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  • Beware: @DrakonicKnight

    • Who: DrakonicKnight
      Where: https://twitter.com/DrakonicKnight
      When: 01/16/2019
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I am currently awaiting a refund on a fursuit comission that was taken on in 2019.

    It was paid in installments before it was started. I paid one (1) upgrade fee for the markings and then one (1) rush fee with an optional tip to get my suit finished faster. After a large amount of time passing due to the pandemic and problems on the makers end, after multiple requests for updates, I have requested a refund on the 5th of January 2021. Only then was I shown evidence that my fursuit had been started. After a few requests my most recent message from them was on the 12th of May 2021 and despite seeing my messages they have not yet responded.

    I am extreamly hopeful I will get my money refunded as they seem honest with their intent but this has gone on for over 2 years and I can no longer afford to wait. 

    Pictured is the conversation begining where the commision was accepted, discussion of the upgrade fee, discussion of rush fee, when the suit should be started, requesting a refund,the most recent messages sent by me and pictures of Paypal invoices sent and paid.


    how much for fullsuit.jpg

    how long.jpg



    rush fee.jpg






    cancel please.jpg

    body pictured.jpg


    body suit.jpg

    actual end.jpg

    Payments made.jpg

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    added updated caps

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    I hate to say this but I'm really not surprised to see a beware on DK finally go up. My last few orders with them, I had to frequently message them daily to have my items shipped a month or two after the claimed finish/ship date, and even then it would take about a week before the package would get dropped off once the tracking  was provided. I'm surprised to see that they're working on suits but I'm disappointed, their work is gorgeous and this is such a blow. I hope to see them pick up the ball and get back into good business practices again. I  hope you get your refund!

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    Im having the same issue with them now. About to make a beware myself t try to warn people. Im still waiting for my resin base. Its been months and constant messaging. 

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