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  1. Hasbro's CEO doesn't give a shit about furry drama lmfao. Don't know what this dude was thinking mentioning him. Regarding this, if you give me the date that he said he was talking with the CEO, I could verify with the CEO myself. but it is obviously BS. so it'd only verify the obvious lie. Sorry to see that this happened to you. No one deserves a bad customer. ):
  2. @kurothepone to @kurovrchat to @kurolatex to @kurooof to @kurosuccubuss to @kurosuccubusVR Accepted a commission from this dude. He commented on my art one day, decided to look at his FA profile since I'd never seen it before. whatever. , I noticed that he was having thoughts of selling his character. had commisioner in the past was having falling out w/he community while commission was in queue, I ended up refunding them b/c didn't want to deal with the drama, honestly thought it be best if that was how it ended. This is commisino he wants for me thats his
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