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  1. Yeah I don't think the artist is a bad person. They just seem genuinely very forgetful about commissions and replying.
  2. I've commissioned this artist and will tell you that you need sadly pester them a bit. They actually forgot I even bought a ych from them.
  3. Actually I do have an update about it. I forgot that mention here that the commission was completed on the very last day. So I did receive the art, although there's a bit of a sour taste from it now. I thought that was the end on it but some time after it the artist found the beware here. She started with passive aggressive comments in servers we're both apart of, but now it's boarding on targeted harassment. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mneqrm3ci3netm9/AABLIbGDMztvgYBhQR3oKEYGa?dl=0
  4. Would I be able to show a mod in private and they make note of it? If not I understand.
  5. Yeah I've been capping everything so far. I do have a few caps, but one is from a server I'm not in but I was sent the cap. How should I handle that?
  6. So an artist I made a beware on has recently found it. Now she's pretty much taken to getting people to hate me or just general shit talking.
  7. Yeah I've commissioned Rexy once before and he's very bad when it comes to doing commissions. If you aren't pestering him enough to finish it it'll put you on the back burner for ideas he likes more instead of having an order to his he works. There are people in his discord still waiting from 2017 or older.
  8. Okay I so one thing I've noticed when it comes to vani is the constant excuse of using being behind on rent, needs funds for moving, or etc. If they can't afford to ship the product how are they planning to afford to attend MFF? They'll never learn I swear.
  9. Scourge

    Beware: AbigailDS

    Yeah looking back at their beware on the old site I'm honestly not surprised by any of this. Spends the money before completing the work. Also that part about "Scaring away customers that they need" really irritates me. So pretty much admitting to taking on more work without finishing the old.
  10. The end of my PayPal protection is close to ending so I told the artist I'd only give her until the 26th and this is the following conversation.
  11. This is far from an isolated incident. Back when I was in her server she'd complained about this quite a bit. Not too surprising when you have clients waiting a whole year.
  12. Yeah that once again seems like she's making whatever excuse she can to put any amount of blame on you. While it's good you're getting the rest of your money this beware shows it far from simply one bad experience.
  13. Nope nope nope. Toast financial status means nothing here and it's irrelevant. Toast herself admits that some of her commissions are at least a year old. That's far passed UNACCEPTABLE. Then looking at her FA one can see that's she's constantly taking more and more work putting herself further in a hole. That's all on Toast and no one else. As for the knowing her as a person that doesn't matter either. This was a business transaction not a donation friendship means nothing at that point. I have artist friends I commission too, but they know to separate business from friendship. Also they would be owed $10.
  14. That's sketch looks more like a base to me honestly. But you're right more than likely she just pulled some random art.
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