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  1. Update on my bank claim,
  2. Good luck! I'm in a similar situation but my bank was willing to open a dispute after I didn't call paypal about my dispute. I understand the stress, and hopefully you get answers sooner rather then later!
  3. Dorky question, but should I use credit instead of debit when comissioning an artist?
  4. Hey all, not sure if this is the right place to post. In short I've written out a story and I want to make it into a webcomic. My initial thought was simply to hit up an artist and pay for the art in itself. Does anyone have any experience with what rights the artist should get, as well as what kind of payment should be reccomended? (I.e. buying 500 pages at once, vs 5 to 10 a month?)
  5. im debating adding this artist beware to my dispute lol
  6. This is all paypal would give me. I provided a screenshot of this as well as proof that it was a digital payment and was told there "was a good chance" I'd get my refund 😧
  7. Dude was treating me as a friend asking for extensions constantly but then never finished anything. The artist who was my friend and reccomended him got mad I "wouldn't let it go" and told me we were never friends but the guy was his irl friend and in dire straits so I should just eat the loss. This whole situation ticked me off on so many levels.
  8. ok I'll try, my bank has been disputing >~<
  9. Timothy-henri is an artist active on Furaffinity and deviantart. They primarily focus on designing outfits, armor, weaponry, and accessories. They also create unique "armored souls" which are like anthropomorphic and sentient versions of weapons! Super cool! if I have an idea, but cant properly communicate it to ana rtist I usually run right to Timothy to bring my vision to life!
  10. Shimizuryu is an artist active on deviantart and furaffinity. They often operate on artistic freedom, however they also design outfits and do ref sheets! I'm still absolutely smitten with every piece they've created for me, and I reccomend comissioning them!
  11. Adding some of the pieces I've got from Xelgot! Xelgot is mainly on patreon, but I always get my rewards on time, and am never dissatisfied!
  12. Hey, so currently my bank is pending a dispute and they say it's looking in my favor. I was wondering if you reccomended using credit cards over banks for this reason
  13. So, the artist initially had posted an emergency 20 art pieces for 50 dollars deal in order to get medical treatment for their pet rats. Originally I was told I'd get extra 10 stickers, and/or an icon. I was told I'd get a refund after 30 days if 10/20 weren't finished. Over a few months I received a few sketches, but nothing was ever completed. I was promised a refund on 11/10/2019, but on that date he told me his job didn't work out, and it wasn't worth getting a job until the summer. I opened a paypal dispute and offered to let him do 10 of the original 20 (or 30 if you countthe extras he p
  14. This is crazy! I would say those last 3 stickers had very off fingers compared to the previous stickers and came off as rushed for me. Also I find it sus they used twitter to post a beware to their followers instead of 1. silently blacklisting you, or 2. using a website where moderators would demand evidence and review the validity of the beware.
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