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  1. Something tells me that the artist lacks the understanding of what a business transaction is and which laws apply here. Maybe fursuiting is art, but it stops being art once money is involved. Should she ever be pulled into a lawsuit against her, I would really like to know how her lawyer and judge would react if she claims "It's art, so I can do whatever I want as long as it keeps me happy".
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    I tell the artists I commission that they don't need to rush as well. Though with that I mean "You don't have to hurry, no need to dedicate all your free time just to my commission and I'm fine with waiting", and not "Feel free to put my commission on the shelf until you feel like it and do other ones instead". Though I would ask nicely first why my commission was pushed back. But good to know that "no rush" can also be interpreted differently. As I see it here, and if both sides are telling the truth, then both haven't exactly covered themselves in glory, since both were pretty aggressive at times. Of couse, overall it's a communication issue, but nevertheless, the heated conversations don't make me confident in either commissioning the artist, or receiving one from the client (If I would be an artist myself).