improved at all with her business or work ethic. Personal life is not an excuse to ignore your job.
  2. What a complicated situation. Is this one of the Abyss Drakes that Adiago has been trying to snatch back ownership and claimed was "stolen"? That's the only reason I could see her or someone else caring about whether it's drawn or not by another artist. That behavior is what got Adiago permanently banned from FA. In the end though, the drama between Raven and Adiago should have NEVER involved the artist whatsoever. The idea of "taking back" characters is a whole nother can of worms in itself but it's an act that I strongly disagree with artists doing. Raven should never have edited
  3. I have to agree with cknsausage. Personally, if I was sent a reference of an anthro for the pose but a feral reference for the character, I'd have assumed they meant they wanted the character drawn as an anthro. I've worked with multiple clients who relied on feral ref sheets due to whatever reasons but wanted me to draw them as anthros and generally were given guidelines like that. Being that English isn't their first language, it further complicates the situation. The artist went out of their way to try and fix the situation by providing multiple cleaned up approval sketches, which tells me
  4. This artist's attitude is absolutely disgusting. Their TOS, them reselling OP's character, their attitude towards OP through this whole exchange. This is one of the nastiest attitudes I have ever in my life seen from an artist.
  5. I was informed privately today that Beauregardent has switched names to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/solasoleil/ . In addition, they're using a new Paypal and fake name making it harder to track them. Unfortunately, at this point I am no longer the only victim of their scamming. I have urged other victims of theirs to come forward and post up Bewares of their own since their behavior hasn't stopped. Over the last few months I've been informed of both tracing and chargebacks that they've done. Please if you've been scammed or had someone trace your work, write up a post here. It can h
  6. I have to agree with Celestina, this user sounds underage. Between the way they're behaving and how they type, I get the impression they're around 16. Unfortunately people CAN lie when it comes to claiming to be 18. While having that in your TOS can waive legal issues, it doesn't stop minors from lying in order to commission something. Additionally, I really don't appreciate them using my comment as part of their crusade and drama. I even said in my comment that they shouldn't be making a claim/trying to resell something they didn't pay for. REGARDLESS of if the design was made for them,
  7. Thank you for the clarification! That's what I kinda thought was going on but I wasn't absolutely sure. Edit: Fixed a typo
  8. I have to say this beware is extremely strange to me. Due to the pseudo-legalize speak you're using to explain the situation it's hard to really understand what the commission was about. As someone who commissions art, I would be extremely aggravated if someone designed a character to my specifications, cancelled the commission, and kept or planned to resell the design elsewhere. I'm of the opinion that no work should have started before payment was exchanged. I dunno this is a weird one for me. Artists have the right to cancel a commission when they want but with designing a character i
  9. I mean the fact his behavior was bad enough that Pebbles refunded him after the first commission (there's two commissions mentioned in this post), that itself is a huge indicator of potential future problems and he should have been blacklisted right there. I know we all like to be super forgiving of people's behaviors, especially when money is involved because a lot of us are starving artists, but we should still be mindful of red flag behavior and protect ourselves.
  10. I would have refused business from the start and blacklisted him after the issues around the first commission. There's a ton of red flags for his behavior and it's completely unacceptable how he acted.
  11. Man what a horrible situation all around. They're so disrespectful of your art and I would have charged them extra for all the changes. The fact you went in and redid the background to fit the image is so above and beyond. The flipflopping also sounds like they were showing it to a friend for an opinion, but unfortunately friends tend to not give honest opinions on situations like this and were likely reinforcing their opinion that it was 'rushed'. It's such a shame because it's a REALLY beautiful piece and their behavior towards you was uncalled for.
  12. I was told by someone over Discord that they are now switching over names to https://twitter.com/Belle_Nouveau (from @/jbeauregardent) and Belle_Nouveau over Discord. I figured it may be important to keep the beware up to date with recent pseudonyms. They're still using their previous FA account name and TH name but it's possible they may switch them too in the future.
  13. I dunno, I disagree. A person should be aware of the artist's skill level and style before approaching them for a commission. The way the fingers/arms are drawn appear to be how they draw in general, and it's also a difficult pose to pull off with foreshortening. Even some of the most skilled artists can fuck it up (and I've had to draw similar poses and it isn't easy). Complaining/critiquing an artist's anatomy after you commissioned them does seem like nitpicking when you should have already been aware of how they draw and their level of skill going in. If I were expected to draw things p
  14. That refund policy is really weird and absolutely shady. They don't get to keep a partial amount on work not done. That's not how it works. Them conveniently having it align with the PayPal dispute window is really suss. I also don't understand their refusal in adding the white outline and shadow? That's really easy to do and takes like five seconds using selection tools. It's pretty obvious they just wanted you out of their hair as fast as possible. This one actually doesn't surprise me. I've had people contact me about refunds who said they were afraid to ask because they didn't
  15. I agree that the artist should have made it clear that the YCHs would be flat colored, and the artist already said they accept fault for not being clear on that so I feel that them being blamed for the commissioner's behavior afterwards isn't conducive. This is personally hard to judge. The artist may be inexperienced and not know how to approach/draw the mouths. For the level of flat-colored commission, they look "finished" to me. The commissioner should have been clear that those details are mandatory. They fixed the one actual error on their part (the tail color) fr
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