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  1. Howdy! This is excellent news. Do you have both in hand? Once you close this we won't reopen it, and it's unclear if you've been made whole.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on the name change. Although I say this in the politest way possible, but we don't need to be told how to do our jobs or run the archive. Dropping a link helps immensely, and we will take over from there.
  3. A comment was not posted as it violated Rule 1 of our Commenting Rules. We are not a drama site and will not approve comments that contain rumors or speculation as to the condition of someone's mental health.
  4. We have our positive reviews forum for this, but we've never thought to categorize people by style. I suppose we could use tags for this~
  5. Love to see resolution. Got it marked as resolved for you!
  6. Oh huh, I was going to march on in here and say that Paypal has a digital goods option, but apparently that's just gone from invoicing?? Even from a template that hasn't changed in years?? Anyhow, I think for invoicing purposes putting in the item description "this is a digtial service" somewhere and then marking the order processed should work
  7. Changed Resolved to Yes
  8. On Feb 25, 2022 I responded to a now deleted commission ad put out by Kancler_vell, and paid $70 USD for a colored headshot. Their email has been left uncensored as it's publicly listed. On Feb 27th they asked for my email to keep in touch when Russia invaded Ukraine. That was the last I heard from this artist. I have sent follow up messages and received no reply. Message sent on Instagram: Email attempts: I've learned from a Russian artist that Kancler_Vell is ok, but is only active on the Russian social media site, VK, on what might be a private profile. So, I sent one last attempt at reaching out. Edit March 15, 2023: after sending an email to this artist with links to this post, she has gotten in contact with me to figure out our next steps. Edit 2: Kancler has sent me a refund!
  9. Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/noahasai/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoahAsai I've commissioned and purchased adopts from Spy/ Noah over the past year and a half. Spy is easy to work with, and delivers commissions very quickly. Often within a few days, but never more than a couple of months. His style is fantastic and his adopts are well thought out and worth every penny. I highly recommend working with Spy if you have the chance. Below are some of the portraits I've commissioned from Spy:
  10. Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddthesungod Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddthesungod/ I've commissioned Odd numerous times over the past year. Each time Odd has been prompt with his communication, delivers sketches quickly, and handles any fixes that may be required just as fast. Odd is seriously a pleasure to work with, and each piece he's done for me has come out very cute. Below are just a couple of the pieces he's finished for me, but not all of them!
  11. Changed Resolved to Yes
  12. This is excellent news. Would you consider this resolved?
  13. Changed Where to https://twitter.com/Nohselfcontrol https://m.twitch.tv/vincethewolfdog
  14. Hey OP! We just got this post live. Do you have any updates?
  15. This post is locked while OP has been granted an edit pass to fix their post right fast.
  16. Readers please forgive me. There were a lot of caps and I ran out of energy trying to rearrange them in order. You get the gist of what's going on. (joking) We'll just call this me abusing my mod powers because who's gonna stop me.
  17. A comment was not posted as it does not meet our requirements for proof and it contains personal rumors and hearsay. We are not a drama blog. If you know clients who have been affected, feel free to direct them to make a post. What someone may or may not do on their free time is absolutely none of our business, and spreading rumors toes the line of libel.
  18. OP might not be following this post. Best to PM them.
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