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Found 1 result

  1. On May 22nd 2018 (could be a couple days before i don't remember if i paid the same day as the commission request) i approached this artist for a commission of me and a friend. all went good and we spoke about the details, i paid 85 USD and they would get started, ofcourse it could be that they had a list going on but i didn't see it on their page so i just waited. I am not someone who send a lot of notes if i get updates but i didn't hear anything in a while so i noted the artist to ask how the commission was coming along ( wich you can see in screenshot "Note 1 and the only reply i got") i thought they would send me the WIP so i thought nothing much of it, looking back i should have asked myself to send the screenshot. i also wanted to respect the fact they were taking care of medical issues for their mother. after another while i send another note to wich i didn't get a reply so i thought they were just busy. after another amount of send notes to wich i didn't get any reply (wich you can see in "the notes with dates, unread note and my last notes" i have no idea what i did to get a silent treatment as the only things i said can be seen here in the notes ( maybe i was to blunt ? i don't know) friends recommended me i should make an artist beware. i also can't get my money back since i waited to long to ask for a refund and the limit on the refund for paypal is over too already. I also know they are pretty active on their discord server and do regular freebies and requests. Here is my paypal transcript showing i really paid for it. I can't get a hold of them as they do not even read my notes. At this point i'm really not sure what to do, should i keep reaching out or just accept the fact i won't be getting art or any money back ?
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