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  1. I think you are right to feel wary about this. "I sent the payment, sorry it's not showing up for you on Paypal. Start anyway?" is a common scam, and is a lot harder to pull off when you can see if someone's opened and read your invoice. I think you dodged a bullet, honestly.
  2. For sure. If you don't want it anymore or don't have any use for it in the future, then a refund is totally normal. Did they have any policies posted about what will happen if the scarf is already in production? If it's non-refundable at that point, can it be given as a gift later on?
  3. Howdy. I'm making this write up to be as transparent as possible about an incident that occurred today. Any member of staff is not exempt from receiving a beware on themselves, and the operating procedures for it is that other mods are supposed to handle the submission. I received a beware concerning me, and removed it myself. I also gave them a warning, because I believed them to be bringing what was happening in my email to the site. The warning has been deleted by me, so I can't recall it for proof. To put it simply, I thought this person was trolling me and reacted poorly. I apo
  4. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. As per Boozy Barrister / Boozy Badger, the artist that originally made the design can pull it at any time if there is no transfer paperwork. I think your only course of action is to work with someone else to make a new design. Though I am curious, does the artist know you're the rightful owner via trade now? I'm wondering if they think you're a rando who is asking about a character that they believe belongs to someone else. And as a mod note, for everyone's safety: since this is a legal question please cite sources from professionals.
  5. Going through your YCHs it's obvious that some are offered shading and some are not. Unfortunately, it's usually important to make sure to list as many details as you can, because there will always be a client who needs those details spelled out. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. 😞
  6. Since you already got a refund, then it is automatically downgraded to a Caution. Whether or not we will take it depends on the queue mods once they have full context. In which case I suggest to simply send it in if you'd like us to take a look at it. Be sure to include a shot of the estimated delivery time on the listing as well as all correspondence with the artist and etsy.
  7. Yes but unfortunately the costs a civil case like this would be far more than the cost of the commission itself.
  8. Howdy! Last year we added the option to utilize adspace on Artists Beware. Unfortunately, the original iteration of this system was clunky and required individuals to manually email us. On top of that, users couldn't access their own statistics and they had to be sent out manually by me. I am embarrassed to say that I have dropped the ball in being punctual, and sometimes have forgotten to send out emails all together. For the new year, I've decided to overhaul how our ad system works. Now Advertisers will gain access to their Client Portal, which will list their active campaigns' st
  9. This attempt by them to intimate their clients is laughable, but par the course for BadCoyote. Clients speaking out about negative experiences is protected by law. Perhaps BC should actually complete his work if he doesn't want people having to resort to Artists Beware. And whatever happened to BC "leaving the fandom"?
  10. Howdy! This would fall under our "is my situation bewareable" sticky. For a short answer: we can't determine whether or not something will pass queue until it is before us with full proof and context.
  11. As we stated on Twitter, we will not be boosting or hosting offsite links as many do not have proof. Additionally, the rules for commenting follow the same rules as the Submission Guidelines: Your comments must be about your own transaction. If you see someone who has also had an issue encourage them to post here. Why? It allows chronic bewarees to actually start showing up on Google. It gives people a centralized place to find issues rather than having to wade through various sites and accounts. Here is the link to this user's tag: https://artistsbeware.info/tag
  12. Your comment is fine, I just want to point out that this is not a beware. A Caution post should never be taken as the same weight as a beware.
  13. A post was not approved as it contains proxy. Please remember comments must also follow the submission gudelines, and may only be about your transactions. If anyone knows of others please encourage them to submit their own post.
  14. You would require written permission from the artist to be included. That permission can be PMed to any mod on staff or included in your post.
  15. If you and another person entered into a joint commission together, then yes. You two would be considered a collaboration of clients. If it's you, alone, commissioning two artists but only one is giving you a problem then we would have to discuss it in mod chat. We've never had that situation before.
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