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  1. Sep. 3rd, 2012 at 7:16 PM dripbat WHO: Sinn-ryu (DA), atateatarin (LJ and FA) WHERE: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10125588.html?thread=310953236#t310953236 I do have a PDF saved of this as well, just in case the post/info is lost. WHAT: A traditional cel painting with scrapbook background. WHEN: Payment sent and commission agreed upon on Aug 30, 2011. Responses had been spotty throughout the whole transaction but contact was lost completely in April 2012. PROOF: EXPLAIN: Honestly everything I thought was going fine other than the spotty response time. I know the artist in question goes to school and everyone has things going on in their life. The post said it could take a few days to a few weeks. Months to a year was not mentioned so I assumed the turn around would be at most a couple months which is why I asked so soon the first time how it was going, though I have waited longer for commissions so I was patient. I periodically asked how it was going on the post, since it says its alright to ask now and then. I had gotten the sketch in November, waited patiently for the final scan. I did finally get a scan of the final image and had been told they just needed to find a background for it and it would be about a week or so for that. That was April 3rd, 2012. Since I was no longer getting responses on the original post I've been poking on LJ note, FA note, DA note, and email(I didn't realize the email address was in the original conversations so I contacted that one last). I tried each site just in case the artist wasn't active on one site but was another. I hope I wasn't being too pushy as I am worried that something might have happened, I don't think this artist would have just poofed for no reason. I don't know what to do at this point. The commission was for a tangible item, not digital so I'm upset I don't have this cel to hang on my wall like originally planned. Though I suppose I did get something. I admit I'm mainly frustrated because the work was done, it just needed to be shipped. Or if it was shipped I'd at least like to know if its on its way or the mail ate it. Also the artist has a "when to contact" schedule here. And there was plenty of room for a response since April in either June or July. I did not find this page until April when I was looking around for an email. Edit: 9/24/12 - I received the cel in the mail today. This has now been resolved.
  2. Aug. 24th, 2012 at 9:17 AM katsunebear My experience with AMWULF. Lacking the ability to communicate and the extended wait of time of this process has lead me to post here. Over 9 months and still no date of when the commission will be finished or even started. Screen shots and detaild description below. This was paid in full prior to the realization of any issues. WHO: He goes by the name AMWULF on Fur Affinity WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/amwulf/ WHAT: My self and a friend paid upfront $55 USD for a digital adult commission over 9 months ago, with minimal updates we have yet to see a sketch, a WIP, or any news relevant to our commission. Both my friend and I have confronted AMWULF several times and we get the same response. Something about how his personal life is in the way, and he has a huge list he needs to complete. While in the mean time making the excuse that he needs to take on more work to live. Since then he has completed several dozens of commissions, con badges, con specific art, and group pictures. We would have requested our money back through paypal but at the time were unaware that after a certain period of time you can not ask for a refund through paypal. And for that same reason I was unable to get pictures of the accepted payment on paypal but I do have it in his own writing that he received the payment. The first two screen shots are my outbox and inbox of the times we have communicated. The rest are the messages between us both we an explanation of what is going on. This was the first inquriy about the commission with details and questions about payment. I asked if my friend and I could pay seperatly however he requested to be paid in full due to him being 'cheated' before. So I oblige and send my friend the money, he then sends the payment to amwulf and I verify that he eventually recives it. Due to a mistake of typing in the wrong email address the first time we correct the mistake, AMWULF then verifys payment recieved. At this point you can see a week went by to verify payment. No biggie just glad that went smoothly. Below 2 months have passed and I ask about the status. 2 months I feel is not an unreasonable amount of time to wait. I got a response a day later, him telling me his personal life is getting in the way. I think to myself "okay, fine I'll wait a little longer, im sure it will be worth it any who." Another 2 months pass, it's late april, I decide to politly ask again the status, I get the same response pretty much. At this point I am frustated but decide to give it even more time. With in this time he completes several other comissions, which he claims were before us, then con badges and art, and now his current flare for orgy pictures. I wait another month and then inquire about a refund, and possibly going to paypal. He pleads that it will be done soon and apologies for the wait. The conclusion is that he will continue making excuses that life gets in the way, we all have busy lives and it sure as heck seems he has the time to do other work. I am not sure of who else has had this problem with him, to this day no futher communication has been made. It's to the point where I am lakcing the care to pursue it, figuring my friend and I lost the money we gave him. This is the only course of action I can take short of going to him again to be shot down with another 'my life is busy' excuse. I would like to warn other people about AMWUL and I seriously advise to avoid his lack of professionalism. Thanks for your time and I hope this does some good.
  3. Aug. 23rd, 2012 at 8:45 PM pasicsage WHO: TsukiKazuo / SuicideHollow / Bubblepup WHERE: http://tsukikazuo.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TsukiKazuo http://suicidehollow.tumblr.com/ http://ask-eustasskid.tumblr.com/ http://furaffinity.net/user/BubblePup http://suicidehollow.deviantart.com/ http://suicidehollow.livejournal.com/ WHAT: Refund on 2 Flat Color Full Body WHEN: November 5th, 2011 PROOF: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2881849/ First Journal of Commissions Opened http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3431994/ Last Update heard from Bubblepup Screenshot if she deletes: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/98248088/file.html Screenshot of Paypal Transfer of $22.44: http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/81033961/file.html Here is screenshots of the transation and agreement of the commissions in order: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/90582598/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/15892089/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/73007743/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/3491308/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/37288172/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/62537632/file.html http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/25749315/file.html agreement to refund: http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/63598326/file.html Opening New Commissions: http://tsukikazuo.deviantart.com/journal/Point-Commissions-asdfghj-321604878 EXPLAIN: Back in November, 2011 I commissioned bubblepup for 2 full body flat colored commissions. Since then it has been a hassle to get in contact and keep in contact with her. Months go by and I had yet to get a reply from Bubblepup. Trying to be understanding of situations I sought her out. My girlfriend mentioned she had a Deviantart. From there I had to chase her down on Tumblr, Facebook, Deviantart, and other sites just to get a response from her. It was getting to the point I just wanted a refund in which I later asked for. As you can see I have asked for a refund and have yet to recieve one since she has responded to me. Last contact was August 3rd, 2012 and I have yet to get a refund or heard any word. Later I found she abandoned her Deviantart Account SuicideHollow a week ago and made a new account TsukiKazuo. It makes it look like she is avoiding refunding me all together now and taking in new commissions on her new account. From how many accounts she has made it seems suspicious and makes me wonder if she has done this to others. Mood: Aggravated *Edit* Well i was promised a refund and was told twice she had the money.....I have yet to still get it. She said more then once that all she had to do was get it on her paypal and that her cousin could do it......well it's been like a month or over now . I'm pissed and just about done.
  4. Aug. 13th, 2012 at 10:50 PM timoran WHO: Bailey, xxnanamithehuskyxx on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xxnanamithehuskyxx/ WHERE: FA (An "auction" journal which I bid on. The artist deleted the auction journal.) WHAT: A digital colored "pinup" adult commission. Note: The price was $10, which I understand is a small amount of money. This is a matter of principle: If this artist will steal $10 from me, she will steal $100 or $1,000 from somebody else. WHEN/EXPLAIN: Commissioned and paid 3/6 per artist's prepay policy. I asked when to expect it 3/22 and she said "a week to a few months." I asked again on 5/13 and she said she was having problems with the software. I asked for a commitment to one month (6/13) longer since I was already sensing this artist was planning to run away with my money. Immediately she got defensive and threatened to report me for harassment for contacting her about my prepaid commission (which I guess FA decided my communication does NOT constitute harassment, since I never heard anything from any admin). On 5/14 I was sent a very rough sketch, but nonetheless I was happy with how it was looking and gave the artist more time. The art did look good and if it had not been such an unprofessional and awful communication from this artist it would be worth more than $10 and probably would have been tipped. But once again, I hear nothing from the artist after this. I asked for a status update 7/15 and the response was that I would receive a refund "as soon as I can." A month later, I still hadn't received the refund, so I wrote back, and this was the artist's reply: http://timoran.com/baileynp/Image29.png Note: The artist's TOS says nothing about commissions taking an infinite length of time, nor that the artist can refuse to complete a paid for commission for any reason. The TOS did say "no refunds" but the TOS did not exist when I bid on the auction journal, and was deleted since then (it was copied and pasted to one of the notes in the chain). As far as I'm concerned, when the artist said she had no intention of delivering the art, and was going to refund me, that makes her TOS null and void. The artist in question has stated she is not doing any art anymore, ever, however she is instead focusing on a fursuit business. Personally, I wouldn't suggest anyone consider going to an unprofessional artist such as Bailey for a fursuit commission, and especially considering the amount of upfront money tied to a fursuit commission. I'm sure her quality is fine but it's not worth the risk that she will just decide she's not interested in doing the commission you prepaid her for anymore, and just telling you "sorry, no art, no refund!" PROOF: http://timoran.com/baileynp/ EDIT 8/17: I have finally received the refund from the artist. Thanks to AB for the assistance.
  5. 10:51 PM v_e_r_a This is my first time posting here. WHO: conjurecakes WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/conjurecakes WHAT: digital commission WHEN: December 2011. PROOF: -and- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7351959/#cid:57748438 EXPLAIN: I accepted the commission in December, sent her my paypal, then she said she could only pay with cash or money order. I said money order was fine, and went ahead and did the commission since I trusted that she would send it soon, as she said she would (my mistake for trusting her). I remind her a time or two, then email her the commission later that month. I tried to email her in March, but it wouldn't go through. I noted her my new address in March. Still nothing. I send another reminder in April. She said she has the money ready to send, but instead sends me some gifts, then says she bought more stuff for me. She messages me again in July, asking me if I want more gifts, at which point I start simultaneously worrying that she might be thinking of the gifts as payment, and feeling guilty for still asking her for the commission payment after the gifts she sent without warning. Her and I were acquaintances, which is my reason for speaking with her in a less professional/obviously frustrated tone than I normally would, but I realize it's not an excuse. I had heard nothing from her unless I asked the status of the payment, which was frustrating because I hate having to send reminders. This is the first time I've done art prior to receiving payment, but I won't be making exceptions to my TOS for acquaintances/friends any longer. So no need to warn me about that; I've learned my lesson.
  6. Aug. 7th, 2012 at 4:20 AM stevehusky Who: MurphyErasmus (Furaffinity) Don't know any of her other aliases http://www.furaffinity.net/user/murphyerasmus/ Where: Windows Live Messenger/ Hotmail, Furaffinity What: Fursuit partial commission, including a head, tail, feet and hand paws. We came to an agreement of 200$ for the partial, to be paid in 4 separate installments of 50$. All 4 installments were paid. All that was left was shipping charges, which we agreed wouldn't be paid until after the suit was completed. When: July 19th 2011 - We came to an agreement as to the price and what was going to be in the commission. The partial fursuit with the head, tail, feet and hand paws. We agreed that 200$ would be the price excluding shipping that would be calculated later. We also agreed that the suit would be paid off in 4 separate installments. July 20th 2011 - I sent her the first installment of 50$ Which is noted below by the paypal receipt. The payment was sent to cmmcshane@hotmail.com Later that day, she messaged me saying she wanted to get started right away and ask for the second payment earlier so that she could buy the materials. So 2 hours or so after the first installment was paid the second one was sent, once again 50$ to the same email address. As shown by the screencap July 25-30th 2011 - She contacts me again with a status update and states that she had begun work and that everything was going smoothly. She then sent me pictures that are linked below. August 8th 2011 - I sent her the last 2 payments, both each of 50$. I noted in the description section of paypal that these were payments for a fursuit. Like the first two payments these were sent to cmmcshane@hotmail.com and they are proven by the screencaps of the receipt. August 9th 2011 - She contacts me on msn to state that she has received the payments and that I should be getting the suit sometime around October, and that shed message me on FA sometime during October when it was finished. I don't message her again until November 1st because I assumed she was working on it and I didn't want to be a bother. November 1st 2011 - I message her to enquirer about the fursuit cause she failed to contact me about the completion. November 7th 2011 - She responds to my message and states that she might be dying of liver failure so she hasn't had time to work on it. She states that a few things needed to be fixed on the suit and states they should be done soon. I sent a response saying that that was ok, cause of the "circumstances". November 16th 2011 - She responds to my message and states that she was sick and didn't have time to work on the suit. She also stated for the in-convince that I would receive a few free badges, and pictures as to were she was in the progress. I ask if I can receive the pics by that Sunday, she stated that she could do that and it was never done. When I messaged her back. I got no response. I send more messages after this inquiring what was happening to no response. February 7th 2012 - She finally responds to my messages from November 2011. She now states that she still hasn't done anything on the suit cause she was facing eviction and cant afford to feed herself. She gave me two options, she could either finish it or just give me a refund. When I stated what I wanted, her to complete it, she responded with an ok. March 1st - Present - I've been messaging her every two weeks inquiring about the fursuit. She has yet to respond to any of my messages and it was at this point I have come to believe that she just took my money and ran with it. I've also commented on her FA page and gotten no response. August 1st 2012 - Friend of mine also comments on her page about the fursuit commission. The comment was deleted the following day. Proof:
  7. BlueFlameWolf Aug. 3rd, 2012 at 7:42 PM aperturefox WHO: BlueFlameWolf. WHERE: http://www.freewebs.com/bluflamewolf/apps/blog/ http://blueflamewolf.deviantart.com/ It's going to be scattered. This has happened over the year, and I will do my best to get everything in order. WHAT: Ok, so I payed $100 for two 15 piece sets for my chat site, Immer Treu. We had agreed on Eastern Dragons, and Prezwalski's Horse. Edit: Asked her about the set, since she has been active selling her premade sets from her chat that she is no longer working on. It has been read, but not responded to. (Note: She might be reading it now and responding- I'm not saying she isn't going to respond at all). Edit 2: She got back to a note I recently sent, saying she's going to try to refund me. Hopefully she will, and we can put this entry at rest. EDIT 3 (3/4/13): We were talking VIA notes, and on Friday (3/1/13), she had told me she would be sending me money when her check was cleared. Got a note (and a little blip from Paypal on my phone), that I had been sent/received my 50$. So I can proudly say this can be resolved! WHEN: At first all seemed good (I actually got a set from her for Sumatran Rabbits a while back, and they got done in good time), but then things started happening. She had issues in real life which of course I fully understood. I PMed or noted her for updates, which she sent. Eventually months went by, and the replies seemed less and less. I told her the first time around I was going to post here to A_B if the first set wasn't done. She got it done (after apologizing) and I was happy. She said she'd start the horses in a few days. Well, days went by and I began to contact her, in which she read my PMs but never replied. Recent ones she had ignored, and said she was too busy working on her own chat site first. Again, I tried to sound as nice as I could, and told her if I didn't see the set/50$ refund soon, (which was over weeks ago when I sent that), then I would be posting here. She ignored it, and I sent another warning. Again, ignored. PROOF: I apologize if these are scattered, since they took place on different sites. I will post my proof that I sent the money first, and go from there. Proof of payment, names blurred (except mine) I deeply apologize if these are out of order. I had to send double pms/notes from the forum to DA to get her attention. Here we go: Unfortunately, the forum doesn't go back to when I sent the message for the TOS. So I only have after she accepted. - Mention of payment - Agreement - Update - update - Update - Update - Update - Final Reply I have not heard back from her since. This was her apology to me, and her other commissioners in the note mentioned: http://www.freewebs.com/bluflamewolf/apps/blog EXPLAIN: I have tried to be patient with her, because I really didn't want it coming to this. I didn't want to post her here, nor did I want to send those last two PMs. I have asked for her to either continue the set, or refund me. She has ignored me, and so I posted her here
  8. Aug. 1st, 2012 7:33 PM dreamdischarger WHO: Chelsea and/or Lambency WHERE: DA tumblr also briefly etsy WHAT: Homestuck troll horns – made of model magic, for cosplay. WHEN: I initially placed my order on March 15, 2012. It’s now August, and I haven’t received my horns, or an explanation as to why I haven’t received my horns. PROOF: paypal proof of payment email 1 – order placed/payment made email 2 – order placed/payment made email 3 – asking for an explanation* email 4 – still asking for an explanation! order form on DA -this is old, but it's basically the same as the one I saw when I made the decision to order tumblr conversation EXPLAIN: I originally sent my order in on March 15th, hoping to receive my horns in time for my cosplay at Anime North (late May). The horns themselves were supposed to take six to nine weeks, which I was aware of when I ordered. I did not receive my horns in time for Anime North, but I figured that, since they were busy, I would receive them shortly after. I never did. On July 11, a month and a half after I expected to receive them, I sent an email, which went unresponded to. Eight days later, I sent another email, which again, was ignored. I contacted Lambency on tumblr, and she responded and seemed very eager to help me out. She asked me my name and said she would check on my order for me; I told her my name, and, again, she never responded. Since then, Lambency has been selling “DIY horn kits” for people, yet I have not received my horns, nor have I received any explanation as to what’s going on. I don’t know if they’ve been shipped, if they were shipped a long time ago and simply lost to customs, etc, etc. I know a lot of people have ordered horns without any problem, which frustrates me even more – it seems like they’re generally reliable, but I have no idea what’s going on. According to her deviantart page, Lambency has been having family issues/disability issues. I completely understand that real life kicks you in the butt sometimes, but I feel like communication is important in these kinds of situations, and I haven’t received any kind of communication whatsoever. …It’s also been almost 5 months. 😕 She’s also shipped out other orders as recently as two days ago, none of which are mine (mine would be Terezi - ON, Canada). As of today, I’ve sent another email. To the best of my knowledge, it’s far too late for me to file a paypal complaint for a refund of my money. There are a multitude of comments that she’s hidden on her deviantart as well – I’d be interested in knowing what they said. You can see them if you go back a few pages. *I'm aware that the second-to-last email I sent was kind of douchey of me. I should have phrased myself better. :x EDIT: I received an email back (finally!) and it looks like things are on their way to being resolved. 🙂
  9. I ordered 4 commissions from Artararam before where the commissions were drawn semi professionally without any major problems and everything that I complained in pre-release versions were fixed in the final version of the art pieces. Everything quite normal for a NFSW artist like her. Artararam was never the fastest artist when it comes to draw commissions, the progress was slow, but steady. I usually give artists a period of 1 month before I contact them and ask for updates as this is a reasonable period where a change could be done with the artwork without putting too much stress on the artists. I commissioned Artararam with 2 NSFW art commissions: July, 28th 2019, 1 character (for 40 USD), payment sent July, 29th 2019 to her PayPal address August, 14th 2019, 2 characters (for 90 USD), payment sent the same day to her PayPal address Total: 130 USD I received 2 WIP snapshots of the 1st commission from Artararam as requested at September, 27th and September, 28th. The lineart of commission 1 is done, with a few adjustments and a sketch from me showing what looks wrong because the Artararam is not very good in English. I send her a note at FA at November, 1st 2019 asking if she was able to continue to draw my commissions and I noticed that my note at FA was unread for a long time. Artararam posted a journal at her FA account a few days later (November, 6th 2019). My faith in this artist is a little bit lost. I waited 3 months and contacted them at their Telegram account at January, 19th and January, 20th 2020 and got a very generic answer that "I'll send you all the process I have today or tomorrow morning!". Nothing happened after this date, she didn't answered over Telegram for nearly 3 months from now. I would accept the following solutions: Fully completed, delivered artwork for both commissions Partial or full refund for commission 1 and full refund for commission 2 PS: I struggled a lot before I decided to post here, after I've spoken with other guys that commissioned her. I think her journal sounds reasonable. I'm aware that she is treated by the law of Russia as a homosexual artist, I understand why she escaped from Russia to Ukraine. I can't understand why she wasn't able to get the Ukrainian citizenship before she left Russia and why she doesn't stopped to accept commissions and finish the accepted commissions first. I don't want to destroy her NSFW artist career, but she shows a very unprofessional behavior that I can't really tolerate. ~Ashnu Attachments: Proof commission 1: Proof commission 2: Notes from Artararam for commission 1: FA Journal: Telegram conversation:
  10. I joined snares group for his closed species, apophares, in late August 2019. It was an unfinished and unofficial closed species and I was allowed to make one. After an unrelated personal conflict, snare took away my character, Terra, and resold her without my explicit permission. I contacted him and offered to redesign her from being his species into a bunny, as the species is a rabbit and snake hybrid called apophares. From what I was told I was under the impression snare would keep terra or she would be terminated. I reluctantly sent the art to avoid conflict under this impression. This was not the case. Snare is attempting to sell terra without my permission, and was selling her without crediting the art I made of her. I was willing to work with snare and he refused to come to a consensus with me keeping her despite me frantically apologizing and trying to work with him. I was speaking and working in a calm manner but he refused to let me keep her without even talking to me about why other than I was mean to him, when all I did was leave the group chat. If this was a full blown, complete species with a huge following I’d understand, but this species is not even complete or released to anyone except a few people that are his friends. The rules in the group chat were also not explicitly stated, as it’s a work in progress species, but they still applied fully even though it’s not listed anywhere specific. He also is selling her saying he will give half of the profits to wildfires in Australia, which although that’s a good cause and decision, I feel he’s doing this so if I try to take down his post he can say I support Australia burning, in reality I’m absolutely terrified and think it’s horrific what those people and animals are enduring. Attached are Terra’s original design as an apophare, her edits to be a rabbit, and then a full redesign. I drew both the edited one and the new one, and the ref was made using snare’s lineart (with permission). Videos are of me and snare’s conversation including my apology (although this is not what this beware is about, it’s about terra being sold unfairly). Instagram part is showing snare not crediting my art or design (he later did give me credit but he blocked all my accounts and I had to use the page of my dying cat to be able to contact him, which he then blocked). Telegram is what I was told regarding possession which I both misread and was misinformed of the real truth of what snare would do with her.
  11. Commissioned user Serathus at Deviantart back in 2016. Prior to this the person took two years to complete a commission. With a lack of clarity I commissioned them again and have only had a sketch since. I have sent them emails and notes on Deviantart, all of which have been ignored and said user has posted artwork since my notes. More proof can be provided if necessary. Names are edited out obviously as this was done via email for the last commission. Prior commissions were done over Deviantart. My old username was Katrica, real name edited out (K---) then I swapped to Shayochism and now Sadismancer. Any reference to those usernames is still me.
  12. Paddles had agreed to a commission on June 9/10th of 2019 while in a voice call on discord. I provided my invoice email and follow up explanation for the commissions via DM paid on the 10th, and was told it would only be a few days: After They next day the provided some rough sketches, but after that there was no correspondence. In July of this year I sent an email asking about a potential refund, as it was the only recourse to message her as I no longer shared a discord server with her and she disabled her Twitter DM. I couldn't contact her otherwise. There has been no response even after a month.
  13. I have gotten a portion of this commission, but not all or even half of it. On August 21st, 2019, I stumbled across an advertisement for cheap experimental commissions. I was new to the community, and seeing some cheap art in a cute style did catch my interest as i didn't have much money at the time. I reached out on the same day to inquire about commissions.. Here is the advert- it is still up, actually. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32748027/ I will include a screenshot as well. I comment on the post saying I would note them, and then I note them and I asked how many slots I could take, because I would get multiple slots if so. (I wanted to get my partner some too.) The artist replied back the next day. I reply back the same day and I grab 10 slots. The note is really long and filled with links for references so I figured I would only show the beginning with the amount of slots. Also, i include the end of the note where i confirm the price. I planned on tipping them at least double the commission prices after receiving the products since they were doing so much work. They reply the same night. I figured since I noted the same day the original submission was posted, i would be one of the first people since the advert did not have a lot of views, so i thought maybe 2-6 weeks somewhere i could expect at least one of the pieces. I have included a screenshot of my payment via paypal. I paid on the same night that they sent their paypal, August 22nd. I sent them a note just after I paid. They sent me a note back. I sent them a note after just thanking them again a few minutes after that note. The next little while they posted some of the experimental artwork that they had done, and it all looked nice so I looked forward to mine. On September 3rd, I was adding all the commissions I was owed onto a personal Trello and I realized i never got an estimate from them for tunaround time. I estimated i would start getting pieces at 2-6 weeks after payment, and they said it may take a while but they also go through them fast, so I figured it would be best to get an estimate for clarity's sake. So, I sent them the note. I didn't hear back from them until the 11th of September (8 days later). I thought about poking them again during the wait time but decided against it in case something serious came up. Note that their queue was never made public. They thanked me for my patience, and I sent back a note simply saying "No worries!" in reply. I left them alone for the next 4 and a half (nearly 5) months, since I know school can be stressful during the fall months, and the holidays occured. After the holidays, I allowed them some time before I reached out on January 22nd, 2020 to ask if there were any updates on my commissions. 2 weeks/14 days later, on February 5th, 2020, I receive a note back from them. The day of the week was Wednesday. The same day i reply, The artist reads my note but does not reply. The week comes and goes, which turns into two weeks, a month, and then 5 months. I didn't think too much about it with the virus being big, but I also wished i had some progress shown on the commissions that I purchased. I join Artfight 2020, and I notice that they have a profile, and that they are actively posting. This is the only site I had really seen them be active on in a while, and of course, when you have commissions that are nearly a year old and you see someone doing free art for others when they haven't been communicating with you, it can be kind of disheartening. I wrote out a long note and I sent it on their FA on July 5th, but they never read it. (not even to this day.) So on the same day, I decide to copy the message (this is why the text looks weird in the email) and send it to their email in hopes that i would get a reply. They reply a couple days later. I send a reply. They reply back. I send a reply back. That concluded our conversation at the time. I waited throughout July for my pieces or any communication, but none came. I even game them nearly two weeks into August just as a courtesy, but then i sent an email on August 13th. I never get a reply. I wait until the end of the month, and the date passes of my year of waiting for the commissions. I still do not have a reply. I send another email on September 2nd. Overall, I have nothing awful to say about this artist! They are nice, but they have issues with communication and following through on dates. I do like the pieces that I got, but I just wish i had all of them after over a year of waiting. I would still be willing to wait if they reached out to me at all and I didn't have to be the one to always reach out.
  14. I commissioned iRoxyKun for a $40 chibi image on 7/20/2020, following a trade (iRoxyKun had offered art for a character on my Toyhouse, and had completed the trade quickly). After discussing the commission details and providing references, I paid iRoxyKun $40 that day. At this time, they stated that their current turnaround time was 2-4 weeks. (Image 1) On 8/19/2020, I noted iRoxyKun on Toyhouse, as I had not received any communications or updates since payment. They responded within two minutes, stating that they had not been feeling well, and had not begun work on my commission. On 9/4/2020, over five weeks from my purchase, I began to look at their other accounts to see if they were alright. I found that they had decided to discontinue doing any commission work and were going to finish their current queue. Seeing as my piece had not been started, I contacted them to offer opening a refund, as I thought this would relieve them of more work. A few hours later, iRoxyKun responded, refusing a refund due to a lack of funds. (Image 2) I gave iRoxyKun an ultimatum: deliver a response, plan, or sketch within two weeks, or I would begin the chargeback process with PayPal. Though iRoxyKun read my note on Toyhouse, they did not offer a response. Wanting to find information on what was going on, I went to their art Twitter. Here I found that on 8/9/2020, they were offering commissions for FFXIV items. On 8/20/2020. they opened for three $25 sketches. During the duration of 7/20/2020 to 9/11/2020, I had not received any work, or any indication that my piece would be finished. On 9/11/2020, I sent a final notice: if iRoxyKun did not communicate with me by the afternoon of 9/12/2020, I would issue a charge back. I had initially offered a two week deadline, but iRoxyKun had never responded to my asking for a plan of action or progress on the piece. The night of 9/11/2020, they issued my money back, along with the attached note. (Images 3 and 4). I have received the amount I paid back in full, however I would advise against working with this artist, due to a lack of professional communication, lack of respect for deadlines, and their actions in taking on more and more work on top of their current queue. (Please note that due to the newest-at-top message format of Toyhouse, these images read bottom to top, except for Image 4)
  15. I had paid for a 5 Stage TF Sequence about 2 years ago for Sindaj to do with my OC. At first it was being worked on and about three of the stages were finished, but then after that, it was delay after delay after delay. On top of that, the artist would try to compensate financial losses in their life by trying to make adoptables and the like instead of focusing on the waiting list of commissioners, even giving priority to those that would donate to them on Ko-Fi to do doodles for. At this point I gave up on trying to ask for any refunds from them.
  16. This was my first art commission I payed so I don't have much experience in doing these commissions. So, I commissioned a speedpaint of a OC of mine for $150 that would include a cum version variant. We agreed upon a half up front and a half later when they finish payment. I provided some references and I also sketch my OC in a certain pose I want. They provided me with a sketch of how it would look like before they worked on it. There were a few edits and comments on what they should fix on my OC. There were gaps of no communication from the artist, but they responded back later with them saying they were really busy which was understandable. m March 24 was the last time they responded back to my post. I know its COVID 19 and people have some IRL personal problems, but it would be nice if they told me or sent some kind of proof they were working on my art piece.
  17. On July 24th 2018, I messaged Leone on Furry Amino asking if he had anymore slots left since he's an artist that I've commissioned several times before with no issue. So, I assumed that there would be no problems this time either and that all should go well, and I decided on a $57 half-body commission. An invoice was sent to me the next day (25th) and paid in full. I followed up with another message on August 10th asking if the commission could be changed to a different character if he hadn't started on it yet, which was OK'd and I provided a reference for the new character I wanted it to be of. Some messages are left out due to irrelevancy, since we were on friendly terms and would chit-chat about things unrelated to my commission in-between things. A character name is also censored due to them (the character) no longer belonging to or being associated with me. This is where the gaps in communication began. I didn't hear from him again until a month later (September 18th) but was aware of IRL issues that he had been experiencing at the time, so I didn't mind being patient and waiting as long as he needed. After September 18th, I didn't hear from him again until October 2nd and apologized in case a username change on my end had caused any confusion. He stated having more issues, so I didn't want to cause him any additional stress and was content to continue waiting. After October, I didn't hear from him again until November 9 and was made aware of a post that pertained to his IRL happenings and why the delays were happening. So, again, I was content to wait as long as needed and didn't hear from him again until January of this year when I was the one to reach out and message him on the 4th & 7th. I was becoming less active on Amino at this current time, so our conversation switched over to Twitter DMs after this point. I was told that my commission had been completed and that the file had simply been misplaced, although I never received or saw any WIPs of it prior to this whereas I had been sent WIPs every other time I've commissioned him. I tried to remain as understanding as possible and politely asked for a refund. After speaking with him on January 7th & 8th, I then heard from him on the 15th and was given a partial refund since he stated being unable to deliver the finished commission to me due to problems with his computer. Was also told that he was having issues with misplacing completed commissions in general. I was happy to receive an update and partial refund of my commission, but then another large gap ensued where there was no further communication from him until March. After March, I didn't hear from him until three months later (this past) June when I was the one to message him asking for another update. I mentioned that I wouldn't mind commissioning him again sometime regardless of the issues concerning this particular transaction, since I do love his work and had always had pleasant experiences working with him prior to this. Details were discussed, and I decided that I would be fine with a newer character of mine being drawn rather than receiving the remainder of my refund. I was updated on June 19th and told that he would be beginning work on it and also saw that he had simultaneously posted an opening for more slots on Amino. I was more hopeful that my commission would be completed this time considering that I did receive a sketch, but this hasn't been the case seeing as he's completed everyone else's commissions for the batch he just took mid-June excluding mine, which is something that I've been waiting on for almost a year now. I've received no further updates since July 8th and am somewhat frustrated with this and feel guilty about pressing for more updates, because I'm a very quiet and anxious person. I still have yet to receive the finished commission or any updated WIPs beyond the sketch.
  18. In 2018, I approached Sparkles about getting a fursuit commission from her. For various reasons, this fell through, but I did ask if she made custom plushes instead. She seemed to be excited at the idea and we quickly set to work planning it out. On May 5th, 2018, satisfied that what we'd planned was something we were both happy with, I sent Sparkles £200 to cover the entire cost of the commission. I was told I would get regular updates on the commission progress, but that it would take a few months to finish. Over the course of the next year, I would ask about the progress of the plush, and was told she'd had difficulties finding materials, and that she had a lot of commissions to work throigh and was working through her backlog slowly. We didn't only discuss the commission, as we were friends, and at this point in time I wasn't particularly concerned. On March 19th, I finally heard back from her in regards to the plush - I was next in line to be finished after another she was working on. I was told work would begin in the next month or so. I heard practically nothing about the plush after this, until I reached out between August 31st 2019 and October 10th 2019. She finally responded on October 28th to apologise for the delay. I offered the possibility of a partial refund, but she seemed to prefer trying to finish the plush, though she didn't rule a refund out. In January of 2020, my housing situation took a turn and I ended up having to ask Sparkles if she could refund me asap to help me out in the interrim. She agreed, and said she'd get it together in the next few weeks - but I never received anything. By April, my housing situation was a lot better, and I let her know the refund was no longer as urgent. However, I continued to ask her about the status of getring the funds together. For a while, she left my messages unread, including an FA note, though she finally responded on July 6th 2020, apologised and told me she'd lost my messages in the midst of her telegram being busy. I wss told the refund would be sorted out in the next few weeks. As of writing, this was the last day I received any correspondece from Sparkles. I continued messaging her about the refund, and shd has left my messages unread since then. in the end, I told her that all I wanted was closure - that I figured I would not see this money again, and that I just wanted to have her tell me as much. I have heard nothing back from her.
  19. **THIS BEWARE CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT** Commissioning Lenex I have commissioned Lenex in the past and was very happy with his work. His work is high quality and he’s very reasonably priced. I bought my slot in May of 2017, Lenex was very fast responding to my emails and after I paid Lenex told me the slot was mine. Proof of Lenex confirming my slot: https://i.gyazo.com/8146060f8528ebf0b5d6b23f0c4b3777.png Proof me paying Lenex: https://i.gyazo.com/b8870641506f235efbda00f96d828201.png No Contact and few FA updates. After this...Uploads on Lenex’s FA began to slow to a crawl. I would see maybe one finished commission a month posted. This was often backlog from 2016. The only updates I ever saw from Lenex were him often opening his queue again. Explaining he needed rent, understandable. But after taking another bulk of comic commissions, Lenex would seemingly vanish for another month. He did this every month. Open the queue, vanish, open the queue vanish. And so on. This behaviour started to concern me, but I tried to stay positive. One of Lenex’s last major updates was him asking if anybody would be willing to ‘float’ their commission. This meant they would be willing to wait an undisclosed amount of time for their product. I opted for this, as I felt sorry for Lenex’s heavy workload beginning to get on top of him. I'm afraid I've no proof of this beyond an email I sent to Lenex confirming I am willing to wait. At one point, Lenex even asked some people to opt for refunds rather than getting their work. He admits both will be timely processes though. Lenex taking on more commissions via journals every month: https://i.gyazo.com/9959aaf4e22c36efa121511417e829ea.png Lenex asking people to be refunded instead.: https://i.gyazo.com/7f8fa0b5aab76a24c961aaab0634c0c0.png My email to Lenexwants: https://i.gyazo.com/72dd9e553fb0b9f6412b5d0bfc8ba864.png Lenex cancels all Commissions In June of 2018 Lenex posted an update informing everybody he would be transforming all commissions into artistic freedom, or receive a refund. This was due to Lenex no longer wishing to draw graphic artwork featuring non consensual acts. This upset many people who expressed their frustration at this sudden change. Nobody had been given any notice nor would their old commissions from 2016/17 be honoured despite being commissioned before this sudden change of ToS. At this point I was tempted to get a refund. Even though my commission would not be affected by this new change of ToS as it did not contain noncon/gore. I decided against this as judging by the few updates Lenex posted to FA were money worries, I felt a refund would be more tedious than waiting for my product. I filled in lenex’s new commission form and sent my email. I was put back into his queue. After this update, Lenex ceased to post all together. Lenex's new commission form (warning: contains NSFW imagery and mentions of fetish): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27543789/ Lenex apologises and retracts his new rule. 3 Months ago, after 5 months of further silence on his FA. Lenex posted a journal apologising for his lack of organisation and handling of commissions. Lenex at this point had responded to a note I had sent him asking for a previous commission to be removed for personal reasons. This was the first time Lenex had spoken to me since first buying the slot in 2017. Lenex disabled comments on this journal admitting in the journal he didn't wish to get any kind of backlash. A link to the journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8933648/ (in case of deletion, a screencap) https://i.gyazo.com/e143de4d13d211b43d5eec992b3aaf4d.png I cannot provide proof of the note as the account I noted Lenex on is disabled and I've since lost my credentials to it I'm afraid. If Ican break into it I will post it if mods deem it relevant. No contact still On 20/1/2019 I sent Lenex an email asking for an ATA on my two year standing commission. As of 12/2/2019 I have still had no response from him. My email to Lenex: https://i.gyazo.com/c50b3b3eaa404ff98ff8467b62af06ea.png Final comments I feel saddened it has come to this as I have been a fan of Lenex’s work since 2014. I do not like writing complaints. I feel I've been more than patient with Lenex but now I feel myself and many of Lenex’s customers have simply been used as loans to pay for rent and put onto uncertain waiting lists with no communication and now Lenex has taken on far too much to handle. While I do feel for Lenex who clearly has had some hardships the last year or so, the complete lack of communication between both myself and all his other custom has pushed me to write this as a warning for anybody interested in this kind of artwork.
  20. I had given him money for a commission, however he made a few concerning posts that made me want to get a refund. He posted that he would refund, but when I messaged him he became hateful and refused to refund me.
  21. This happened back in 2017. I only recently learned that this website exists, so I decided to share my story. But first, a brief trip 2 years earlier, to 2015. Back in 2015, I ordered a hoodie from Dalmy for $80, and it was delivered a few months later at Anthrocon 2015 with no issues. Fantastic. 2 years later, in 2017, I placed an order for a second hoodie from him, but the price had jumped to $200. Okay, no problem. I paid him in person at his Dealer Table at Anthro New England 2017 and was told verbally that the lead time would be 2-3 weeks. Here is the line item from American Express’s website and the email receipt from Square: On February 6, 2018, I sent a note via the form at http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/contact/ inquiring about current status of hoodie. I have no record of receiving a reply. On March 1st, 2017, I emailed a note to dalmy@dalmydodat.com asking about the hoodie. 3 days later, I got a bounce back: On March 9th, 2017, I pinged Dalmy on Telegram with my measurements, did not receive a response. I do not believe the Telegram name is public, so I probably should not share a screenshot as per this website’s guidelines. On March 11th, 2017, I checked his Twitter feed and saw that he posted a video on February 21st, 2017 that he would be shutting down. I replied to his tweet inquiring about my commission, and he assured me that my commission would still be completed: Source: https://archive.vn/DcR1j The refund form referenced was here: http://archive.is/nvm9Q This was the followup email I also sent on March 11th, 2017: I did not get a reply. Strangely enough, 5 months later on July 26th 2017, he posted that he was taking a fursuit commission for a minimum of $1600: Source: http://archive.is/RmLAS He then went on to say that it would be his “final commission” “for the foreseeable future”, which contradicts his previous statement to me that my commission would be completed: Source: http://archive.is/etfFJ On September 24th, 2017, I sent him a DM in inquiring about a refund and on October 25th, 2017 he replied asking for the "SquareCash information” so he could refund me. I replied on the same day with the email address the statement had been sent to. 1 month later on November 26th, I followed up again, asking about the refund. No answer was received. Screenshot of that conversation: I originally paid in person with my AmEx, the window in which to file a chargeback is approximately 60 days from when the charge appears on my statement, so we were well past that point. I have written off the $200 as a loss.
  22. Hello there, I am Kitteh6660 and I'd thought I would share a bad experience with what I had with the artist. As of the time of writing, I never received the icon and the artist likely has forgotten about that. It all started out back in June 2018 when I saw an offer for a cute icon and I'd thought, why not? A cheap art for a cute icon I would use for my profile. It all started out by sending notes and discussing what I wanted: an icon of me drinking a root beer. Innocent and simple, right? It's the type of icon that could be finished in a relatively short time. I paid the invoice back then and hoped for the art to come. I even got a WIP but then it abruptly never got finished. And the WIPs are deleted for some reason. Unfortunately, it's way past the 6 month deadline for a refund so that is no longer possible. The WIPs were deleted. Sadly. I once had contact of her on Discord but the text message logs just vanished and I can no longer retrieve the messages. She once had a server but it was also deleted. I don't think she's even on Discord anymore. I know $7.00 USD isn't a lot but I am very upset. I am a forgiving person but if I can ever get the finished artwork, I'd completely forgive her. Her FA profile but she seems to no longer be active as her last activity seems to be a year ago: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sinnamon-queen As of today, I never even got the artwork and none of the submissions on my gallery are from her. It's supposed to be a headshot commission with a root beer.
  23. Heyo! I wasn't intending to post a PSA at first but matters have forced my hand, and I find it now prudent to let the community know how unwise it may be to work with Quillcoil. I left a comment on her journal and was blocked in turn. As someone who Quillcoil actually owes art to, this is very unprofessional and concerning and I felt I now needed to make a PSA to let others know. The artist in question: Quillcoil (DA) / Shey (TH) In July 2017 I ordered a chibi commission and two customs: https://sta.sh/06y4mlv2s93 I've contacted her a few times in the intervening period, and eventually got the chibi in 2018: https://sta.sh/013dxcdz98o5 https://sta.sh/01llc40ojw9k https://www.deviantart.com/quillcoil/art/Nudi-738254656 https://sta.sh/02gj2l4qm3qh https://gyazo.com/1ec06c4e0af19e31596f830a6d796b9f It is now August 2020 and today, Quillcoil posted this status, which has since been deleted: https://www.deviantart.com/quillcoil/journal/Do-Not-Note-Me-853152907 (screenshot) I posted two (admittedly) irate comments owing to the frustration of my own situation as a customer who has been owed work for 3 years now and have little to no updates, and was blocked: https://gyazo.com/342e738332532c73da2f3e8d49361269 As you can see, Quillcoil has owed a lot of people artwork, and today, blocked one of the customers. The artist does not have a public work list, and their work ethic and communication concerning owed artworks is questionable and concerning. I recommend that people do not commission this artist and to be wary of transactions with them. The artist left an indirect response to the commenters on the journal nearly an hour later with their reasoning for their lack of communication and poor work ethic, as can be seen in this screenshot: https://sta.sh/0p20wjlw8wt
  24. Oct. 8th, 2011 at 3:21 AM shestah WHO: Donryu of FA / Catboyd of DA / Donovan WHERE: The agreement actually took place in person at the art institute of atlanta. WHAT: It was for a heavy duty trade on a pretty large scale. A poster sized painting of a scene from his novel. It was Digital. We agreed in the beginning of the winter quarter of 2006, roughly mid January. We had both agreed upon a large exchange. He was going to do two of my characters full color in traditional media, while I was doing a scene from his novel roughly 30" x 40" 400 dpi. An image that I would have charged $200 for if it were a commission. I completed my end in July of 2006.took a little over 40hrs. This was his response: http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/8607/approvalcomments.png Over the next few years, I would ask him about his end every now and then, but he was always having a really hard time with life, or something really big was going on. I felt bad asking, so I let it go for a while. In 2009 I believe, my friends who were present when we initially made the deal to trade started urging me to contact him about it. So at the FWA convention, I asked him again. Life seemed to have gotten a bit worse for him. My friend Kelly thought he was just giving me the brush off again, since he was there and had all his art supplies with him. So we decided that we would give him a poke about it the next day. When we came by his table, he was busy coloring commissions for people. I was going to go back, since I get really nervous very easily, and he wasn't acknowledging us anyway, but Kelly greeted him and started talking with him about it. I felt bad that life wasn't treating him well, since I've been there myself. So when I looked at the art he was doing, I asked if maybe he would just do me one of the badges he was working on instead of the actual trade. I figured this would make life easier for him. He said sure. So I left it at that. I left a few reminders on his DA page during the next year, but no response. The next year, or the year after that (I seriously can't remember if it was 2010 or 2011) I went to his table and asked him about it again. This time, he said he was busy traveling conventions, and said he would not have access to anything but pencil and pen. So I would have to wait. My friend, now agitated with me for waiting so long, urged me to say something more. I brought up the fact that it had been many years, and he sort of went very quiet. It felt really awkward, so I wished him well and went back to my own table again... While at my table, a few artists told me he had no intention of doing any art in exchange for the painting I did. I told them that Donovan promised to do at least something this year. They all had a good laugh at my expense, then told me I should charge him as if it were a commission. I didn't take this seriously at first. Eight months later, after just watching him visit my page every once in a long while, I sent him this note: http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/4103/notetocatboyd.png his Response: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1672/catboydresponse1.png It felt like every other time I talked to him, and this time, I sort of felt like he really was trying to blow me off again. So I responded with a bit more force, something I have never done. http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/4850/shayresponse2.png And my friends were right, because that note got me blocked from responding to him. I can no longer send him notes on DA at this point. But he still responded to me. http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/1080/catboydrespond3.png That was a blow. I probably shouldn't have kept at him in my second note, but I'm feeling really frustrated. After sharing the notes with the friends who were there during all the times I tried to talk to him, I ended up sending him a note on another website called FA in order to respond to him. Because there is really nothing more frustrating than someone calling you a liar then blocking your ability to respond. http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/4621/finalnote.png I sort of feel bad for my last note to him, since I wrote that while I was upset. I know that's just the worst thing you can do online, and I wish I hadn't done it. I really need to better control my frustration. I assume this will be our last correspondence, since I am blocked from commenting on his pages. As I stated in my note, I have just added him to my list of unpaid commissioners. If my notes were really out there and rude, please let me know, it was never my intention, since as far as I knew, we were friends. I guess I really just have to look at this as a loss. I'm not trying to say he is a bad person, or ruin his life in any way by posting this. I just want to post my experience. It's been very difficult, and I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I just received another note from Donovan after he had come across this page. http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/2074/donovanreplynew.png This is the badge/Icon he linked me: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/3198/unled2hr.png I appreciate the effort, but he blocked me without asking for a ref of one of my characters, and has gotten it wrong. The name is also unfortunately wrong :C and, it seems to be digital... He is calling it a badge, but it is just one of the icons he is offering on FA. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6570479 All considering, I am actually just thankful for a much nicer reply and the unblock My reply: http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/5136/myreplyagain.png I hope my reply was not overly rude :C This is ongoing at the moment. Also, I would like to once again make sure that no one bothers him or notes him regarding this issue. I really frown upon harassment of any kind.
  25. I purchased this YCH in January 2020. I received one single update of a sketch, as shown, and that's it. I tried to be friendly, I tried to remind them and encourage and support them. But now it's been 3 months and I haven't gotten anything. I added them via Discord months ago and they never responded even though on their profile they have their email and discord "linked to their phone" and to contact them there. So I did but no response. Having 3 month old messages unopened and sitting in my outbox is getting under my skin since I paid $120 for it but nothing has been done. I sent the last message today, I can't even get a refund via PayPal because it's been too long. I'm at the end of my rope with sympathy and understanding at this point. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33717875/
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