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  1. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I don't understand why some clients act this way, it's so immature. I just want to wish you well and hope this issue gets solved 🙂
  2. Ugh, that's so frustrating, I'm sorry this happened to you. No one should have their sona drawn in an inappropriate way without the owner's consent. Including that you specified what you wanted is just irritable. Even the fact that they were so rude afterward towards you, how they didn't even apologize? That's unacceptable.
  3. I'm so sorry this is happening to you 😞 My advice would to maybe post a beware. I would think the maker would see that and not want to loose any future business especially if they are well known like what you said. I hope this helped! Good luck!
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. I recently just bought a new suit from them (picture attached below) and they've been nothing but kind. It was a premade and we decided to get magnetic eyebrows so they had to take the head back to their shop. Since then communication has been absolutely wonderful, and the head is promptly on its way. The commissioner of this suit needed more clearer references. If this particular commissioner really had a problem with LemonBrat they would provide more prior detail and the MAIN BODY part of the suit and not just the head and tail issues. The only part that I agree with in this entire beware is the head. I do agree that it does look slightly rodent like. I feel like it's very important to do research on not just makers, but on different furs, foams, and so fourth before commissioning a suit. I did my share of research and chose the fur I wanted used on my suit, as my maker (who shall remain nameless) had plans for a different fur option and was happy to use a different option with a slight pay increase (because of ordering). I wasn't planning on commenting on this beware, but I can't sit by and let a wonderful company lose potential customers. I've met the people who help create these suits and they deserve so much credit. I own quite a few LemonBrat products and that number continues to grow. I personally think they're a great company with lots of potential. I'm not trying to attack anyone who agrees with this beware, I'm simply sharing my opinion/experience. - picture of the new suit below -
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