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  1. The artists attitude is so sad, they have such lovely art. @Koifox Op never agreed to these terms and even if they had it wouldn't really hold up. I want to be clear Koifox, this isn't something the artist can't come back from but they need to handle it properly, I believe they can they just need to make things right. I'd understand having a clause that says you can only be refunded fully if they haven't started and then it's partial refunds if some work has been completed but even still with such a wait I'm not even sure if that should apply. Also a family member(?) coming in here to try and
  2. Oh that's really weird, like I'd be mad too if someone changed my character's gender. I wonder if they make a M/M version for every artwork they do or if this was a one time thing. The only thing I wonder is if the person who bought the other slot was upset because their character wouldn't be with a female character and wanted a m/m version but still that really doesn't excuse changing someone else's character. Like this is full on bizarre.
  3. Oh gosh it's a little worrisome that it seems like Zuazhes was made one of their art managers. I really hope that they don't act as agressive as they did with you on here.
  4. Oh my gosh, so much indecisiveness, I honestly at first thought he might have been trying to get the nsfw versions for free but with him changing his mind so much i'm not sure what he's doing. Heres hoping he's just indecisive. You have so much patience op! Thank you for the warning!
  5. Wait did you ever see the finished badge at the con? I understand troubles with lamination but why didn't they just let you know before giving you estimations of the time it would take?
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