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  1. Looking back at the screencaps I have about 80, in which artist admits during original comission (which I paid for ages ago) they'd forgotten to finish certain things (and were supposed to here.) Should I submit all 80 screencaps or? XD
  2. Hi, so recently I had comissioned an artist to make changes to a previous work. We'd agreed upon 20$. They started work and got about half done and complained it was worth more then 20$ work. (It had been approximately 50 minutes of work.) The price raised to about 40. I said ok, but stated it was unprofessional. About 20 minutes later the job was 90 percent done. They refused to finish, ranted about me mistreating them as an artist (they now were texting me only in spanish and I had to google translate) They gave me the finished work and said they won't do any more work and not to contact them again.. and no need to pay since it won't be finished. Went on a rant about me mistreating them. (in essence, they prefer total artistic freedom. I'm paying for specific changes, they claim I'm just being difficult.) I asked them to finish so I could pay them. They then tell me I should pay them for their time.. after they gave me their progress and refused to finish. I asked them to crop out the unedited parts, and I'd pay them 25, a compromise between 20 and 40. They declined. I offered to pay 60 to 100 dollars for them to finish (90 percent of the work was done. this is 3x to 5x what I was originally told I'd be paying.) They declined. Told them I was uncomfortable paying them after they went off on me in spanish, and already gave me the file, permission to use it. Because I have to pay another artist to either finish editing it, or crop the finished parts. (I have no software for arting.) Any advice? Like, I offered more money, offered to have them literally crop it in the software they have for the payment, offered an apology.. and they just won't budge.. (but also state it's disrespectful of me not to pay for their time..) They also made a tweet about how "if a customer is rude to me I AM allowed to be rude back." I was in no way rude, we were discussing changes as they were being made and the artist became frustrated. I'm extremely upset and confused. Should I just have another trusted artist finish the edits? Crop what can be used and get a new reference sheet?
  3. Long story short he said he lost his job or something. I started a paypal dispute and he provided paypal with a tracking number for a shipment they'd sent apparently. They now are refusing to work or refund me as paypal sided with them. I'm trying to dispute with my bank now but jeezu
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