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  1. I actually do have an addition to this caution. Several weeks ago another artist DM'd me on Twitter saying that Vaxis had told them he'd apologized to me and was trying to be a better person. He has NOT spoken to me since before he was removed from the original A_B LJ community. I have had absolutely no contact and he has not made any apologies to me. If he's messaging anyone claiming he has, he's lying.
  2. As someone who freelances and files taxes, there is absolutely zero reason they should need to use individual client information when filing taxes. The only information you need is the amount of money you've made through the tax year and how much you've paid into taxes when filing. That is a huge redflag and something I have literally never heard of.
  3. The snark in his last message about creating your own artbook and keeping all the royalties doesn't illicit much confidence in his professionalism. He seems to be completely missing the point that they made promises as a company, and these promises are falling flat and are not holding up to the expectations that he created in the first place. Their unwillingness to share sales figures, that you've asked them to do multiple times, is also REALLY suspicious.
  4. What an absolutely bizarre situation. First, your character is very cute and the ref sheet is easily readable so it's very strange she'd claim it's "poor" (and also very rude and inappropriate to say to someone), secondly what a strange mistake to make saving the ref sheet on the finished product?? Her behavior around your reference is so so uncalled for though.
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