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  1. There was some major external factors that lead to my aggression under these circumstances. To put it simply there was trashtalk and mention of intentionally ignoring me. While I am certainly not belittling how discomforting cramps can be, it was the combination of silence + behind curtains talk that lead me to decide to take these actions. And, as mentioned at the start of this article and in comments, I am happy with the product and the only reason this article was submitted was due to them making a journal to publicly deface me. You are free to draw your own conclusions from what has transpired.
  2. I didn't actually put much thought into the refund amount - admittedly I do feel guilt for that now. I was quite frustrated at the time. The reason I call it slander is due to the nature of it. There was an active attempt to push my name towards some individuals and a good deal of her throwing it around in her telegram and to my knowledge discord channels as well. This was going on to a mild degree about her annoyance at having to make changes and after the initial email with messages saying I was blackmailing her, and a few other more minor statements/insults such as calling me an asshole. And, as the bottom of that journal cited, she did say that if people asked her for my name it would be provided. She has since deleted the journal it appears, though. I would say that's to her credit.
  3. In this case it wasn't a 4 hour delay, it was around 26 hours total along with the posting and some external factors that lead to my being aggressive in this case. I don't have hard feelings about it, and honestly if not for the journals and attempts to slander me this wouldn't have been submitted. This is me putting the full story out on a public post so people can form their own decisions on the matter.
  4. There were some external factors in play here that I was asked not to include in the submission. If you would like to know about them, contact me privately. But rest assured that this is not a common practice of mine, in over 100 pieces commissioned this is the only time I've ever opened a paypal dispute.
  5. I do plan to add in that specific detail shot. Under most circumstances I wouldn't be bothered much, but given the nature of this commission and the treatment I had received I did in this case. Either way I do see a need to further clarify it and will be adding that to my ref sheet.
  6. I will preface this with saying that I am genuinely actually very happy with the result. I am just displeased with what had to be done to get it. This is the final result, and I do genuinely think it's a good one. Moving forwards to the content to the beware: Initially no problems were had aside from it being overdue. I don't have a screenshot of it but the journal stated a turnaround of 2-3 weeks and this took over a month. I consider this pretty negligible, however. I took no issue with this as I know life happens and I had seen some journals about her going through a rough spot so I just waited quietly until she got to me. Payment was sent on May 25'th 2019 through paypal, and promptly paid up front. Moving forwards to the 20'th and 21'st of June, correspondence began through email. The initial product that I got I did like, however I just wanted a minor change for character accuracy sake. This was the ref provided This was the secondary reference I had provided for clarification This was the initial result This was the second change This was the correspondence surrounding that. Following this second change was radio silence, and someone brought to my attention it was being posted in its unfinished state. This understandably annoyed me a little bit. I can understand menstrual pain needing someone to take a break but this was over 24 hours of no correspondence before I found out it had been posted(End of my workday on the 21'st). The result was me asking her to respond or I would open a dispute with paypal. Following this final correspondence, I had gotten radio silence for a bit more than an hour. At that point I decided to opt to open a paypal dispute - the problems I had were quickly resolved afterwards to her credit and within an hour of the dispute having been open I closed it having been satisfied. Proof of the dispute being closed The following morning I woke up to this. In the comments she proceeded to slander me more, and has offered to disclose my name to attempt to force me out of the community by being unable to commission artists. Overall I would say this behavior is overly dramatic for the type of situation it was, and I hope it doesn't continue in future. Customers should not have to open disputes to get minor changes like this with the reasoning of "I'd rather move on to other projects, you'll have to deal" nor be slandered behind their backs.
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