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  1. Okay I so one thing I've noticed when it comes to vani is the constant excuse of using being behind on rent, needs funds for moving, or etc. If they can't afford to ship the product how are they planning to afford to attend MFF? They'll never learn I swear.
  2. Scourge

    Beware: AbigailDS

    Yeah looking back at their beware on the old site I'm honestly not surprised by any of this. Spends the money before completing the work. Also that part about "Scaring away customers that they need" really irritates me. So pretty much admitting to taking on more work without finishing the old.
  3. The end of my PayPal protection is close to ending so I told the artist I'd only give her until the 26th and this is the following conversation.
  4. This is far from an isolated incident. Back when I was in her server she'd complained about this quite a bit. Not too surprising when you have clients waiting a whole year.
  5. Yeah that once again seems like she's making whatever excuse she can to put any amount of blame on you. While it's good you're getting the rest of your money this beware shows it far from simply one bad experience.
  6. Nope nope nope. Toast financial status means nothing here and it's irrelevant. Toast herself admits that some of her commissions are at least a year old. That's far passed UNACCEPTABLE. Then looking at her FA one can see that's she's constantly taking more and more work putting herself further in a hole. That's all on Toast and no one else. As for the knowing her as a person that doesn't matter either. This was a business transaction not a donation friendship means nothing at that point. I have artist friends I commission too, but they know to separate business from friendship. Also they would be owed $10.
  7. That's sketch looks more like a base to me honestly. But you're right more than likely she just pulled some random art.
  8. Please please don't let this go. If you can do a charge back. Their life problems aren't yours. You paid for something and didn't get it.
  9. So only update I have is that the artist promised to work on my commission in stream today. Sadly that didn't happen as for the whole 3 hour stream all she work on were poke fusion sketches.
  10. Yeah I always hated PWYW, name your price, or things like that. I'm not an artist so I can really judge the value of art plus something may worth x in one person's opinion, but be worth y in another's. But as far as PWYW my understanding as always been you give the artist an idea, pay whatever amount you want, and the artist decides how far to take the idea. Whether it be a sketch, lineart, headshot, fullbody, or whatever.
  11. Yeah this is something that has been happening for me for a while now. I just assumed it was some kind of glitch with the site or something.
  12. Okay so back on the very first of May I commission Hunter for a 3 character colored halfbody piece that was suppose to be an in stream commission. After first it went well. The sketch was done in the stream the next day, but it was cut short for reasons I don't know, but wasn't really a problem. fast forward three months to mid July and I ask for an update. She replies saying she got busy with work. Again no big problem we all have at one point. Jump another month to mid August and I again ask for an update. She proceeds to show me the sketch from the stream back in May. She once again says that life had gotten in the way and such. Now I'm a little annoyed because it seems like I'm just getting the same excuse. While I understand life happens in all that it's hard to overlook the fact that nothing had been done in almost 4 months at this point. On top of that she had been streaming an at least twice a week doing personal art and even once a birthday stream for her friend. I didn't wait as long last time as I had asked for an update on the 7th of this month and all I received as a reply is "Slowly, but surely". That tells me nothing and just lead me to believe that nothing further had been done at all. At this point I was frustrated and decided to take some time and ask others what I should do. They all advised I be direct and confront her about it which I did. At first I was trying to be calm and civil about it all, but I was met with the same excuse as well as a few new ones. All of which summed up to mean that is almost 5 months she hasn't done anything from that first stream. She calmed she was too busy with life, but could stream personal art twice a week and had even taken a commission this month and finished it in 2 days. But that wasn't the end apparently. She also decided to go to her server and basically badmouth me to everyone there thinking I wouldn't see it I guess and again using all the same excuses as before. Mod Note: The caps from the discord chat were removed as we couldn't verify how public this chat is. We did see that Scourge was named directly, not vented about anonymously.
  13. Well looks like all the submissions were removed and he was suspended.
  14. Here's my question. Since it was a downgrade did you get any potion of your money back because say if you paid for a fully colored and shaded piece but only got a sketch then they owe you a refund for work not completed.
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