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  1. Unfortunately no, I didn't use PayPal, so I'm past that point already. That's on me, I thought I had more time. I like the idea of waiting until the fourth and fifth month marks. I'll try that, and if nothing improves, I can always write a beware later. Thank you!
  2. How many contact attempts is considered too much? I don't want to harass the artist, but I've had zero responses from them. I ordered an art doll from someone's bigcartel store in early February, and I haven't heard anything from them since. It was advertised as a sale, and "sale ends when I run out", with several dolls displayed, so I assumed it was pre-made. I've tried contacting them four times since then- once through their shop's messages, two emails, and a private message through their public art Instagram. They're still active and recently had an identical sale,
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