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  1. Honestly, my advice for the future is always take payment upfront. Now that you have paypal, that should be much easier tho. As for the commissioner them self, there's not much you can do besides warn others. Have you considered selling the design as an adopt design? It may recoup some of the lost money for your efforts, and if they haven't paid you by now it's their own loss for it.
  2. Is your paypal connected to your bank/used a bank card through the paypal payment? If so, you may be able to go to your bank to force a refund.
  3. I'm glad you finally decided to post this here, their actions are completely unprofessional, scamming many people out of money and then in the end trying to pin the blame on you for giving good advice how to fix their mess when instead they decided to just run away with the money. It absolutely boils my blood.
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