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  1. Sadly from the 7 people who reached out to me since this beware they said the reason they haven’t spoken out is fear of being harassed - exact words were “did you see what happened in Her server when duccidraws asked about her same day commission when it wasn’t done 3 weeks later? I don’t want them jumping on me like that” “ I’m smaller than her they will bury me” “the mob that comes down on anyone critical of her business practices scares me” it’s all sadly seeming to stem from a toxic environment from her watchers which I’ve been subject to myself, I had to report several people for threate
  2. update i have received a refund via her manager.
  3. I haven't gone to the bank, no. I have a very unhelpful one (even in cases of outright proven fraud) so i just have always dealt with paypal since they have always been reasonable. ive never had an issue with charge backs over the 180 days as long as i could prove i was owed what i was owed. but they had a new change i guess to their system so that essentially means im only getting it back if she sends it back unless i want to put more effort into it. and honestly as much as 40 dollars is a decent amount and i believe i should get it back, at this point i just want to have it closed and move o
  4. A PayPal claim was filed and auto rejected for being past 180 days, I hired someone else to do the ref and they finished within 2 hrs, I sent communication to Hyperion’s assistant that as I want nor need any art from her and cannot pursue a claim to get a refund I will just consider the matter closed. As disappointing as it is that I lost out on the 40 dollars I would rather it be over than to drag it out anymore. I consider the matter closed.
  5. I bought 2 adopts from Hyperiontrash december of 2019. Via discord we had a conversation that if i paid her an additional $70 usd i would get nsfw and SFW full refs of both designs. After payment was sent for both, i received one, this beware is about the second set. we corresponded only on discord the last 9 months. Payment proof: So I approached Hyperion and agreed to pay for both refs as seen here I received the first ref and the first promise of "sometime next week" After 3 months of no wip, no contact, i reached out again after seein
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