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  1. I dunno, I feel like if it's important enough that your character be feral only it'd be one of the things you'd stress when you send the ref. Even if it's on the ref sheet itself, I'd always stress any important factors that must be with my character. While the artist ignoring you isn't good and they definitely owed you at least a correct feral piece, I feel like you could've been a little more understanding in that the artist's English is lacking. You weren't gonna get anywhere with long paragraphs.
  2. I have received my refund. Do I need to contact a mod to get this marked as resolved?
  3. Update: The artist finally got back to me and is going to be issuing a partial refund. Once the refund goes through this can be marked as resolved.
  4. Something I forgot to mention on the beware itself is I did attempt to email the artist on November 11th through the e-mail that is attached to the Paypal and I never received a response there. I'm not sure why the artist has such a hard time responding to me, they still haven't even read my note to this day and, while I don't want to be a nuisance to the artist, I'd love to receive either the same treatment as promised or at least a partial refund. At least I believe I'm entitled to a partial if the artist no longer wishes to complete my piece. If the mods wish I can provide proof of said e-mail
  5. Nope. I still have no response, nor has my note been read. At this point I'm kicking myself and should have forced the refund when I had the Paypal protection period, but lesson learned.
  6. On August 13th, 2018 the user Earlybird opened up for one commission slot, for a 2 Character Full Body with Background for 125 USD. On August 14th, I grabbed the slot. Artist confirmed same day. I sent the note asking for a SFW image at first. Artist confirmed and accepted two days later on August 16th. Payment was sent on August 17th (censored artist's IRL name). Payment confirmation was given, was told that there were only two commissions in front of me and I would receive a sketch soon. On September 5th, since I hadn't received a preliminary sketch yet, I wanted to change my commission to something for myself and my fiance, so I sent a note asking for a NSFW commission instead. The artist responds on September 8th, telling me they did have a sketch but it would be okay to change and to let them know what I wanted to do. I went ahead with the NSFW since I hadn't seen the first sketch at the time. Strangely, this note is never read. I don't hear from the artist from that last note. On January 9th, I have received no sketch, no updates, or anything. Their queue journal is broken so I have no way of checking on it and their ToS states with a full queue there's only a month wait, with only a couple days if near empty. I send a note asking for an update. ToS Archive: http://archive.is/DijuA Artist responds on January 10th, stating that their notes are acting strange and that they had sent me a WIP, though they would send it again. I get the WIP sketch: (NSFW WARNING) https://imgur.com/a/pPtJlP2 I approve of the pose and I assume work begins from there. On February 4th, my grandmother had passed away and I wasn't interested in really pursuing the commission any longer due to it. My Paypal protection period was nearing expiration and I had already waited 6 months and only received a sketch. I wanted to cancel the project, fully aware I was not going to receive a full refund. The artist responds a couple days later informing me that the commission was already on the flat color stage (even though I had never seen the lineart), but they would be willing to change the subject if I so wished. Not wanting to do that to the artist, I bit the bullet, apologized, and asked them to continue on as usual. In hindsight I should have asked to see the progress but hindsight is 20/20. The artist does not respond to that note until February 25th and reaffirms with me that I want to continue the image and have it finished. The note once again goes unread. Once again, I do not hear from the artist from that point. I send another note asking for an update on May 2nd. The artist responds on May 8th asking for reaffirmation of the image I want drawn, and I confirm that I want the NSFW image finished. Today on May 22nd I receive the final commission: (NSFW WARNING) https://imgur.com/6ddTzVI The artist also includes a small doodle for an apology for the wait. Compared to the example shown, it's nowhere near the quality I paid for and almost feels rushed. I'm not sure if the artist legitimately forgot what I ordered, but I express unhappiness with the final product. Example here: (NSFW WARNING) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23217731/ I've commissioned this artist successfully a couple times beforehand so I'm not sure what happened, but I hope to resolve this with the artist and will post updates if/when it becomes resolved. They are a very sweet individual and carry themselves professionally but with such a long wait time and (supposedly) such a small queue/incorrect product received I feel they dropped the ball on this one hard.
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