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  1. Bornes: I was going to talk to an attorney at the beginning of the year to see what my legal grounds are and see where we go from here. My mom has been a court clerk for as long as I can remember and she said the most difficult part is most likely going to be the fact that it is in a different state. I'm so torn up inside because it has been a wish to commission them for a very long time. I just wish there was more progress. Thank you for your advice! Featherbutt: It is a little disconcerting to know that it was easy to be pushed down the queue and to my knowledge it has happened to others as well. I am an extremely patient person when it comes to stuff like this and I am afraid that no matter how gently and professionally I approach the situation I feel that it will end up badly and possibly taking longer to finish my project. My fears cause me to not fully know how I want to approach or what I even want to say without upsetting them. Thank you for your words!
  2. Currently I wish to stay anonymous with this but I am in some need for advice. I have commissioned a suit from a very unique and popular maker but I am having problems. I have been waiting for 2 and a half years for any type of advancement on my suit and it has been paid off for at least a year. Maybe more. I was also pushed down a slot in the queue to someone else because they offered a higher amount than my costume was without being told a reason why. According to the TOS we are not entitled to a refund. There is more to this but I feel it goes too in depth as to the supposed maker may be. I am just looking for advice on what I should do. I have waited a long time for them to open and now that I'm here I have waited a long time with no actual progress. I have paid approx. 3000-3600 USD for said costume and have nothing to show for it. Thank you in advance to any advice you can give! As a side note I do not wish to name myself or the maker at this time because I am still currently in the middle of it. I also do not want to cause any drama or issues but would like some advice on how to approach the situation.
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