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  • Beware: Ravinghachi/Neotoxin Wolf/Skittles/hellishballoffur

    • Who: Ravinghachi, Neotoxin Wolf, Skittles, hellishballoffur
      Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ravinghachi/
      Saboten Con 2012 - https://www.sabotencon.com/
      When: 09/06/2012
      What: Item Trade

    Originally posted on March 29, 2013 by mottenfest

    Mod note: As 


    Who: Ravinghachi/Neotoxin Wolf/Skittles/hellishballoffur
    Website: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ravinghachi/
    Where: Saboten Convention 2012
    What: Trade-RavingHachi was to supply two conbadges as payment for a premade fursuit tail.
    When: September 2012
    Proof: Screenshots will be Provided below

    1. While at Saboten2012 I was selling a few things at a mini flea market the con had going on Saturday night. Among the things I was selling was a fursuit tail. Ravinghachi approached me asking if I would trade art the tail. An agreement was reached, and she left with the tail.

    2. I sent her the details for the badges when I got home. The original note can be seen here (this is the 'lots of details' image) which has links and a detailed description outlining what I specifically wanted for the badges.



    3. On November 2nd I received this reply that progress was excellent and she could drop them off if we set up a place to meet. During the holiday season it's really difficult for me have to for meeting people, so I asked for a scan. She said her scanner was broken, but had been uploading a lot of photos during that time. I asked if it was possible for her to send a photo of the badges.


    4. On November 26th she sent me a note saying she was going to post my badge that night, but days went by and the scan wasn't posted.

    5. On November 30th she responded the same day with a link to the badge (screenshot here). This is the badge that was posted. It's cute and all, but not really what I had asked for. In my reply I tried to politely express my concern for the lack of second badge and my description not being followed. She told me the second badge was still being worked on. I tried to figure out what to do about the first badge being incorrect and communication ceased.



    6. I then saw her wearing the tail at TaiyouCon (Jan 4-6) while working at my dealer's table. Unfortunately I was unable to talk to her in person.

    7. On Jan 8th I sent her a note which was read within 24 hrs, but has not been answered. That note can be seen here.



    8. I left another comment on her page of Feb 23rd (screenshot here from my nexus). When I checked back tonight she had deleted it, with no answer to me at all (screenshot here). She responded by saying she didn't see/delete the comments. (I seem to have misplaced that screenshot.) I asked again for the money she owes me, she told me she had to use her mother's paypal because she didn't have one.



    9. I waited again with no contact, so I left another comment on her front page. Her responses are here. She says her Paypal money was stolen, and that's why she can't pay me.



    10. I noted her as mentioned, this is the final note I sent, which was read, before making this post.


    Here's the entire album of screenshots, since there are too many to post above.

    (Mod note: No other relevant to beware images were in this LiveJournal image folder at the time of archiving this post.)

    EDIT: 4/22/13 My account has been blocked. [screenshot] I'm obviously not getting my money or anything else from this artist.


    TL:DR RavingHachi and I agreed to a trade at Saboten2012: my $60 tail for two conbadges by her. After being given specific instructions, she did one of the badges which did not follow the guidelines set. After I mentioned to her that it wasn't right, she flipped out on me and stopped answer my messages. After trying to contact her again she blocked me and deleted my comments, then proceeded to tell people 'it was settled and she had paid me'. This isn't true: she still has the tail, and I didn't receive either of the conbadges.

    EDIT: 3/20/2014 I have not been compensated for the tail as of this writing, contrary to what this she is currently telling people.

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