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  1. Update! I managed to get my points back but they didn't come from Cotton. They came from a "friend" of theirs who claimed they didn't know if Cotton had another account and they messaged me out of the blue because they saw my DA journal regarding the matter. I have reason to believe that Cotton does have a second account as all their characters are magically on a new account that is actively communicating with the account that refunded me. I do believe the only reason I was refunded at all was because of the Journal I had up on DA, and the beware. Neither of which I have any intention of removing (I will update them to say I was refunded by a third party though) because it reflects their doggy nature, and in the end the end the points came from a user I don't recognize claiming the Cotton hates confrontation. So do I, but I didn't have a choice and wasn't about to stay quiet about not getting refunded.
  2. I have met and commissioned many lovely artists on DeviantArt whom I haven't had any issues with. I suppose every once in a while you end up with one 'bad seed' in the bunch. It just makes it hard to branch and find new artists to commission because up until the point you work with someone you don't know what they are going to be like. I did check their account and they were consistent with uploading so I'm not sure why this went the way it did and up until the refund issue I never actually bothered them regarding the commission.
  3. I guess.. though that doesn't change the fact she still stole from me and ran x3; In response to them being a minor I suppose that could be a possibility. It's difficult to tell on DeviantArt because age isn't something that is listed publicly. Though.. they wouldn't need their mothers involvement if they hadn't spent my points without completing the commission. It's a weird situation. They were honest with me regarding the cancellation, and the small portion of the refund, but then it was like they 180'd me. So while I'm happy at least they were open about it, I'm still upset they ran off with my money. Since they offered to re-do the commission and asked me to re-send them the partial refund back that meant they were at least capable of doing other commissions and could have still earned some points back to return to me. I guess all I can do now is make sure others don't make the same mistake I did. She deactivated her account shortly after I announced I was going to make this public.
  4. I had contacted the artist on September 18th by commenting on their journal regarding their open mlp commissions. I apologize for the 'hidden by owner' status on some of the comments in the following journal screenshot. The owner had hidden the commission details between the time that they had refunded me and the time of the final message. On September 18th 2018 I sent them the payment On December 12th 2018 I receive a note explaining that they are having trouble and wish to cancel the commission. It was at this time that I received a partial refund for what I had paid them. Jump to January 23rd 2019 I still hadn't received the owed amount of 1,720 points and so I contacted them to request that the pending refund be sent They replied on February 17th 2019 claiming that it would take them longer to issue me a refund and that they wanted to re-start my commission and asked me to send them back what they initially refunded me. In addition they also asked me to re-send them the commission information. I promptly declined this offer and reiterated that I would like the refund as this was now 2 months after the initial cancellation date and the note remained unread by them (as indicated by the yellow sticky note on the right side of the page in the second screenshot below). On March 4th 2019 I sent a follow-up note to the one above as they still hadn't read it. I indicated, again, that I would like the remaining 1,720 points to be refunded. I also explained that if they did not have my points still on their account that they were responsible for finding another way of paying me, one of which was to purchase the owed amount of points from the DeviantArt store directly and then send them to me. On March 5th 2019 I received their response which was an excuse as well as their indication that they were going to leave DeviantArt and that they were sorry they couldn't issue the remaining refund, leaving me out 1,720 points (converted into dollars this is $17USD as 100 points is the equivalent to $1USD). I promptly responded, albeit a little hastily and angrily and informed them of my displeasure in losing my points without having gotten what I had paid for, as well as informing them that I was going to report / make this public. When I first started working with them they seemed like a sweet user and I appreciated getting the notice of cancellation and the partial refund. It was that which led me to trust that they would eventually refund my remaining points and instead of pressing further I waited patiently. The responses after that as well as the request to send the partial refund back so they could continue working on a commission that had been cancelled was where I began to have doubts about being refunded. I do admit my final response to them could have been worded a lot better but I was angry, frustrated, and so anxious that I went on auto pilot and wrote everything I was thinking then sent it without having a chance to proofread it. This was my final response to them and I do not intend to engage in further contact unless it is to transfer the remaining funds of 1,720. For that reason I have chosen to leave the user unblocked but I have high doubts I'll ever see the rest of my refund.
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