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  1. This is weird as heck. If it were a mistake, I could understand. But they don't even say they're sorry, and seem to defend the choice? Why even make more work for yourself? It just strikes too close to "it'd be better if this was gay" which I used to get all the time if I made art of my spouse and me. I'd be just as upset as you are, and wouldn't grovel to have a bastardized version of my character not posted online. Not sure why you would even want it with you, though. Anyway, a caution well warranted. I wouldn't touch anyone who changes genitalia configurations without my permission with a 10 ft pole. Fingers crossed that they don't put it on Patreon or anything.
  2. As a heads up we approved Luna's comment because they supplied proof of it being the same person privately.
  3. 03.24.20

    Currently I am still responding to messages, but will take a little longer than usual to handle beware issues. Please don't send multiple messages.

    I'm currently held up with irl commitment. 

  4. Adoptables are something that Boozy Badger has covered before. You can see the article here. I asked him personally how reclaiming and refunds work, and his response for that is here. The tl;dr is that yes, you can take back the adopts any time you want. Adoptables are a license to use a design. Do you legally have to give a refund? No. However, what is legal and what is considered moral are two different things. The adoptable market depends on trust, and an artist who recalls adoptables without a refund sours the trust. Here we also consider it a bewarable offense.
  5. Changed Resolved to Yes
  6. Hello OP! If Zapp still doesn't deliver to you in another month please leave a comment or send a message to one of us and we'll upgrade this to a beware. Edit: My mods pointed out they're active on Twitter, so this has been upgraded.
  7. This would be considered an "abandoned" commission. If you don't have how these are handled in your ToS, now is time to add it. Since you were blocked everywhere it can be handled in two ways: You issue a full refund and resell the sketch as a YCH. This can prevent further bad feelings on their part. You issue a partial refund for what you haven't finished yet, stating they've made the commission impossible to finish. If it were me I'd do option one just to avoid the hassle of chargebacks in the future and any issues of bad feelings.
  8. Now would be a good time to send them an Ultimatum. It doesn't have to be anything long. Since you've already said you're no longer interested in the art, it would be best to simply tell them that you would like your refund and would like their response on how the refund process will go. A week wait for a response is good enough before you file a dispute.
  9. Changed Resolved to Yes
  10. If it were me I would send them a final notice that I've been patient, but due to silence I'll be posting my commission. I'd reiterate that I made it clear the purpose of the commission was for public display. From there unfortunately you don't have much recourse if they decide to file a DMCA to pull it down. Though I have a feeling they'd not respond at all.
  11. No, we won't delete it. We will, however, leave a mod note they're a minor for everyone else's sake.
  12. Mod comment: Given the information provided by both Trixx and Caero align, we've decided to keep this as an open beware. For both clients and artists collaborations are considered one entity. Due to the inability to do a partial chargeback, the difference between $530 and $480 is owed to Caero for the matter of the chargebacks to be resolved. All other circumstances surrounding the chargebacks we leave others to create their own opinions on the matter.
  13. Don't use their automated system. Call them immediately and speak to a person.
  14. I will start by saying that the reason this was accepted is because chargebacking was absolutely out of line, and Kuro has a history of using chargebacks. This transaction didn't do well from both parties, but ultimately he got what he requested from the art. With that said to save you problems in the future I would suggest either putting what genital configuration you want in the auction, or speaking up the second someone supplies you with a character that doesn't fit your parameters. "Female" =/= boobs and vagina to everyone, as Kuro obviously feels his character is female. And there's nothing wrong with that. Given that he received no comment about the penis in the ref, nor does your auction say you will change genitals that don't match what you were willing to do for this auction I can see how he would be put off and upset. If you had asked "Oh sorry, when I said female I meant boobs and vagina only, do you want me to draw without the penis?" then this transaction would have fared better. As for using the YCH twice, I really suggest putting in the auction description that this is a possibility. This is a misstep on your part. Majority of clients would be upset if they paid for a YCH under the assumption that it was unique, and then it was recreated. Edit: For everyone- AB is a trans and gender identity friendly site. Any ugliness will be an auto yeet.
  15. At first I was willing to give the artist the benefit of the doubt that maybe they forgot you, and blocked you over something unrelated. Now there's at least one other client claiming they were also blocked. It's bonkers!
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