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  1. It definitely doesn't excuse anything, but I am somewhat taken aback by how badly priced those commissions were. I would be shocked it an artist didn't burn out and bail after making >$5/hour, especially since they allowed bulk commissions like this beware. I think there's a fair lesson to be learned from both parties here- the artist probably got way in over their head with commissions and made a mountain of work for scarce compensation, and made the poor choice of ghosting instead of finding a solution. Hopefully not a mistake they'll make again. Even better would be refunding OP aft
  2. Holy shit. I've read bewares for years and this person's behavior is among the worst I've ever seen. They have absolutely ZERO right to talk to you like that and to file a chargeback on top of it all...wow. Zero reading comprehension clearly, and blames it on being high. As a huge pothead that might be one of the most ridiculous excuses I've ever heard. Pretty much everyone I've talked to gets overly worried about being rude or accidentally insulting people while high, not arrogance and abuse like this. I can't help but feel like they took advantage of the fact that english isn't your pri
  3. Calix

    Beware: Kenket

    That's so sad, I've always looked up to this artist. I hope they send out your stickers eventually.
  4. Holy YIKES, the way they talk to you is so rude and uncalled for. I can't imagine ever being that nasty and mean to commissioners. I get that they need to keep expectations limited but they talk to you like they're disciplining their child, not talking with a client. Totally inappropriate, I'm sorry you've had to deal with them.
  5. Very sad that this user seems to just be flat out scamming multiple people now. I hope you're able to repurpose the art in some way. In the future, it can help to send heavily watermarked + small res images until you have payment. Sadly, it usually takes being burned like this to start doing that. Sorry this happened to you.
  6. Calix

    Beware: Dumas

    Wow, that's absolutely awful. Going to also preemptively block them and warn my NSFW artist friends about this user. Sorry that happened, I hope you're able to repurpose the art or recoup your losses somehow.
  7. Wow, comparing the example and piece they gave you, it really looks like they rushed your piece. Did they ever respond to your message about the quality? Honestly, the two look like they came from completely different artists of different skill levels. For that price tag, you'd think they could at least color in the lines correctly.
  8. I don't want to go dark, but are we sure the user is...still with us? It seems weird that they've just gone radio silent for so long.
  9. Ah! My mistake, sorry. I saw the bit about the proxy but my eyes skipped right over the line above that for some reason. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but shouldn't this be a 'caution' rather than a full beware? They delivered your art, and though their priorities seem a little iffy, 3-4 months really isn't totally unreasonable for art.
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