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Found 4 results

  1. Disclaimer: the screenshots I have are the best I can get from discord chats where I talked with others about the commission months ago. Commissioner blocked me (see attachment 1) immediately after my saying I wasn't content with my commission compared to others they've done, thus I cannot get any other screenshots than those I have here. -- Proper: Our first contact about the commission was right after they posted they were open for commissions and (of I remember right) in need of help financially. I had talked with them previously, as they made a nice little $10 pinup of my lizard boy (Attachment 2), and I even made them a little art as thanks in return. They seemed nice, so why not help them out and see what they can do for a full piece? April 7th, I paid the $140 (attachment 3) for a full shaded piece with a background and showed them all my references for my Y/veltal and U/mbreon characters performing missionary position and its supposed to be romantic. I will note that shaded characters is worth more than background (attachment 4), and the background ended up being the subject in the end piece. After the start of our commission, they seemed to go pretty fast! They got me the first sketch within 3 days, which came in the form of just a fully lined "background". (attachment 5) Took me off-guard because that never happens, getting the background (lined) before even seeing a sketch of any sort, especially the subjects. Thought maybe the subjects would go on the couch or floor or something (since I didn't specify where, which was in retrospect may have been my first mistake, and they wouldn't tell me what they were about to do). I figured I would wait it out and see what they do. Waited quite a while, a month went by, another month...I was beginning to wonder, so I asked if there was any progress. Each time I asked, they simply answered "no progress". Meanwhile on Twitter I had noticed them saying they were too depressed to work or some such thing, then it turned to them being in art school all of a sudden. And whenever they were in the mood, they'd spit out about 5 pinup commissions at a given time. By the time I even got an update (which I will touch on in a moment), there had to have been about 30 to 40 commissions finished by them. That is not an exaggeration. I confronted them about it and after a few times of trying, they did indeed confirm that they took many MANY commissions at once, and it's been piling up ever since. And yet they are still asking for commissions and taking over a year to finish what I assume to be most of them. Moving on, the first update I got since the lined background was on February 11th, 2020 (attachment 6) I voiced my concern that the subjects weren't in the foreground and were instead in the background (attachment 7) while also trying to be nice because they were supposedly my friend, and the fact they'd been going through a lot (allegedly). Their only response was "this is what it looks like zoomed in" (attachment 8 ) which is a big yikes because, not only was it low res if you did zoom in, but it's also the fact it's not the focus, is a big no-no. I voiced my concerns again, and she left me on read. February 13th, another update. They only showed that they had colored and shaded the "background" which I thought looked pretty dang good, all things considered. (attachment 9) But no sign of whether Chio decided to move the characters anywhere else. Figured I would wait and see. Fast forward to APRIL 15TH with no prior WIPs, the characters were lined and flat colored already. I was so done and tired at this point and just wanted it done that I just couldn't bear to say anything. Other than just shade them, because obviously there was nothing I could do at this point. They had already got it set in stone without my permission. (attachment 10) Their reaction to "shading" the characters? (like I had bloody paid for) They darken the room. (attachment 11) So I figure, well, if you're going to do that, maybe can shade it nice with some glow effects from the U/mbreon that bounce off the Y/veltal and the walls and all? No. All that happens is that they add a glow around the markings. (attachment 12) Nothing spectacular. I paid full price for this. And the BACKGROUND is the FOREGROUND, and the characters aren't even shaded. Full piece: (attachment 13) Friend asking if full piece is a wip: (attachment 14) Proof of talking with my friends about this even early on when I found out it was in the background: (attachment 15) Other examples of art released at the same time that is better: (attachment 16) I'm sorry, but that is a failure to do what you have to do. Failure to communicate and make sure. Failure to get things done. Failure on the level of taking on way too many commissions and getting none done for an eternity. And then screwing up a full piece, which should be considered having /more/ care and effort put into it than your average pinup. Tl;dr -Takes too many commissions, and thus takes over a year to do your art -Not good at communication on commissions to make sure its what the commissioner wants -Overly sensitive if you say anything negative at all There were no WIPs before this.
  2. On December 31, 2018, I commissioned Bree Drake for a full body badge while we were both vending at NYFB. I have screenshot proof of this transaction, despite the fact that it was a verbal, at-con, cash transaction, because I sent them a digital copy of my ref sheet via telegram:, at which time they asked me to confirm the type of commission I had purchased from them. On January 10th, I was contacted via telegram with an update as to the status of my badge, at which time Bree informed me they would be starting work on my badge soon after having some personal issues. Two months later, on March 18th, 2019, I attempted contact on Telegram for an update. My message was read, but not responded to, meaning that Bree elected to actively ignore my message there. She has not been active on telegram since July. Shortly thereafter, on March 21st, I sent her Facebook Page for her studio a message, asking the same question. At this point I was concerned because I was not listed anywhere on her Trello and had not even received the promised WIP. As you can see, some point after this exchange Bree deleted her business page, leaving me unable to contact her here either. As of September 6, 2019, I have not received a badge, a WIP, any further contact (nor can I contact her, as all her accounts seem to have gone dark as of March 2019), or any attempt at a refund.
  3. May. 23rd, 2011 at 4:22 PM jakejynx It's ridiculous that I have to make this post over something so simple, but this person has stopped responding to my emails, and has ignored the Paypal claim that I filed. On May 5, I posted a journal asking if anyone had some sparkle furs on hand that they would be willing to sell. Evilalcarne responded saying she could sell me some lime green fur. I paid $10 for the half yard of fur and $10 for shipping on May 7. She responded the same day, saying the fur would be shipped out on Monday. On Tuesday, May 10, I sent an email asking for the tracking number. She told me that she had stopped by the post office that day, but that her mother had the tracking number, since she was the one who went to the post office. On May 13, I sent an email asking for the tracking number again so that I could be home to receive the package. I received no response. On Monday, May 16, I sent another email telling her I was getting worried. Shipping from FL to GA takes two days at most. Even parcel post is a quick ship. I once again asked for the tracking number. She responded with "it's around here somewhere." And that was the last message I received from her. I sent a final stern email on Friday, May 20 telling her that I expected either the tracking number or a refund by the end of the day on Saturday, or I would be filing a Paypal claim. I received no response. A Paypal claim was filed late Saturday night, and it was not responded to. Today I escalated it to a claim, and I'm fairly confident that I will receive a refund, given that she is apparently unable to show proof that the fur was shipped. Please avoid transactions with this person. Communication is spotty, and she apparently can't be bothered to give you the tracking code on packages. Update: The fur actually arrived today via UPS. However, according to the tracking number on the package, it wasn't mailed off until May 20. That's 10 days after she claimed it had been mailed. Though I sincerely doubt it was $10 to ship, considering it weighs only 11 ounces, the UPS shipping calculator is apparently down right now, so I'm unable to get a price estimate. As if that weren't bad enough, when I opened the box, I quickly realized that it was not the half yard that I had bought. She sent me an 18x18 piece of fur (a half yard would have been an 18x65" piece). That's something like 1/8 of a yard, not 1/2. I know it was not a misunderstanding, since she included a note in the box saying "here is the 1/2 yard of fur." I can't help but think that she purposely sent me ~1/8 yard, and just assumed I wouldn't know what 1/2 a yard looks like. ? Fur 1 Fur 2 And this may be nitpicky, but on her site she has a picture posted of her dog lying in the exact same fur that she sent to me. Though I'm not allergic to dogs, the fur was going to be used on tails that could be sold to people who are allergic. I don't use furs that have been used as animal beds. Also forgot to add her contact/site information: Furaffinity (Gallery deleted) Deviantart Website Livejournal
  4. Beware Written on September 11, 2019 Who: Ohmega Suit Studios/Ohm Protho/Ohmnog When: November 9 2017 - 2019 (Still ongoing) Where: ordered via Facebook messenger, other discussions via Twitter, Telegram, and via email What: A pair of all blue, no claws or pawpads: handpaws, feetpaws, and artwork- headshot Total amount: $231 -- most paid through friends and family Things to note: Ohm and I were friends at the time of the commission start, somewhere between it all we just fell through. Ohm will be referred to by they/them/theirs out of respect for their choice of pronouns. I understand the situation in which Ohm had injured their hand in 2017 and when they had to move out of their apartment in 2019 AZ due to AC and space issues. I understand there was a period of time where Ohm's messaging on almost all social media outlets was really glitched out and communication would be faltered. Hence why I decided to reach out to multiple at a time. I do not wish ill will towards them or their future, I really do wish and hope for Ohm to be successful in their endevours. Why: Failure to show updates of any kind, failure to keep client (myself) up to date, failure to provide a queue, communication issues, poor business practices. I would like to start off by saying, do not actively seek and harrass Ohm. This is an ordeal that is between the two of us, however, I am making this to make others aware of my situation and to warn others before possibly conducting business and/or trades. It has come to a point where I have to make this public in order to get some sort of confirmation, update and something set in stone from them. Back in 2017 I had just started really getting into the furry fandom. I had met Ohm online via Facebook and we started off being pretty good friends. I was so amazed to see their work and how much potential they had. I supported them in all of their work, progress images in art and suit making. I really looked up to Ohm and was so excited to have a new friend. Looking back at the screenshots, it seems as though I commissioned them for some artwork before we got to meet for the first time in person, also at my very first furcon. We talked about how our lives were and what we had planned for the future and I gifted them a very small badge. (I know the badge is irrelevant, but somewhere deep down I hope they still have it.) After meeting up with them at AZFC 2017 (just a few days prior Ohm had an accident where their hand got cut by their glass window.) I had saved up enough to be able to commission them for a set of feetpaws; specifically sockpaws. I had made my payments pretty quickly, all under friends and family because I knew I could trust them. I knew that they were my friend. (This was before I knew to always send payment for commissions in business PayPal.) I understood that I was going to be put at the bottom of the queue as there were others ahead of me. I wanted Ohm to feel comfortable knowing that I was going to be a reliable and understanding customer. If I remember correctly, a few people prior had either canceled commissions or asked for refunds from Ohm. I didn't want to cause anymore trouble or hassle than was needed. I do recall Ohm having trouble making ends meet for the apartment rent and even groceries a lot of times. I thought it might be helpful to add on to my order, handpaws, and to even buy artwork from them too, which were both added on at a later date. Throughout the whole process I did not have any knowledge of where I was on the queue, when my materials arrived, or when the sockpaws would even be started. The one time I did reach out to ask about it I was told that parts are not on the public queue because they would be done in-between bigger suit work. Ex: heads, bodysuits, etc. I was very patient and still hopeful, yet a bit weary at the lack of communication. Then there came a point where whenever I talked about my commissions I was ghosted. I would see Ohm's profile say "Online" and message them at those times, but never got responses. Then there came a point where what I wrote was not seen. I gave it some time, since I knew the IMs for Ohm was kinda glitchy, but then hours became days, days became weeks, and then months. Every chance I got to reach out to them it's always an, I'll get to you later. We can do it by x date. I'll be sure to get back to you. Deadlines came and went. Now here we are 3 years later I see commission after commission being completed. Heads, bodysuits, handpaws and feetpaws, many artworks, yet I have no idea where I am on the queue. I have absolutely no idea if my items have even been started since 2017. Now, I see Ohm opening up again for more commissions once more. I just want an honest answer, what happened to my order, to my items? I know now I won't be able to get my money back. As much as I don't want to admit it, I don't think I'll ever get my hands, feet, and art from them at all either. I know now that we're not friends anymore too. And it sucks that it had to end this way. I really wish the best for them, OhmegaSuitStudios can go far, but please Ohm, my once close friend, don't do this to anyone else. Don't let others wait for months, years even for a response on where they are on your queue. Leaving them wondering if you ever started on them. Making them feel like a burden to talk to you because the items have become the only thing to talk about. So that's why I wrote this beware. Be aware of what OhmegaSuitStudios, Ohmnog, Ohm Protho has done. I hope this never happens to anyone else. I hope I'm not too late either… Evidence: Note: I included all of their WIPS/Updates channel to date for proof of no knowledge of my own order being worked on Anything new will be added in the "new information" folder **All personal email, names, and addresses are drawn over for our privacy and protection. As of Sep 12, 2019 at 11:55 EST, I have been refunded in full. This beware will still stay up however as reference. All new evidence is in the "new information" folder. I can't believe it took almost 3 years for me to get refunded...
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