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  1. Filing a lawsuit for harassment because you didn't receive what you order and thus want your money back? Hm... ...why not? With all the evidence you have accumulated here, it should be easy to convince the law that she stole your money and thus you are justified in getting refunded. Maybe she will think twice before pulling such a stunt once she has a criminal record.
  2. The customer not responding is taken as an approval? Looks like the artist mixed something up here. A client not answering is regarded as "Not approved", since they can't be expected to know all laws regarding transactions and such. It's an entirely different case if the other party is a company. At least as far as I know. But regardless of that: darn, one of those types who are personally offended if one dislikes their work.
  3. Seriously, won't PayPal get curious of someone who seems to do an unusually high number of chargebacks?
  4. You can try of course, though getting back in contact isn't guaranteed. Still better than just let her go with essentially stealing money.
  5. Can only the user himself disable the profile or moderators too? Regardless, I think we can assume that the artist has found this beware.
  6. Looking at their comments section, it seems that you are not the only one who she ignores. Apparently keeping up communication is a problem for the artist. 😕
  7. I agree that you don't buy an artist's friendship by commissioning them. Pretty sure everyone does. But I've read the above post and I think that the amount of friendly chatter is pretty "harmless". Especially since the artist himself got quite personal later on in order to explain his own situation. Personally I think a bit friendly chatter here and there just to create a friendly atmosphere is okay (Just like some staff members do at some stores) as long as it doesn't get out of hand and the majority is still focused on the commission. In the end we're humans, not robots.
  8. Given how often the "My brother/sister/friend did it!"-excuse is used when appealing bans on servers, I call nonsense on that and he's just trying to avoid taking responsibilty for his behaviour.
  9. This man surely knows how to create an enjoyable experience in working with him. He is always pleasant, responses quickly and if he isn't available currently, he will remember you - even over the course of months, where most artists likely would have to be contacted again. His skills enable him to perform every outlandish modification to machines, including paint and logos. And to a very fair price. Finally, in the case of mistakes caused by miscommunication, he will do changes for free. Multiple times. Just look at this machine: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30634656/
  10. Well darn. Then yes, you're definitely out of your money and art now. Now I think the best you can hope for is that she'll come back one day to properly refund you, as she seemed genuinely sorry. Nevertheless, I wish you the best luck for that. ?
  11. Uuuuuuh... At least she admitted that she stole from you instead of simply ignoring you, I suppose... ? But in all seriousness though: Given her comment that her mother can't buy DA-points for her, can it be that the artist is a minor who isn't allowed to use services like PayPal? In that case I'm afraid you're not going to see anything from her. ?
  12. Looks to me like they were attempting to scam you by receiving the story before payment was made and when that didn't work, simply bailed.
  13. Something tells me that the artist lacks the understanding of what a business transaction is and which laws apply here. Maybe fursuiting is art, but it stops being art once money is involved. Should she ever be pulled into a lawsuit against her, I would really like to know how her lawyer and judge would react if she claims "It's art, so I can do whatever I want as long as it keeps me happy".
  14. I tell the artists I commission that they don't need to rush as well. Though with that I mean "You don't have to hurry, no need to dedicate all your free time just to my commission and I'm fine with waiting", and not "Feel free to put my commission on the shelf until you feel like it and do other ones instead". Though I would ask nicely first why my commission was pushed back. But good to know that "no rush" can also be interpreted differently. As I see it here, and if both sides are telling the truth, then both haven't exactly covered themselves in glory, since both were pretty aggr
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