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  1. a comment has been held back, because it's not our place to showcase this kind of information. Please leave personal posts out of Artists Beware.
  2. One comment was not allowed through due to it being proxy. Users may only report on their own transaction. Also please upload proof of the balding.
  3. A comment was not allowed through due to breaking the civility rule.
  4. Your comment has been approved, but I've fixed the pronouns. The builder is male. 🙂 Edit: your other comment has also been fixed as well.
  5. Also please note that since this is a chargeback, not a claim, you will be hit with the $20 fee once it goes through. Unfortunately, when there are two users of the account your chances of winning are zero, as it's likely been listed as fraud by the guardian. Regardless of what payment processor you used, the banks will always resolve unauthorized use in favor of the account holder. But definitely gather everything, and call paypal. Do not use their automated system. At the very least they can resolve the $20 fee, but there have been instances of them eating the chargeback entirely.
  6. The reason you're seeing two emails is because Paypal allows multiple emails to be assigned to one account.
  7. The time limit between a dispute being opened to being automatically closed in a seller's favor is 20 days as a heads up. OP, you can send a note and an email being firm but polite that you do not appreciate the way this transaction is going, and that you are willing to continue but that you want regular updates. If that yields you positive results, then great! If not, @Borneshas written a great guide on ultimatums.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and lock this Kei. If you need any more help you're welcome to ask, or make a new thread! For folks who are coming from the artist: we keep all advice posts anonymous. If you out yourself, your post will be hidden.
  9. Advice posts are to remain anonymous. Please leave your disagreements off of our doorstep.
  10. I think they have rules for targeted harassment, but I've never had to use it personally. Also the characters look nothing alike. If they want to claim that design is ""stealing" no one tell them about flight rising and the contour gene.
  11. It really depends. We don't accept behavior bewares, but if they are demanding that you sell to them as a condition for them to stop then maybe it's something we'd review. It's not a guarantee that it would pass queue, as we really would prefer to not be involved in non-transactions. But your best course of action is to block them everywhere and let them continue to dig their hole. If they block evade or send others to do so, then report them to the site you're using.
  12. Hiya! This is from @snowhawkwhom is away from her PC at the moment: The zipper sticking is a common thing with new zippers. Some bar soap on the teeth can help Detachable tails are very common, and if the home placement isn't right, it'll cause a bulge. (LB should have REQUIRED a dtd) Care instructions are keep it out of the dryer, but hand wash.
  13. Comments have been reopened for the time being because Camaro has some concerns. If any of our members experienced in suits can help clarify on these items, that would be appreciated. Comments that are here to only further the behavior from Twitter won't be approved.
  14. Changed Resolved to Yes
  15. Changed Resolved to Yes
  16. Yeup, send them another poke asking for an ETA. Either they deliver or you'll have to escalate. Unfortunately, there are just some scenarios where you'll have to put your foot down.
  17. I'm confused. Paypal.me is the same as Paypal, so your records would be the same regardless. Did you want to refund the original transaction? The ability to issue a refund that way is disabled eventually. If you want to ensure that the refund goes to the same email you got payment from, the Paypal.me link should show their name. That information can be used to find the original transaction. Or if you have a general time frame and transaction amount you can look back to find the original transaction.
  18. Celestina

    Beware: Fytch

    I want to note that this kind of information is against the submission guidelines as we aren't here to speculate on people's financial situations. However, given this is an issue with chargebacks there will be an exemption. The money chargebacked went somewhere. Edit: and this furthers my theory she was using a CC she shouldn't have had access to if she has to repay the money slowly.
  19. Hiya! Your comment has been left hidden because it has not been censored. You're welcome to repost with Lenex's email censored and the last name censored.
  20. Updated the tags on both of his posts.
  21. Given numerous individuals are following the post, and mod messages don't ping you: The suit has been repaired. Fixed images have been attached. It is now en route to the client. The tag has been updated to "pending resolved" as we would prefer posters have the item in hand before we mark a post as fully resolved. The comments will remain closed. Everything that needs to be said has been said, and we thank both parties for resolving this issue.
  22. That's about enough. It's fine to critique the OP, but at this point given how users have been behaving offsite and then coming here to continue the behavior we'll be locking the thread until Camaro and Lemonbrat can speak further on the matter. Absolutely nothing justifies harassment. Ever.
  23. Heya! We have the ability to monitor a whole bunch of things behind the scenes. I know certain users here have been downright nasty via Twitter, but they are not Lemonbrat that we've seen on our site.
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