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  1. Changed Resolved to Yes
  2. Sorry about all the edits. I had to try and break up the caps for readability and insert clarification we got from OP in PM.
  3. Looks like they're also somewhat active on Twitter, OP!
  4. It's really up to you. There are a few notorious clients who take ages to respond. If you'd like to post a lost contact we can help you out. If you're comfortable waiting it out, then go ahead. Just balance if you need to keep your queue moving or if you can stand to have something sitting in queue.
  5. Celestina

    Beware: Thyouo

    Changed Resolved to Yes
  6. Changed Resolved to Yes
  7. I'll finally have a few days off of work to do some archiving.

  8. Added a second mod note. Scourge have you gotten any kind of resolution on this? Is the artist doing anything concerning this? Additionally, if you receive any harassment via PM please use the report feature and we will ban them.
  9. If it's not something that's available publicly then it's a no-go. Otherwise, yes.
  10. All that can be done is for your beware to stand on it's own. If she's directly saying untrue things, or sending direct targeted harassment to you then feel free to add it.
  11. Changed Where to @EylonFerrousa on Telegram https://www.furaffinity.net/user/eylonferrousa/ https://twitter.com/KumaHontosha?lang=en @KumaHontosha on Telegram https://twitter.com/zeuzvalein?lang=en http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zeuzvalein/
  12. Could be the OP submitted here then spoke to the artist. They submitted here Jan 12 at 2 pm my time, but the upload from the artist was done at 11 pm. OP hasn't logged in to the site since early Monday.
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