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  1. If they took extra money then it's a chargeback. Call PayPal. Never use their online system. At the very least they'll remove the chargeback fee. Offer proof the client accepted the images. They either had no intention of paying or they used a CC they had no authorization to use. PayPal, nor any payment processor, has the power to dismiss these. It's in the hands of the credit card company. All PayPal can do is reimburse you out of pocket.
  2. Folks can blacklist for any reason they want provided it's not a protected class.
  3. Changed Resolved to Yes
  4. I absolutely would not. They're attempting to guilt trip you to send over art that they knew they couldn't afford. It's not your problem if they don't get it by Christmas. Tell them no, stand firm. Don't justify or argue with them. Just tell them how much is due and leave it at that.
  5. Sure! That's a good idea. :)
  6. It's all good! I'm vision impaired myself, so I feel you. You struck gold though so thank you!
  7. The thread was pretty long, with about five pages containing other artists' information. Managed to dig out and censor the posts. Looks like he's made a habit of sending something to get PayPal to side in his favor. Let me get the tags updated.
  8. Yeup, in judging by the email it looks like the artist provided something that caused Paypal to claim the service was done. The unfortunate thing is that it could be OP getting something for approval. I'm hoping OP will be able to send the resolution center caps, because gosh, it's so weird.
  9. Howdy! Your post was in the wrong spot, so I went ahead and moved it. All advice posts are to be anonymous, so the second post with the images in question was hidden.
  10. Oh gosh I'm sorry to be responding to this late. We specifically talked about this in the mod chat, and then everyone got swamped with work irl. No, we don't have a spot, and don't realllyyy have plans for one. The general forum is pretty dead, and it's probably best not to spread ourselves too thin.
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