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  1. Just wanted to update this beware - I was able to contact REYKAT on their Tumblr and I have now received my art!
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. I also forgot the tags too, gosh. If you'd like me to just resubmit the beware, I can do that!
  4. I just noticed I spelled the artist's name wrong in the title! It should be REYKAT. I'm so sorry!
  5. In October 2017, I commissioned REYKAT for a fullbody sketch of one of my original characters for $25 USD. Their TOS states that waiting times ‘can depend, so think twice whether you are ready to wait or not’. I saw that although they seemed to have a big queue of commissions and continued to accept more, they were frequently posting commissions and so I assumed they were on top of their workload. They have no public waiting list or commission queue, so I had no way of knowing this for sure, but I decided to take the risk. My commission was accepted and I was told I'd be noted when the art was done. (I’ve blocked out their PayPal address in the corresponding screenshot). By mid-February 2018, I hadn’t received any updates on my commission. I wrote a note asking about the status of the art and received a reply soon after saying that it would be done (no specified time). However by June 2018, I still had not received my commission, and had not received any word at all from the artist. They had been posting personal art, as well as commissions that I believe came from commissioners after me (judging by the date of their inquiry comments on REYKAT’s commission journal). I noted REYKAT inquiring about this, and their reply linked me to a screenshot of their TOS stating that waiting times would ‘depend’. They also reassured me that the file would be sent to me when finished and it had not been forgotten. Honestly, after that I kind of forgot about the commission for several months, but it was never delivered, and nor did I receive any communication from REYKAT. During this time, they continued to post personal art and others’ commissions. In June 2019, I decided to try to follow up on the commission again. This time my message went unread and unanswered. A month later, I sent a second note, which has also gone unread and unanswered for the past week. As of now, I have received neither art nor refund, and the PayPal dispute window is well past.
  6. In October 2017 I commissioned an artist for a fullbody sketch of one of my OCs. They have no public waitlist and no set waiting times (it just says that it can vary but may take 'a long time'). They are very popular and seem to have a lot of commissions going at once, but I decided to take the risk since they seemed to get them done. Now it has been almost 2 years and I have still not received my sketch. They have never reached out to me on their own to let me know how long I can expect to wait. I've contacted them three times, the first in early 2018 and the second in mid 2018, just asking whether I could be able to have an update on my commission. The first time they reassured me I had not been forgotten, but the second time they sent me a screenshot of the part in their TOS about varying waiting times and told me I would be getting my commission (still no expected time though). I've contacted them a third time recently but received no reply. The PayPal dispute window is well and truly closed, so I can't file a chargeback. I've been wondering if I should try asking for a refund at this point (though I would still like the art, really). I'm just not sure whether I have any legs to stand on, since they never specified a waiting time (though I never expected to wait 2 years for a sketch!) I was also wondering if I should warn them that I am thinking about posting about them here, since they seem to have a lot of clients (and I've seen at least one other person comment on their art that they have also been waiting a long time for their commission, so it's not just me). However, I'm a bit reluctant to do this, as it just feels a bit like a callout, but I'm not sure if it would help others? This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, and I'd just like some advice on what to do! Thanks in advance for any help!
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