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  1. Update: I got a second chargeback today for another $15. Fytch has yet to respond other than they will "pay me back when they can".
  2. March 29th 2019, I was approached by Fytch via Discord PM to purchase a character for $15 USD. They expressed interest in a Character I was selling and paid within minutes of me accepting their offer. After 5 months of having the character... July 22nd 2019, I woke up to find a dispute against the money they had paid. I was already wary as others had spoken of they had chargebacks against them as well and waited for my turn. As of right now, no contact was made between us about the dispute even though in their discord group I had asked if they were filing a chargeback against me. They responded to a friend that they intended to pay everyone back but I have not received any word on this matter. Character Link (NSFW): https://toyhou.se/3668260.-15-usd A ticket has been issued to ToyHouse in hopes to retrieve the character. Update: Fytch has issued a second chargeback. Update 08.09.19 I received an email containing the following as attached. As well the fee applied to my account. After speaking with paypal I will be unable to retrieve the funds lost due to the credit card company. Fytch made a journal with an "update" http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9229414/ The amount they have listed is wrong and have left a comment. As I am only charging for the fees that went on my account since the adopt has been returned to me via ToyHouse Admins.
  3. I completely agree with armina. Also i would like to point out in the closed dispute image... It says you requested the full amount back? Even though it got closed if a full refund was requested after the artwork completed even with minor problems is not okay. Now if this isnt the case with it being a full refund... please disregard this comment about it. In my opinion the mistake was minor and not worth threatening a chargeback over. Honestly i wouldnt work with either of you after this.
  4. I think you misspelled her name beside the Who part. Cause i tried looking it up and nothing... But i did find this account which belongs to Alirras on that site under the name AlirrasArts. Did she give you a refund and has the original artist been contacted? She is reknown thief via dauxycheeks bases.
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