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  1. Update : The dispute was settled in their favor. They have deleted their twitter account or have changed their name again? I'm not sure which. I did find a protected account with the original name minus the underscore, but it has no discerning links or icons at this time. I have no proof it's the same person, but I'd be cautions of its potential to be the same person. They do have a youtube account still but it looks like all of the video's were deleted except for 1 posted 1 day ago that just says "you dont know me" Youtube account : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVsXncrGakeKbXe_17V-azw Included screenshots of the closed dispute and the twitter accounts. I no longer have access to the DM conversation on twitter. She had not responded past the point screen shot point in my initial post. I did take the advice of Rendrassa and let them know they hold no rights to the artwork and are not allowed to use it in any regard unless payment is received in full. All in all, my guess is this is now done. I will be contacting paypal to see if they can offer further assistance but I believe my interaction with the client is now done from this point.
  2. I contacted them after reading this. I was informed that until the dispute is resolved with the bank we are unable to do anything and unfortunately paypal is unable to expedite the process since it is through the bank. Time frame is 30-75 days depending on the steps paypal needs to take. Looks like I'm in for a long haul run. If the charge-back is not decided in my favor I will contact paypal again to see if they are able to help me further, but until them it looks like here I sit. lol. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the heads up. I'll prepare my finances accordingly for this outcome. I appreciate the information.
  4. I agree. My speculation is based on the e-mail being the clients and the paypal accounts main e-mail being the guardians.
  5. Commission was asked for through DM's on twitter. Invoice was paid on the 29th of July Commission was completed 30th of July and delivered/received. Dispute was made August 15th User seems to have changed their twitter handle in that time. ( Previously @ FoxyAnya_ | Currently Aika_productions ) I have included the form reference link opened as a screenshot and a screenshot of the character ref provided via DM to prove it is the same commissioner by reference given despite the name change. I contacted them via DM and learned that they were on the used paypal account with their guardian. (I also speculate this is why the invoice e-mail is different from the dispute e-mail on paypal) The guardian has filed the dispute. After further discussion with the client it appears they asked for the commission. Paid for it, and now the guardian is disputing. I requested to be put in contact with the guardian to try to resolve this. Client dodged this request. I inquired if they had text proof of the guardian granting permission for them to get the commission through the account. They said yes, they had texted it. When I asked for a screenshot for my paypal case they stated they could not find it and stopped responding. Paypal dispute is still pending. I have provided all information I could to paypal at this point, however, as this client claims to not be in charge of the paypal account they utilize I felt this warranted a warning.
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