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  1. Comments are closed because this maker has issued legal threats against artists beware.
  2. A comment was not posted as we do not allow pseudo bewares to be made in the comments. If individuals would like to talk about their case, then they must review the submission guides and submit an official post. Additionally, we do not permit name calling or hostile language. We ask that all submissions and comments be written somewhat professionally. This isn't a drama site.
  3. Paypal is 180 days, and most banks are along the same vein (but not all).
  4. Unresolved cases are always bewares, and there are no time limits for them. Cautions are for when you already got your refund.
  5. Hey! Sorry for the delay; I had forgotten to follow my own thread. No, this has always been a soft rule that we applied when we felt it was necessary behind the scenes. We've had bewares on minors as young as 9. We simply felt it was important to put as many of these behind the scenes rules on paper as possible.
  6. Twitter: https://twitter.com/skxviii Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/skxviii/ Timeframe: My first commission with Sid was placed in June 2021. My most recent one was placed September 2021. I have commissioned Sid numerous times, and each time has been exactly the same experience. Sid is professional, sticks to their deadlines, and delivers top notch work at lightning fast speeds. Turnaround was usually a few days to a week or two. If Sid says it'll be done by (date) it will be done by then. I highly recommend Sid if you need work done.
  7. We have updated our submission guidelines to clarify the max cut off for a Caution. It is now one (1) year. Any Caution that has been resolved more than one (1) year ago will be rejected. We have also added a minimum age for minors. We will not accept posts concerning minors under the age of 16. We won't be putting kids on the spot. If there is a post on someone who was under 16 at the time, please notify us and we will scrub it. Our mods will do our best to look for them ourselves, but we see literally hundreds of posts. But what if I find out later that they were under 16? The purpose of this addition is to avoid putting kids on the spot all together. So, we will have to decline the post or delete it. It's best to contact the payment processor in the meantime. If you have any questions you may ask them here.
  8. Howdy! @CaptnHawk I went ahead and removed the tracking image from your post to stand solid with our doxxing rules. We appreciate you coming out. Once OP confirms everything is squared away we can issue the resolved tag.
  9. Howdy! This has been approved due to the sheer length of time. However, did they ever continue the telegram chat?
  10. That's what one of our mods wondered, but the start of the transaction appears to be on twitter.
  11. OPs can't edit their posts, but I've added in text for readers.
  12. A comment was not posted due to multiple violations of our rules: We do not permit bewares inside the comments. If you have a beware, please make your own post. We do not permit personal information to be included on submissions or comments. Please leave personal details such as what people buy, their illness, or family issues outside the site. Outside links will be declined. For archiving purposes, we do not allow people to dump links to information and then leave. Please host information with us.
  13. Unfortunately, this artist has a history of this. As far back as 2011. It's a shame when not much has changed.
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