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  1. Take this comment with a grain of salt, but damn, this job is perfect if you want to get lots of interest free loans. : D Eh, I hope the artist will eventually come back and do what they should. Some artists have done that, so fingers crossed you get your money back!
  2. The only thing you've really done wrong was waiting past the 180 day deadline. If the artist really thinks they can legally hold onto people's money forever for no reason and hold the commission hostage based on whether they think their customer is mature enough, then... that's extremely optimistic. Doesn't even pertain to you, but I hope the general public will become more aware of the unforceable and unfair TOS clauses.
  3. What on Earth did I just read? I've read close to every single beware on this website and this is easily in the top 10 most ridiculous conversations I've seen. Offering something for whatever price is never unprofessional as long as it is understood that the other side might not want to continue. But the artist here was 10000% fine with that, while the customer acted like there was this single artist left in the whole world and they had to get a commission out of them no matter what. You were nothing but calm and polite even when being screamed and cursed at. You did nothing to deserve any of this. Normally I'm rather chill when it comes to dealing with people like this, but this looks totally traumatizing. 😕 I hope you are alright!
  4. I'm really torn about the 40% refund thing. If the commission failed on your end then sure, the artist deserves to be paid for the work done. But when it's the artist's fault, then should you really be paying for an unfinished sketch you never ordered in the first place? I know these kinds of analogies can be stupid, but to me that's like ordering a car, only getting the wheels and ending up paying for the wheels, even though you have no use for them. But of course you can do whatever you want if you feel like compensating the artist, this is just some general pondering. Anyways, this looks like a super exhausting situation and I'm sorry you had to go through this. Having read so many bewares, it's baffling how often I've seen the same excuses over and over again.
  5. Well, some people should seriously consider not treating customers' money as no interest loans. And the audacity it takes to ignore a client and then respond just to guilt trip them when they take their money back... wow : D
  6. Reading them scold their customer like a little kid has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth. They are not apologetic at all for holding onto your money for free for that amount of time, and instead act as if you were the one to wrong them. You were nothing but (too) nice and it's super sad to see you being treated like this. 😞
  7. Wow, it truly takes an evil mastermind to come up with that. : D No big deal though, just let them know that your Messager's ToS states that anyone who ever messaged you agreed to donate a kidney and a firstborn child to you. Even if they haven't taken proper care of their kidneys, it should at least cover the cost of the time you've wasted on them.
  8. Ugh, they gave you such poor excuses. And also with these being stolen and not made to your order, you received something of a much lesser value than what you were made to be expecting, which makes this even worse and they speak about it so lightly.
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