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  1. Changed Resolved to Yes
  2. Sorry about all the edits. I had to try and break up the caps for readability and insert clarification we got from OP in PM.
  3. Looks like they're also somewhat active on Twitter, OP!
  4. It's really up to you. There are a few notorious clients who take ages to respond. If you'd like to post a lost contact we can help you out. If you're comfortable waiting it out, then go ahead. Just balance if you need to keep your queue moving or if you can stand to have something sitting in queue.
  5. Celestina

    Beware: Thyouo

    Changed Resolved to Yes
  6. Changed Resolved to Yes
  7. I'll finally have a few days off of work to do some archiving.

  8. Added a second mod note. Scourge have you gotten any kind of resolution on this? Is the artist doing anything concerning this? Additionally, if you receive any harassment via PM please use the report feature and we will ban them.
  9. If it's not something that's available publicly then it's a no-go. Otherwise, yes.
  10. All that can be done is for your beware to stand on it's own. If she's directly saying untrue things, or sending direct targeted harassment to you then feel free to add it.
  11. Changed Where to @EylonFerrousa on Telegram https://www.furaffinity.net/user/eylonferrousa/ https://twitter.com/KumaHontosha?lang=en @KumaHontosha on Telegram https://twitter.com/zeuzvalein?lang=en http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zeuzvalein/
  12. Could be the OP submitted here then spoke to the artist. They submitted here Jan 12 at 2 pm my time, but the upload from the artist was done at 11 pm. OP hasn't logged in to the site since early Monday.
  13. Oh gosh. Almost all of their examples are full body with feet, so I definitely feel the image isn't like what was shown. I also spy them adding on the Paypal fee, yikes. Edit: We downgraded this as you ultimately didn't bring up the issues with the artist, but the lack of full body is definitely a deviation from what they tend to produce.
  14. Changed Resolved to Yes
  15. Credit cards if you've got them. They add an extra layer of protection if Paypal fails you.
  16. I only have three comic projects under my belt, so there are probably more experienced individuals out there. I know @zenia was (is?) working long term as a comic artist for someone. But your best course of action is to sit down yourself and figure out how much of your story you want into a comic. You can't jam a lot of action into a single page, and comic page counts rise a lot faster than clients realize. It would be best to further break down your project into scenes. For example a recent client provided me a four page story, and that translated to about 7 pages of comic work. That was with us trimming some things out/ cutting dialogue. Expect to pay between $150 - $500 a page depending the artist, and I would advise against going with just the cheapest person. Watch the artist. For some comics are very daunting, so I would avoid paying all up front unless you really trust the person to get to work. This is assuming you don't intend to make money from it, but if you do some may charge more if you intend to print and publish. How you want to commission each page or in batches is up to you. Personally, from experience, doing batches is easier to ensure everything flows together. The client can then sit down and review a set of pages to make sure they like how the pages and dialogue flows, and characters look consistent. Before you commit to anyone I would suggest to shop around and ask questions. Make sure how someone works is something that makes you feel comfortable. Do they offer edits? When do they offer edits? Do they offer preliminaries? Do they do scripting for you? (Or do you have to provide scripts.) Do they take payment plans? Ect. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Someone who has a lot of experience working with large, long term projects will understand that clients are putting a lot of faith in them.
  17. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do beyond going public. (Please bear in mind not to post their name in this thread.) The moment the claim started going south, the proper thing to do would have been to call Paypal. They are much more efficient once you are talking to a live human being. Your only other option is to file a chargeback through your credit card, but that's not possible if you didn't pay with a credit card.
  18. Generally if you can provide proof of the item being delivered you have a decent shot of winning. We're sorry the holidays had us delayed. Has this resolved yet?
  19. 1. You can most certainly make a post on this person. However, before you do that I would either set a deadline for completion or a deadline for a refund first. It doesn't sound like they take commission work all too seriously (especially at that price), and you may be in limbo indefinitely unless you really put your foot down. 2. The second one also is going to require an ultimatum. Are they reading your notes at all or are they unread? Either way, tell them communication needs to improve or you'd like a refund. Also you left the artist's name in the second situation. Please remember all posts are to be anonymous.
  20. Celestina

    Beware: Jazz-o

    Aannnd then they take the most unprofessional route ever by forcing a piece on you that you already made clear that you didn't want. The audacity. So from a 10 11 year freelancer, I have some advice for Jazz-o: When you take someone's money you're a business. When your client states they don't want the work anymore you stop and give them their refund. Even if it's in partial payments, you give them their refund. How you handle the collab payout is between you and the artists, but since you dropped the ball, you deliver the funds. You are responsible for providing WIPs. It is not the client's job to ask you to do yours. I see the queue isn't clear and yet more commissions are being piled on. Stop. Adding more work when you've got a backlog is a great way to invite 100% justified chargebacks. Up your prices and take on less work. Jesus, $50 for a full body with a background? No wonder they're backlogged.
  21. Unfortunately, OP has notified us that Mastercard has sided in the artist's favor. Mastercard has a 120 day filing limit.
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