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  1. Just for clarity's sake: The jaw is supposed to move, but because the fit isn't custom to the client they don't fit in it enough to get jaw movement?
  2. Hi @Phonynomore your post has currently been downgraded to a Caution. If you don't receive a refund of $75 by next month, send me, Snowhawk, or Armaina a poke and one of us can upgrade it for you. While a year does seem like a long time, for a project of this scale it's hardly any time at all. 52 images is a lot. Plus all of the edits, which sounds like either they hit a goal that would pay for edits for each card, or that many backers requested an edit to cover each card. Either way, it's a lot of work and was an extremely ambitious undertaking. However, this project does sound like there was some mistakes in the planning phases. The artist talks about needing to raise printing money, but printing costs should have been calculated in the initial funding goal, set aside, and not touched. Plus the sheer amount of extra things per category doesn't seem like enough money to cover the labor and extra deck prints involved. It doesn't sound malicious. Just missteps that can lead a project into a funding hole. Hopefully the artist(s) involved can come out of it and get these decks out.
  3. Changed Resolved to Yes The artist contacted us with proof that this was resolved. Submitters, please remember to contact staff or leave a comment if you've gotten resolution so that we can change the status on a post.
  4. Changed Resolved to Yes
  5. For anyone who might be visually impaired like me, and are thus unable to to see what's wrong with the heart on the paw: The heart is made with minky dimple/ dot fabric instead of solid/ plain fabric. As a member: The artist should have notified you about the error. If they ordered a solid and got a dimpled fabric, then that's a mistake on behalf of the supplier. You would have missed your deadline, but it would have been right. It's a simple rookie mistake. However, I don't think you're due expedited shipping because of it.
  6. Changed Resolved to Yes
  7. Just double checking: Is it a claim or a dispute? A dispute will automatically close in the artist's favor if you don't escalate it to a claim.
  8. HI ZI I do a few of these types of work-for-hire jobs here and there. General rule of thumb is 3 - 5x commission cost to sell out rights. Usually a simple contract will do just fine, but you can also use the copyright transfer form via Legalzoom.
  9. That would be up for you to decide if your money is worth it to you. Not the community at large. It fits within our submission guidelines, so if you want to pursue it then the option is there.
  10. Goodness gracious. They're really racking up these bewares. With prices like those it's no wonder.
  11. This has been downgraded to a Caution since the artist seems to not be fighting you on the refund. If anything develops we can upgrade it.
  12. Just as a note we are getting the original note sent in June. 🙂 It was on a previous submission, but it had fuzzy date.
  13. Wow. First a very personal story that is no one's business, then turning on a dime when they realized they can bail with your money. Quite the whiplash, and a beware well warranted.
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