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  • Beware NeonGlowHusky/Sun_Burnt_Wolf

    • Who: NeonGlowHusky/Sun_Burnt_Wolf
      Where: Furaffinity
      When: 07/26/2018
      What: Other (Explain Below)

    Alright, I'm not going to beat around the bush here. This guy, NeonGlowHusky, or  Sun_Burnt_Wolf as he's now known as, He claims adoptables, but then when it comes time to pay up, he has to put it off for another date. Not only this, but he couldn't make up his mind. He's blown up my PM's with either, "NSFW on." Or "Clean only."

    It was July 13th, and he said he would pay me for some adoptables on the 27th, which is when he would get his next payday. (Totally fine with me.) {... I totally forgot this place had existed, and didn't save the quote...}

    When it was the 27th, he tells me he will pay on the 10th of August. Why? Oh simply because he had bills, and other adoptables. ... (TBH, I would've been fine with the honest, i had bills. But the adoptable thing? No.)  I was trying to be nice to the guy, and sound understanding as possible.  (Pictures are attached) I tell him that I won't start until I am paid. He said that was fine. 

    And then, I ask a couple days later if we were still on for the 10th of August. He tells me we are still on. (Cool cool, right?)

    And he buys a small 6$ adoptable from me, with a gender swap. So. I do the edit for him.

    And THEN AGAIN, he changes the date, to a LATER one. Why did he do it this time? Simply because he THEN owed someone 50$

    At that point, I was done. Fed up. I was tired of the run around. I was tired of empty "Promises." I gave him a piece of my mind. (In a kind way of course!)

    At a later point, he buys a 10$ adoptable. (Pretty good.) 

    And then, he tries to buy MORE adoptables. (i'm all for having my adoptables bought, but don't ask for an adopt if you don't have the funds!)

    The adoptable total was going to be 70$. He asked to drop one of the adoptables, and grab the other two. (Totally fine with me!) 

    And then.. He gives me this journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8852160/

    And he needed them on hold until September 21st. That was all fine and dandy until I needed my bus pass for college. So. I told him that I couldn't hold them.

    About... I wanna say a week later, he notes me this journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8852430/ and he pays me the next day later. ?

    And then about another week or two later, he tells me he can't pay me for another adoptable he claimed from me because of a car crash. (... I know this is serious, but... At this point with him, I can't really believe anything he tells me.)  I go to one of the people he's commissioned, and asked them if he's ever cancelled more than once. And they said yes.

    To make things worse, he's trying to sell his old sona, and move to a new account. I got curious and looked at his journals. One of them stood out to me.


    This one: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8933574/


    So, to all you adoptable makers, or artists, PLEASE do not sell to him. He will not pay/or will keep you on hold until the next year. (If he does, he will pay when HE'S ready.)

    NeonGlowHusky 1.png

    NeonGlowHusky 2.png

    NeonGlowHusky 3.png

    NeonGlowHusky 4.png

    NeonGlowHusky 5.png

    NeonGlowHusky 6.png

    NeonGlowHusky 7.png

    NeonGlowHusky 8.png

    NeonGlowHusky 9.png

    NeonGlowHusky 10.png

    NeonGlowHusky 11.png

    NeonGlowHusky 12.png

    NeonGlowHusky 13.png

    NeonGlowHusky 14.png

    NeonGlowHusky 15.png

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    I just took a look at this page and i recognize who this person is from the links as well I hate to say this but this user is actually kingkangaroo (Considering the account is suspended Since i) I can give you a good idea from the links. (I was wondering since i've seen some of those pictures as well as adopts before. 

    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kingkangaroo (suspended)


    And here is some proof from the suspended page to the current. 

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20086583/ (Lightning Otter Adopt)



    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19764352/ (Blood the Vampire Cat)



    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20300490/ (Portsmith Dong Roo)



    And there's quite a bit more but i am really disappointed in him since something seemed to be off with him and all these adopts i'm guessing this might explain why his suspension.

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    Also i would report the the account op as well since it's also a ban evasion especially from the proof i posted above. Since that will stop him from attempting to try and get away to sell his character to others.

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    So many artists in that journal. I hope none are seriously holding adopts/slots for him for so long or actually done any work yet. This guy needs to stop getting deeper into this rabbit hole until everything else is done and paid.

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    Oh, wow.

    Their Sun_Burnt_Wolf account tried to commission me just a few hours ago.  The thing is, they didn't even read the description for the sale and asked for something the description clearly states, in the first couple of sentences, that I can't do

    I told them as much and they said they no longer wanted the art.

    Gone ahead and blocked them on FA now on both of my accounts.  TY for posting about this.

    Edited by Kei
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    11 hours ago, Rendrassa said:

    So many artists in that journal. I hope none are seriously holding adopts/slots for him for so long or actually done any work yet. This guy needs to stop getting deeper into this rabbit hole until everything else is done and paid.

    Also this recent journal of his bothers me. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9030144/

    Considering he really has some serious money issues since this is technically a pattern of his.

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    His behaviour with you is very strange -- I can't tell if he's serious and very indecisive or trying to mess you around on purpose? And him constantly changing when he can pay you/needing you to put things on hold for him is already a massive red flag to me. I'm a patient person, but I'm not sure I could have continued with him as long as you did.

    Thank you for posting this, definitely someone to avoid working with considering evidence seems to point to him being a

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    Oh my gosh, so much indecisiveness, I honestly at first thought he might have been trying to get the nsfw versions for free but with him changing his mind so much i'm not sure what he's doing. Heres hoping he's just indecisive.

    You have so much patience op! Thank you for the warning!

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