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  1. (As a note to users we know there are duplicate caps; The IPS system isn't being nice as of making this post.) Unfortunately, Teahound has had issues delivering for a number of years. I'm glad you got your money back in the end. This is being marked as resolved, but will retain the beware tag.
  2. Hey OP! Have you been able to find out if the others were traced, too? Also has the artist responded to you about this?
  3. Changed Resolved to Yes
  4. Hid your post for a split second to censor the Paypal cap and fix the ordering of caps. Also want to double check that you did get the rest of the money so I can mark this as resolved.
  5. Okidokey time to pop in and call dogpiling. Scourge is going to be the last person to have their reply to Zuazhes's comments approved. Please use the like feature from here.
  6. Artists are businesses not charity cases. If you can't get an item that at most should be 2 hours of work done in 7 months, then this may not be the field for you. When a client asks for a refund and no work has been shown to them, nor the trello is updated, then all work must stop and a refund should be issued. It's the artist's job to maintain the administrative side of their business or outsource it. Punishing the client for not keeping a trello up to date is unprofessional. This stops being a hobby when you take someone's money whether it be $5, $10, or $1000. Edit: I also want to point out the artist's prices are drastically low along with the discount for a second one. When you're suffering from a queue a mile long and are also trying to survive off of your art it's imperative to raise your prices the highest your market can bear. Not only for the sake of your hands, but also for the sake of your clients. If you can make the same amount taking half of what you normally do, then there's time to chip away at the backlog. I get it. Not everyone has the luxury to not spend what they haven't earned. I've been doing commission work for over ten years, and have been there before. However excusing this artist's current behavior doesn't do them any good, and it belittles those of us who strive to offer a good commission experience to our customers.
  7. You having a good experience doesn't negate OP's bad experience. While we will be happy to let individuals come and speak about their positive experiences in this thread, bear in mind that when you tell someone they lack "mature communication skills" when the artist made a show of saying "GUESS I NEED TO WASH MY CLOTHES IN THE SINK" it doesn't make the artist look any better.
  8. Yikes, the attempt to guilt trip you for asking for your money back is absolutely a beware well warranted. "Excuse me I'm going to go wash my clothes in the sink". How... is that your problem? If the sketch was done, then why not just show it to you??
  9. For future reference please contact a mod if you see a category error rather than leaving a comment.
  10. @DrowsySeal can you please confirm this is yours?
  11. OPs can't change tags. 🙂 For future reference if folks need a tag update, the best route is to contact someone from staff.
  12. Hiya OP, after a lot and lot of digging and going down rabbit holes, it appears this user is a serial tracer. They trace commissions, get caught, and then bail to the next username. Unfortunately, even if you got your commission, it wouldn't have been likely to be legitimate. I went ahead and attached tags to all the usernames I found linked to them.
  13. Went ahead and approved your comment @Tythius Thank you for the proof. I've also found more accounts that link up with them.
  14. 🙂 It seems like you've got a good amount of advice. I'll go ahead and lock this for you.
  15. Hey @Tythius your comment was hidden as positive IDs for "same accounts" must either be: Same art posted to both accounts Same email address Same real life name If you have any of those please PM any mod, and we can get that tag for the old name added.
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