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  1. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    I dont think this is at all resolved, becuase after i told Kircai that i did NOT want a refund, but everyone was telling me to get one (and he himself said both in private and in this very thread i could ask for one at any time), so after i said that everyone was telling me to get a refund he jsut sent one, and has now posted this: I 'threatened' a chargeback? I told out outright i DIDNT WANT A REFUND, and then you follow this up with: You literally sent the money back for the SOLE PURPOSE of playing victim, after i told you I DID NOT WANT A REFUND.
  2. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    I attempted to have a civil conversation to resolve this, Kircai decided to throw around more accusations, accused me of wanting to be friends so he would draw me free porn, then he sent an unprompted refund and blocked me, his final message being "I am literally a fetish porn artist dude." I guess its over now? im not happy about any of this honestly. The artist clearly didnt want to resolve this in any meaningful way, and if i had wanted a refund i would have asked. This feels like a hollow attempt to make me leave him alone.
  3. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    Also, i triple checked jsut to be sure, i never called the art half-assed, i said the final pic didn't represent what was commissioned.
  4. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    Just want to point out that kircai has completely scrapped the entire commission and posted this to twitter: https://twitter.com/Kircai_Art/status/1081361530753564672 " Commissioner called their commission that I was damn proud of 'half-assed,' so screw 'em! " That is clearly in contradiction to what has been said in this very thread, and he has used the original commission to make his own art now.
  5. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    You never gave any form of progress updates, or even a sketch to approve, how could i have 'offered support' regarding the pics? You also blocked me before i even had a chance to view the pic as i was at work on my phone during the entire exchange.
  6. gubaguy

    Beware: Kircai

    Let me clarify some things, i didnt 'reach out' because the last attempt to talk to you, you told me NOT to bug you and stated you didnt even have a reason. Next, a tweet is a public message, one for everyone to see, i tweeted at you BECAUSE of how you treated me before. Its very clear based on this very response where you literally state outright you based your opinion on what OTHERS said about me that you were unwilling to listen regardless of what i said, and by the way, I did apologize for making you feel rushed, YOU refused to accept it, and those tweets you are referencing came AFTER you refused to accept the apology and after you blocked me AND do not name you specifically, in fact outside of naming you as one of 3 artists who owed me art your name was never mentioned at all. I am not happy about this situation, but this behavior is just unacceptable in my opinion, i made every attempt to diffuse the situation peacefully, but you decided to just get mad at me and ignore the facts.
  7. On September 21st of 2018 Kircai posted a journal, that has long since been deleted, offering up "Nintendo Themed Commissions" I jumped at the chance to get one, requesting a pic of my sona dressed as Majoras Mask link while also having been regressed with Skull kid/Majora teasing him about playing the song of time too many times. The finalized pic did NOT represent this, and Kircai was very rude towards me, neglected to give any form of progress pics or sketches, and ended up blocking me so i couldn't let him know i was displeased with the final product. This was the final pic: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xj12f7dtxwgx7g/Nintendo - Guba 2.png?dl=0 The only proof i have of him accepting the commission is the paypal transaction: https://i.imgur.com/bvAAR6U.png No further notes or messages were exchanged, other then a comment form him saying he had received payment and would get to work right away on the journal he has since deleted. I opted not to bother Kircai for over a month, as a previous attempt to speak to him resulted in a very rude response and him telling me not to bother him. After a month of not hearing anything from him I tweeted at him asking about the pic, he gave the following reasoning for not giving any updates: https://i.imgur.com/42WFwuF.jpg Everything seemed fine, he gave a reason for being delayed, wasn't rude, and said he would have an update 'tomorrow'. But tomorrow didn't happen, in fact i didn't hear anything from him for another 2 months, during which time he took on piles of new commissions, deleted the journal on FA, and even stopped posting to FA altogether. Finally i decided to tweet at him again about the commission after he opened new commissions for the new year (and had posted a couple as well), but this time he was very rude, made up multiple excuses, and even tried to blame me for his delays: https://i.imgur.com/MyRkvBe.jpg https://i.imgur.com/qh4tCgz.jpg He proceeds to lay all the blame on me, claiming i "Didn't fill the form out correctly" and that caused him to "draw the wrong thing" then my attempt to ask about the commission (which he states in the previous message i didnt reach out, then says i did in the next?) caused him to rush the work and mess up. Then he tried to tell me in the same message that he was planning to do a second free pic for making me wait and because i was 'patient and kind', again saying this in the same message where he blames me for everything. I attempted to point this all out to him, explaining that if i did the form wrong he should have asked me to correct it prior to taking payment, as well as him taking on new commissions, and tell him that i didn't 'reach out' because the last time i tried he told me not to bother him. From there he just kinda goes off the rails, i attempt to apologize for making him feel rushed, he claims he owes me NOTHING despite not even doing the commission i paid for properly, then blocks me. https://i.imgur.com/LbcQMPx.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Z9kSwTN.png https://i.imgur.com/17wBKn1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hXHvxYk.jpg
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