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  1. Sweet jesus that's on me for working this beware before coffee. If you see something that major please dont leave a comment. File a report or PM me. I almost didnt check my email because it was just a comment notif.
  2. A post has been hidden because it appears to contain personal information. As a note we do not allow irl names. If there is definite proof the artist goes under different names, feel free to contact one (1) moderator with absolute proof it's the same person. Proof includes: - Same images - Same public emails - A public notice the account is a side account. Unacceptable proof is: - "Same style"
  3. Hiya this is something only staff can answer when looking at it in the queue with your proof supplied. If you feel it is something others should know about please submit.
  4. Ultimately it's their right to block whoever they want, and choose not to do business with whoever they want. I don't see it as unnecessary personally.
  5. This comment is being approved so we can publicly state that we do have internal proof via our rejected archives that you two are the same individual. Trunch submitted it, but it was asked to be withheld because the person you're commenting to can't consent to being included on a beware.
  6. We will mark this as resolved, but it will still retain the beware tag.
  7. Cknsausage is correct. You can pull the character from them and resell it/ retrade it at any time. Especially if they're going to ignore you on this trade.
  8. Changed Resolved to Yes
  9. I'd personally consider it a bit overkill to hand over something drastically lower res, but I'm assuming it's to prevent someone from swiping the image and printing it. I'm assuming they're not handling you something pixellated to the end of the world and back, and it's just... way tiny right? If it is full of JPG pixels and weird, then I'd call that an oddity. I work in 3000 x 4000 pixels and will hand over 900 x 1200 for uploading to FurAffinity.
  10. I'll just go ahead and address them as bullet points: That's not necessarily wrong, but you're still within your right to cancel as per Paypal. There's nothing wrong with this on the surface. It really comes down to how they're applying this rush fee. Like if everyone is in indefinite limbo until you pay the rush fee, then it's unethical. If the rush fee is paid, and the artist works on your piece on what would otherwise be off hours to get it done sooner then that's fine. Red flag. All artists should have public queues. Nothing wrong with this. Distribution rights are held by the artist, and many folks ask the high res remain private. For the refunds section: That's a no, and unenforceable as per Paypal. That's also a no, and unenforceable as per Paypal. No, the art isn't "yours". You do not own any of the copyrights, nor are they transferred by default in a commission. However in the terms of this fandom is generally understood that if the client cancels they get a partial refund and get to "keep" the art for personal use. Maybe this part of their ToS is worded weird, but I would interpret this as you aren't allowed to take it to another artist for completion, aka it's not "yours" in a copyright sense. That's their prerogative, and there's nothing inherently wrong with carrying a blacklist. I personally blacklist individuals I see being rude to other artists. (If they're rude to someone else, they'll likely be rude to me too.) However, the lack of a definite break down of how partial refunds are dished out is also a red flag. Your question is something only a moderator can answer when we are looking at your post in queue with all of the proof. If nothing has been done so far simply file the claim (not dispute) and move on before you lose your money.
  11. The most recent comment was hidden simply because it's not particularly good advice legally. This situation is more of a civil matter than a criminal one, but Alex has privileges to see hidden comments so it's his decision to follow through.
  12. I can insert this information into the body of your post if you'd like.
  13. I believe it's ok to use the Friends and Family option in this instance. Normally Paypal will take action against an account that abuses the option to avoid fees, but the artist isn't asking you to do so. Personally I've sent tips in this manner. It's too bad that Paypal doesn't have the option to let you tip on an invoice after the fact.
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