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  1. Howdy! This is covered in item 1 of the Submission Guidelines. We do not accept proxy posts. For anyone reading this topic please take the time to review the guidelines. We put them together to save us and you time. There are no exemptions to them, and we mention numerous times on our submission form that posts that do not comply with them will be rejected.
  2. After much discussion with our staff we've ultimately decided to accept this as a Caution post. However, given that the artist has left this is only being approved as a "paper trail" of sorts in case they resurface. If anyone reading has a new incident to report: submit a new post. If anyone is coming to report on a new username, please contact a mod. Be sure to include concrete proof they are the same person. Proof is: Same email. Same art in current and old galleries. Same irl name. Proof is not: Similar style. "Types the same".
  3. Changed Resolved to Yes
  4. Bewares are reserved for posts where you are actively owed money. Since you got your money back, albeit via PayPal, it was automatically dropped to Caution.
  5. Thank you! We had already discovered that alt while investigating the Toyhouse claims. The tags have been updated as of yesterday. 🙂
  6. A comment was not posted because it contained inaccurate information. In checking the ToyHouse ownership logs for the characters in question, it's obvious that these are the owners Beau sold the characters to. They are not alts or aliases for Beau.
  7. We've got this approved, but as a heads up: you should file a dispute and escalate to a claim while you can.
  8. Changed Resolved to Yes
  9. Changed Resolved to Yes
  10. Tags have been updated. The comment concerning it was not approved, as we've already stated once that we will not be allowing unrelated drama. We are a business community.
  11. Changed Resolved to Yes
  12. I apparently forgot to set a reminder for this, so a WHOLE YEAR LATER, this is free.
  13. It always confuses me when people request deletion despite the fact that they have to scroll past "posts are not deleted" before they can even read the content. At any rate, I'll be closing comments since this is resolved. OP, if anything develops please contact Xai or me and we can reopen.
  14. This post has been marked as resolved. As a sign of good will, I have removed the beware tag despite the Artist's behavior warranting it stay post resolution. We are happy to hear you got your art.
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