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  1. A comment was not posted due to item 9 in our commenting guidelines. You must have proof showing a direct link between the bewaree and a purported alternate alias, otherwise subsequent comments will continue to be hidden.
  2. We can mark this resolved on your behalf, as you have received a refund, but if there's another resolution you're looking to reach here, we can leave this as is.
  3. Tags have been updated as the information is available publicly by the artist: OP, you are still within your 180 day window with Paypal, have you gone through them at all to get your refund? That window is approaching, within a few weeks of the date you paid. After that closes up, you're stuck waiting on the artist to do right by you.
  4. It bears repeating, once more, that any users who attempt to post their own beware in the comments of this post will not be approved. Please submit your own post about this client to help boost visibility via our metrics and the site cloud.
  5. @Brokenvocaloid It has been brought to our attention that the discord invitations left by your partners on your old pages are out of date. Several commissioners have been having trouble contacting you as of late.
  6. A comment was not approved for falling under item 2 of our Rules of Participation: 2. No excessive personal information or bewares in the comments. If you have had a similar experience with a Bewaree, please consider submitting your own post to add to our tags and metrics. It greatly boosts visibility for others.
  7. 1) is an incredibly bad idea. While you have good intentions, this can be viewed as unsolicited harassment. Not every person will react favorably to this, and it is entirely possible that not every client has had a similar experience to yours. 2) feel free to submit a post to us, read our Submission Guidelines thoroughly before sending something in for our team to review. 3) once a post is approved, we post a link via our twitter that you may retweet or link it where acceptable to add some visibility. 4) You are more than welcome to inform a subject that you will be openly speaking about your experiences as you are unhappy with the outcome of the commission, and often times we do encourage the transparency. Xai has put it succinctly. Taking everything stated thus far into account, our platform is strictly informational and attempting to use it as a means of harassment is unacceptable. The conduct of this individual doesn't sound great, but we are not a platform for drama; confrontations, no matter how difficult they might be, should be kept as professional as possible. Overall? Be prepared to eat the loss in this situation and take it as a lesson learned for future commissions.
  8. While we thank you for coming forward to try and address this, we implore you to raise your prices in the future. Only a small fraction of your commissioners have come forward here, but we know your backlog is severe. Adding another individual to help you work through these pieces is reason enough for the update in price, so both parties are paid fairly. We've seen it time and time again that an abundance of low-cost listings will get overrun by interest and an artist will get buried beneath the demand. We hope to see that you make good with all of your customers, but know that discord is not your end-all be-all solution here, you must reach out to those who do not use the platform as well if you intend to make good on this. Our staff has a zero-tolerance policy on Harassment, and if any individual goes out of their way to harass this bewaree as a result of this link, they risk a full site ban. With all of this said, we will allow the link to your discord server to remain as a resource for those who were not aware of it previously.
  9. This is a difficult situation to really give advice on without getting full context, which would require a beware being submitted to us. Is the commission in question of another character or of the same character you did a ref sheet for? That's unclear in your write-up. Overall? If you see a lot of similarities to your work and this new commissioned piece, it would be for the best to discuss things with both parties to really get an answer about your situation. Reach out to the client first, and then the artist who did the work. It may not be a scam, it is entirely possible that the client wanted something to strongly reference the original piece, etc etc. The little things we can't know and won't know until you reach out and discuss things with the two parties involved here.
  10. There may be some merit to the inability to access the original account. On the front page it looked like there was a new upload, thought it might have been the backlog, but its a new account that's uploading old commissions and new YCHs. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ultimatewaifu/ The tags on subsequent posts will be updated.
  11. A comment was not posted for not following our Rules of Participation, specifically Items 1 & 2: 1. Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic. We are not a drama site. -Non-business related issues are off-topic. (We don't want to hear about anyone's personal drama.) 2.No excessive personal information or bewares in the comments. This includes, but is not limited to: -Financial situations. Whatever this artist is experiencing in their personal life is their business, and we are not the place to go to if you want to speculate on that. Touching upon the additional information provided in the comment, we have looked into the alternative account mentioned. Both are linked through an art raffle initially announcing the move to a new account, but reverting back to the previous account. In addition to this, their twitter handle has been updated once more. The tags now reflect these changes.
  12. For those affected by the present circumstances, it wouldn't hurt to check out the discord server to see how things are being addressed. As it stands, any direct line to BV via FA seems to be rather moot. Their other partner, Sakoda, has not been outwardly involved with things as much as Sebastian has.
  13. It would likely depend on how many reports have been made about BV regarding their site violations by independent parties. The involvement of their partner Sebastian is a direct violation of the site TOS, but if they keep getting hit by an automated process vs user reports, it's entirely possible that this is why we continue to see them go on and off with suspensions. While FA does stay out of user-user affairs in this realm, it isn't unheard of to get yourself permanently suspended for an excessive commission backlog with numerous complaints in their wake. I recall this happening with Falvie some years ago and the most notable example was Cashoo (who completely turned around and made good on their past mistakes)
  14. We definitely encourage you to share your experiences in your own submission to us. It is disheartening to hear that this is true, but a fresh submission helps boost the metrics and visibility of these bewares to our community.
  15. None of the submissions thus far have mentioned this, it would be much larger issue if this is the case. To abstain from spreading misinformation, we would need the individuals who have experienced this to come forward, not a third party.
  16. Note that when this happens, their partner always spams their shouts, and then they begin advertising commissions through their account. They both seem to be keen on advertising new work, but not addressing the backlog. As much as they want to claim its a minor issue with the mods, they continued to make accounts to skirt their suspensions. This is just blatant disregard for site policy and its astonishing how cavalier they both are when she's getting shut down like this.
  17. Not sure if you've reached out to her, Roflfox, but she's changed her twitter handle recently: https://twitter.com/DappleQT And now lists an email for public contact Still actively selling multiple designs, etc from the looks of it as well.
  18. I see that you've now deemed it resolved, but I have a few things that catch my eye as a community member in reading this post. Due to the nature of this particular type of commission, I definitely understand a prolonged timeframe in having it delivered in full. Throw in the pandemic to top it all off, and it hindered a lot of creatives to different degrees. While this artist has definitely dropped the ball in communication at a couple of points, you have also dropped off without responses to the artist at a few instances here, it paints an inconsistent picture as an outsider. And lastly? You've stated that communication has broken down, but you haven't shown a response to their message from earlier this month. Given the multiple factors to consider for this type of commission; i.e. talent scouting, script writing and the eventual recording, its befuddling that you denied the refund you've been offered for the project. Caudle has expressed wanting to continue working with you in the future in spite of all of the delays, and offered to refund you in full. It seems unfair to put this firmly on them when the multiple variables in getting this sort of project off the ground have been very visible and clearly stated to you as a client. Had I been in your shoes, I would have bowed out and continued the project another time.
  19. While its possible that she cleans up her shouts, it does look like her twitter DMs are open. So if you're not comfortable in starting your own thread on the matter, you do have the ability to reach out to her through there. Especially since it looks like they've been cross-posting their adopts for sale. Couldn't hurt, but ultimately it is up to you.
  20. Changed Resolved to Yes
  21. If you would like to speak about your experiences in full, please refer to my comment to Zefram above and submit your own post for us to approve. Multiple posts of this nature notify the author of this Caution post and our entire team, who review all comments.
  22. We advise you make your own post on the matter to help bolster the situation overall. As I mentioned above, this is our sixth post about this artist's practices and there are many people who have commented over the years that have had similar experiences. Multiple entries boost our tags and metrics on site, and help others come forward to speak up about their situations. If you are still within your Paypal protection period (180 days), be sure to file a chargeback to assure you get your money back.
  23. Changed Where to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/brokenvocaloid/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cielkuro/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doggietreats/
  24. Changed Where to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/BrokenVocaloid https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cielkuro/ https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doggietreats/
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