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  1. I'm sure another mod will leave a better, more detailed comment. I'll just say that if you're dealing with anyone who is ESL, the worst thing you can do is use slang and long messages. It's clear in some of the messages the artist was struggling to comprehend what you wanted, and they even requested time to have someone help them. Also, your prompt doesn't match up from what the similar image you handed over as a reference was. Was the original image closer to this? The fixed sketches were very nice, and fairly close to the ref image. (The third one is my favorite.)
  2. Have they said anything since? If you wanted to chase it up you can say that you please need them to respond so you can finish the commission, otherwise you'll take their silence as acceptance as the image as is. "Hello! I'm just following up since I've noticed you've seen the changes but haven't responded. Is everything looking good? I'm afraid that if these long lapses in contact continue I'm going to have to consider the commission completed."
  3. Rather than everyone commenting on this post, they are all encouraged to make their own post if they still don't have the art. Tag usage is counted on our tags page, and the more records are tagged the higher their number will be.
  4. Here's the twitter link as some non-registered folks like to leave advice on posts.
  5. Venmo is not for business purposes as per their Terms of Service. Cashapp doesn't have buyer protection, however if you're using it for adoptables only it's fairly low risk for your customers. Technically Venmo is too, but I'm personally unaware of any repercussions for using Venmo's services for business. Neither option works internationally as a heads up. (Though you didn't ask. Many don't know this.)
  6. Yea, refunding would be best for both parties in this instance. No, we wouldn't accept a post that's about a personal disagreement. Choosing to block someone is a personal choice. If they somehow try and escalate the situation then we would review it.
  7. Oh yikes. Nothing is more stress inducing than getting a response like that. My instincts would also lean towards something being wrong. You can either deliver those links, or if you're willing to make changes or hear out the client you could open the door for them to talk to you. Something like "Hey! I've noticed my messages keep being read. I just want to check in and ensure everything is ok before I drop in the links?"
  8. Here's your twitter link, as sometimes members respond there too!
  9. Changed Resolved to Yes
  10. Are you asking for any specific advice? Unfortunately this reads more like a vent post and a quasi beware update, which is not what this forum is for. If you don't have a specific question your post will have to be removed @nanomonstar
  11. I have no advice on the legalities, but I do have thoughts on the usage of your character: Without context it can be difficult to assess how out of the blue this was, but going strictly off of your text, I'd be hurt too. I've had a single long term RP partner since I was 14 years old. (I'm 34 now, and said RP partner is my husband.) I'd be deeply hurt if he considered using my main OC for such a public project without talking to me. Just in a general level that kind of a project would bring all sorts of levels of excitement. This is seeing your characters come to life! This is seeing a story that's previously existed in a private(ish?) setting come to a public setting. Whether or not you choose to license the use of your character or not, take into account what might happen to them if this project takes off. Would you be ok with that? Some comic creators hated seeing some shipping art of their characters, but had to give up because of the sheer amount of it and the tenacity of the fans. Can you handle that?
  12. Aw yea good catch. Didn't put the two together because, well, I'd never dream of doing that.
  13. Sounds like a typical reuse for a YCH, which isn't bad. Moat of us would recoup losses in this way.
  14. How old is this individual? I'm concerned that you almost got into contract with a minor. An adult should understand the difference between reposting work that doesnt belong to them and archiving their continued harassment.
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